February 2-4, 2011 Miami Beach Convention Center, FL
ITEXPO East 2011 - Communications Conference
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Track: The Mobile Workforce (MW)

Managing the Mobile Workforce(MW-01)

02/02/11,  9:00-9:45am
A growing number of mobile workers expect to maintain secure connectivity to their enterprise resources, regardless of where they roam and which wireless network they access – let alone which wireless devices they use. The growth of the 4G market will only add to this trend, which impacts IT managers in numerous ways, resulting in new technology considerations. Enterprises must now deploy solutions that address mobile network connectivity, mobile VPN security management, session persistence and IT management needs. In this session, attendees will gain insight on the best tools and strategies available to help manage their burgeoning mobile workforces, including advice on what to look for when evaluating and selecting their IT tools.
Presented by:
Skip Taylor
Sr. Director of Product Management
Smith Micro Software

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Taking VoIP Mobile(MW-02)

02/02/11,  10:00-10:45am
The rise of the smartphone as a business tool refocused enterprises on ways to capitalize on its many advantages over the traditional cellular phone. Beyond the Blackberry experience of just receiving emails and other text services, the next generation of smart phones, when coupled with the higher speed networks, offer new elements that will change the enterprise as they deploy them. The ability of these new devices to function as both mobile cellular phones and as IP phones when using WiFi or high speed broadband gives them a significant boost in value when used as a business endpoint. The migration that we have seen in residential migration away from fixed line to using only mobile phones will begin to play out in businesses as the adoption of smart phones takes place. Benefits of single point of presence will better support a company's staff that is not desk bound. The flexibility that the untethered worker will now have will have a profound impact on a company's responsiveness and its efficient utilization of its staff. Of course in order to trump the existing paradigm, VoIP mobility must provide both management components that businesses require, and also offer measurable cost efficiencies that allow its justification for deployment. In order to do this new software products will emerge to glue the past to the future. Focusing on the priorities that drive business decisions will assure a smoother and faster transition to VoIP Mobility. This session will discuss the future of Mobile VoIP and its impact on enterprise communications.
Presented by:
Ken Osowski
Senior Director of Solutions Marketing
Procera Networks
Tom Keating (Moderator)
VP of TMC/CTO/Executive Technology Editor
Erik Lagerway
VP & GM Commercial Communications
Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya
Chief Technology Officer

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What Can Presence Do For You?(MW-03)

02/02/11,  11:00-11:45am
The new generation of communications products and services has truly redefined presence and it benefits to business users. Today, presence needs to encompass a user’s state across various IM and social networks, as well as SMS and phone services. This session will address the business benefits of this emerging paradigm, along with the associated security and privacy concerns that must be considered.
Presented by:
Dean Moore

Matt Clark (Moderator)
Principal, Valuation Services
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Michael Doyle
Vice President Technology
Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya
Chief Technology Officer

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Extending Security to the Mobile Workforce(MW-04)

02/02/11,  12:00-12:45pm
Deploying effective Web security to your office users is difficult enough, but extending this same coverage consistently to mobile users is a real challenge. What can we learn from the advantages of on-premises and cloud-based solutions in using a hybrid model to extend security to your mobile workforce? How do you ensure your security solutions are effective for not only a growing number of mobile users, but a growing number of mobile devices that are also increasing in complexity? Join this session to make sure your mobile users stay out of sight, but not out of mind.
Presented by:
Matt Clark (Moderator)
Principal, Valuation Services
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Guy Levy-Yurista
Senior Director of Product Management
Natasha Tamaskar
Vice President of Product Marketing
Bradley Anstis
VP Technical Strategy
M86 Security

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How Mobility and Collaboration Change Everything - Especially Your Business(MW-05)

02/02/11,  1:30-2:15pm
With the core data center spend growing to $1.4 trillion, 34% of that spend is estimated to be focused on mobility by 2012 (IDC 2009). The massive influx of consumer mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) has led to “mobi-fear” and a situation where IT is warring, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Is your data center “mobile ready”? The mobile enablement of mission-critical applications in the data center, combined with collaboration solutions, brings together quantifiable business productivity ROI along with a myriad of new pressures on the IT team. In many organizations, the foundational pieces of the IT infrastructure supporting collaboration and business intelligence are generally in place; however, they are not leveraged for conversion into direct business benefits. To achieve these benefits, the data center must become mobile ready with an established mobility and collaboration ecosystem in place. Discussion at this session will include: • Mobility and collaboration markets and trends • The architecture and end-to-end solution definitions • Connection points with other technology and vertical markets • How to get the data center, “mobile ready” • “Mum’s the Word!” - mobile USER management (MUM)
Presented by:
Paula Bernier (Moderator)
Executive Editor
Christian Goffi
APS Service Practice Leader
Mike Ross
Bennet Bayer
Mobility & Collaboration Practice Leader

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Securing Tablets and Smartphones in the Enterprise(MW-06)

02/02/11,  2:30-3:15pm
Authorized or not, more and more workers are using iPads and other computing tablets, iPhones and other smartphones, and similar personal computing devices in the workplace, leaving many organizations struggling to catch up with securing and supporting these devices. Securing these personal devices is critical, given the privacy and security mandates businesses face, in addition to the communication session logging and archiving required to satisfy these mandates. Moreover, these wireless and Internet connected devices present their own unique security challenges that dramatically differ from traditional data security methods that rely on firewalls, user authentication, and encryption. In this session, attendees will learn how to extend existing enterprise security practices to any endpoint device, including iPads and other tablets, anywhere, anytime. The session will demonstrate how these devices can be remotely hacked, compromising sensitive enterprise data, and phone calls and other confidential communications. It will also review best practices for protecting against these vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and other privacy and security mandates.
Presented by:
John Kuhn

Symantec Corporation
Greg Maudsley
Director of Product Marketing
Juniper Networks
Tom Keating (Moderator)
VP of TMC/CTO/Executive Technology Editor
Gil Stevens
VP of Engineering
Sipera Systems

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