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Written Testimonials - Miami 2004
There is a reason why Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO is the only industry event worth attending, but don't take our word for it.  The following is just a small sample of the feedback from ecstatic exhibitors at our February, 2004 event in Miami. 

Miami 2004 Testimonials

"This place is a mad house"
- Debora Glennon, Nortel Networks

"I Haven't seen a show this busy in three years"
- Mark Straton, Senior VP, Siemens

" was the most active conference that I have been at in nearly three years"
- Howard Kendall, Intertex

"I attended the INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO in Miami to improve my knowledge of enterprise IP PBX solutions and to find new applications that could meet our business requirements. I believe that it was the most informative conference that I have attended on IP telephony to date. The sessions were thorough, understandable, and unbiased. There were opportunities to meet both with vendors and with other enterprises planning a switch to IP telephony. All in all, it was a very valuable conference for me."
- Pierre Simard, Ottawa, Ontario Canada

"This is our second attendance at the INTERNET TELEPHONY show. Last year, our first-ever show presence at the Long Beach Expo, we did a small table top demo and it was just fantastic for us. This year we're back in force with a full booth and it's been an even better show for us. One of the things people ask about a lot is what are the results after the show? It's terrific that you see a lot of people, that your booth is mobbed, but what happens to you in the days and weeks after the show. Well, after the show in Long Beach things just totally took off for Qovia. We've had tremendous interest from our key customer sets in the OEM, in the reseller area and in the enterprise customers. This week, we've had a chance to meet with a bunch of absolutely fantastic prospects. We came here to meet with enterprise customers, we came here to sign up and meet with dealers, we came here to meet with people from a new market for us, Latin America; and we came to meet with press, industry analysts, and other top thought leaders in the space. We got to see them all; we got to talk to them all, we'll be back in Long Beach."
Pierce Reid, VP, Marketing, Qovia

"Good morning, this is Ron Weaver, I'm the Chief Executive Officer of Viper Networks, speaking to you live and direct from the INTERNET TELEPHONY show in Miami. I want to share with you what a tremendous show this has been for us. No, this is not a paid advertisement. We are so overjoyed at the response we've had on the show floor. We've had literally 23 investors want to increase their level of participation in our company. We have now at least four expressions of interest from international distribution companies. And we have over 230, yes 230 leads for direct sales or distribution and representation of our product here in the U.S. and in Latin America. So, for this man's perspective, this is a very good show. It's money well spent, it's time well spent, and the TMC staff is just impeccable."
- Ron Weaver, CEO, Viper Networks

"Hi, my name is Rene Tuerlings and I'm with Gee Fon. I just like to thank everyone here at the Internet Telephony organization. This has been a wonderful show for us. Gee Fon did its launch and official bring to market right here at the show. Hundreds if not thousands of people have come to our booth. It's been a wonderful experience. We've also noticed that not only national but international representation was here from other countries, which really surprised us. It's obvious to see that not only INTERNET TELEPHONY is hot, but shows like this are going to make it even bigger. We are really pleased and look forward to being back here soon."
- Rene Tuerlings, Gee Fon

"Hi my name is Ken Vanderipe, I work for Aculab USA. Something I've noticed about the show this year is more leads, more traffic than I saw at Supercomm this past year. And the quality of the leads has been tremendous. The customers that stopped by are ready to learn about product and buy product, and not just stop by to ask what we were showing. They already had an idea what we were showing. I view this show as absolutely wonderful."
- Ken Vanderipe, Aculab

"Hi, I'm Alec Saunders fro Versatel Networks. We came to INTERNET TELEPHONY to target service providers. And I've got to tell you, this has been THE best, bar none, show we have done in the last two years. We're probably going to walk out of here and close four or five new customers in the next month. It's been fabulous."
- Alec Saunders, Versatel

"Hello this is Chuck Rutledge, VP of Marketing for Quintum Technologies. The show here at INTERNET TELEPHONY in Miami has been terrific. The crowds have been wonderful. The conferences have been completely full, standing room only. We've had excellent traffic at the show. This is our 8th INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO and it is the best one ever."
- Charles Rutledge, VP, Marketing, Quintum

