February 2-4, 2011 Miami Beach Convention Center, FL
ITEXPO East 2011 - Communications Conference
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Where: Miami Beach Convention Center
When: February 3, 4-8:30PM

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StartupCamp 3: Comms Edition spotlights early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators in communication technology. Industry leaders, investors, developers and media to network and validate entrepreneur pitches in this energetic, unique setting.

This unique forum is for early-stage entrepreneurs to pitch their communications products or services to a discriminating audience of potential investors, media, bloggers and industry influencers.  The event’s fast-paced, “ready, set, pitch” format brings early-stage communications companies, developers, industry leaders and investors together to network and validate entrepreneurial pitches in real time.

StartupCamp 3: Comms Edition Agenda

4:00-4:50PM: Networking & Welcome Beverages Sponsored by
4:50PM: Introduction by Larry Lisser, StartupCamp 3:Comms Edition Kicks Off
5:00 – 5:45PM: Keynotes by Craig Walker and Wesley Chan of Google/Google Ventures, Followed by a Q/A Session
5:45 – 7:00PM: Startup pitches and judging

Call Loop offers virtually any business a simple and automated way to create fully integrated marketing campaigns that combine power of voice, text and email.

SatCourier is a patent pending transceiver that allows smart phone users to connect to the Iridium satellite communication network. This innovative Bluetooth bridge between a smart phone and Iridium offers access to rich data communication services in areas where cellular communication is otherwise impossible. is a knowledge network that switches Facebook into study mode.  Built on Facebook’s application platform, Hoot allows users to collaborate with their friends via video/voice conferencing and smart chat.

HookFlash sees SIP as highly underutilized and poorly managed by small businesses and enterprises, respectively because of the complexity of deployment - particularly as it relates to mobile devices. Hookflash is an over-the-top platfom designed to enable companies around the globe to sip-enable and manage mobile devices at will.

FastCall411 – Richard Rosen, CEO

7:00 - 8:00PM: Networking

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Keynote Speaker

Craig Walker

Craig is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Google Ventures. Prior to joining Google Ventures, he was the Group Product Manager for the Real Time Communications Group at Google, which included Google Voice, Google Talk and Google Talk Video.

Prior to joining Google, he was a co-founder and CEO of GrandCentral Communications, which Google acquired in July 2007. Prior to that, he was Senior Director, VoIP at Yahoo!, which had acquired Dialpad Communications in 2005 where Craig had been CEO since 2001.

Earlier Craig was a venture capital investor at both Sterling Payot Capital and at TeleSoft Partners. Prior to that, he was a corporate securities attorney at both Gunderson Dettmer and at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison.

Panel Judges

Wesley Chan

As an early employee at Google, Wesley helped to start, launch, and grow Google Analyticsand Google Voice — products which millions of users depend on worldwide.

Wesley is a recipient of Google's founder award — the company's most prestigious recognition — for leading the development of Google Toolbar and building out Google's early client efforts.

Wesley Chan is a fun-loving entrepreneur and joined the Google Ventures team in 2009. Given his diverse background, Wesley's investments at Google Ventures includes companies that address markets in software and web services, mobile, biotech and cleantech.


Thomas Howe

Thomas has over 20 years experience in the design and development of next generation communications equipment. In March of 2007, Thomas won the first O¹Reilly Emerging Telephony Mashup Contest with his ³After Hours Doctor¹s Office². In January, 2008, Thomas was listed among the most influential voices in VoIP. In March of 2008, Thomas won the VON Magazine Innovator¹s Award.  In September of 2008, Thomas won the first Broadsoft Mashup Contest with his ³Diaster Dispatcher².

Thomas is an active software developer, concentrating on Voice Mashups and their supporting technologies such as Ruby, Rails, Adhearsion and Web as Platform architectures. Thomas is also a regular contributor to several online publications, such as Fierce VoIP and ProgrammableWeb.

Thomas received his bachelor¹s in Electrical Engineering at University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and attended graduate school at Northeastern University where he studied Digital Communications and Signal Processing. He currently serves on several technical advisory boards and boards of directors. Thomas currently resides in West Barnstable, Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his wife and four children.


James Siminoff

In 1998 while a Junior at Babson College James founded Your First Step International, Inc., a company that assisted entrepreneurs in bringing ideas from concept to fruition. In 2000, the company transitioned its main focus to building and operating global wholesale Voice over IP networks in developing countries including, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa.

In 2002 Jamie merged YFS into Nobel Ltd. which has became the largest online calling card company in the US.  When James exited the company in 2006 sales were over $60 million and the company had over 200 employees.

In 2003 while at Nobel, Jamie started NobelBiz, a VOIP company focussed on the call center business.  The company was spun out as a independent company in 2006.  Jamie is still a principal in NobelBiz, which now has sales of over $10 million annually.

In 2005 Jamie was inspired by the archaic nature of voicemail to found the world's first voicemail-to-text company, PhoneTag. In September of 2009 PhoneTag completed a transaction worth $17 million with Ditech Networks (nasdaq: DITC).  Jamie currently holds the position of Chief Strategy Officer and is head of Ditech's Labs program.

Jamie has received numerous awards for his accomplishments in entrepreneurship including the 2007 Entrepreneur Award from Crain's Business New York.

Currently, Jamie is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a Santa Monica based company that provides consumers the ability to one-click unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists.

Jamie holds a Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship from Babson College

StartupCamp is the place to be– the last editions were standing room-only! High-profile keynote speakers and panel members will offer you unique insight into what drives successful commercialization in this fast changing environment.

Want to participate in StartupCamp?

Companies developing products or services that enable, or that are enabled by communications technologies such as voice, SMS and video will be considered.  Participating companies should be less than three years old, and should be privately or angel-funded.  Up to five startups will be selected to give high-level, five-minute "pitch" presentations at the event.   

  • A video shoot produced and distributed by TMC
  • Participation in marketing and promotional campaigns leading up to, and after the event
  • A spot in the StartupCamp Pavilion on the ITEXPO exhibition floor

“Participating in StartupCamp was an invaluable experience for me as a first-time entrepreneur with a technical background. Attempting to convey the essence of Close-Haul Communications in five minutes, and speaking to a diverse, receptive audience served as excellent preparation for future interactions with prospective customers, partners, and investors.” – Close-Haul Communications CEO Robin Coxe

Become a StartupCamp Sponsor!

StartupCamp will enable small businesses, startups and developers to explain their applications, solutions and innovations to a powerful, influential audience. Organizations looking for partners to create new means for revenue and profit are invited to attend.

As a sponsor, your company will be associated with the venue enabling partnerships that may hugely impact organizations and individuals around the world and their use of innovative communications technologies.

Why Sponsor Startup Camp Communications?

- Prime visibility amid influential audience: today’s investment and VC powers plus tomorrow’s up-and-comers.
- Association with vanguard event positions your company as a thought leader.
- Other businesses in IP communications will notice your presence.
- Visibility in event collateral and on Web site.
- Networking time enables prospecting, sales, and partnership building

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ABOUT Embrase

With extensive expertise and knowledge in emerging communications and telephony markets, Embrase Business Consulting provides positioning, corporate development and go-to-market services to early-stage, technology-based ventures facing challenging time-to-market issues, lengthy customer adoption cycles and demanding investor requirements. Through recognized methodologies, Embrase identifies target market segments, optimizes resource alignment and accelerates revenue growth to increase its clients' business value and attractiveness to both end-user customers and investors. With its proven international track record, technical expertise and extensive network of contacts, Embrase successfully partners with clients from strategy creation to execution.

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