"Hi This is John Rooney, president of Viola Networks here at the INTERNET TELEPHONY conference in Miami. We came to this conference because it is specifically about our market. We are a small software company, and it was an opportunity to meet similar companies in our market space, and these are dollars very well spent. We had five people at the booth. All five of us were speaking to customers ALL DAY. This is THE best show we've ever exhibited at -- CTOs, CIOs, CEOs -- all high quality leads. These are very savvy attendees and qualified buyers. We ran out of 800 pieces of literature on the first day! It's been a wonderful conference for us, far exceeding our expectations."
- John Rooney, CEO, Viola

"Hi, I'm Ben Freedman, VP of Marketing for Jasomi Networks. We're here in beautiful Miami, Florida for the TMC INTERNET TELEPHONY expo show. Let me tell you, it's been a fabulous show for us. The last couple of years we've seen a steady growth in traffic at these shows. This really makes me think that 2004 is the year of VoIP. The traffic at this show has been incredible. We've seen some great ISP customers, some carrier customers, some smaller CLEC and RBOC customers as well. I think we'll do a lot of business from this show. We've been showing our wonderful new peer point product, best in class NAT traversal device. The response has just been wonderful. So much so that we are really looking forward to coming down to Long Beach CA. So, we'll see you there at IT Expo in the Fall."
- Ben Freedman, VP, Marketing, Jasomi Networks

"Good morning folks, I'm Anil Reddy, Kancharla Corporation at the Internet Telephony Expo in Miami, Florida. We're glad to be here. We had a great presence. We had tremendous interest from carriers such as CLECs, ISPs and cable guys. We're glad to be here. Show seems to be going very well for us. We hope to get some good customer base out of this."
- Anil Reddy, Kancharla

"Hi, I'm Michael Fischer with D-TAC. We're down in Miami doing the INTERNET TELEPHONY show. And, we are experiencing great results from this show. The crowds of people are very interesting in billing, SIP-based protocols, and all of the application architecture that we see here on the show floor. We endorse this show very much. It is a very good show."
- Michael Fischer, D-TAC

"My name is Brian Billheimer with CG Mupac. We are manufacturers of electronic enclosures and single board computers. We're here to show our products to the telco industry. We have enclosures in various form factors, compact PCI, PCI and of course the advanced TCA chassis. This show has been great. It's probably the best telco show we've been to now in three years. And we had a tremendous amount of traffic here yesterday and today. We've been very pleased. The customer base here is exactly what we've been looking for. We've had more leads from this show than we've had from the last two years combined. Last year was a great show, but this year has been the best show in three years."
- Brian Billheimer, CG Mupac

"Hello my name is Eric Schummer, I'm with Digital Talk. Actually, we came to the show because we are launching our company here at the show. I have to say that the results have been extraordinary. We have had many, many CLECs and call centers coming in to find solutions and try to understand what is the most inexpensive, affordable yet powerful solutions they can implement in their existing infrastructure. We think we have the solution for them. We are very happy to follow up. We have created a lot of work for ourselves here. We are very happy with the results."
- Eric Schummer, PC Fonica

"We came to do this show this year to find VARs. We really weren't sure what to expect. We set up our display yesterday and the entire day was filled with one after another of the perfect customer, the dream customer that we came here to see. Out of the 200 or so people that I talked to, I only want 10 of these to become customers and that would make business enough for us for two years. We spanned the globe at this show in one afternoon. We're very happy to be here."
- Steve Comstock, I2 Telecom

"We're back here at the INTERNET TELEPHONY show in Miami. AltiGen is really excited to be here. This has been a great show for AltiGen.. We have a great relationship with TMC. Great weather, great show. I think yesterday we had probably the best day that we've ever had at the INTERNET TELEPHONY show. I don't think my partner and I had a chance to speak to each other all day we were so busy talking to potential customers and potential partners. This is a wonderful show and we're really excited to be here."
- Michele Quinn, Altigen

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