February 2-4, 2011 Miami Beach Convention Center, FL
ITEXPO East 2011 - Communications Conference
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Track: Enterprise (E)

Setting the Stage: An Overview of a Rapidly-Transforming Enterprise Communications Environment(E-01)

02/02/11,  9:00-9:45am
The Enterprise Communications industry is undergoing a fundamental and wide-ranging transformation. Emerging software-based architectures enable voice to be increasingly tightly integrated with customized line-of-business applications, desktop user applications, and a fast-growing range of collaboration solutions. And they are introducing a broad range of new delivery options that are often radically different from the standalone PBX of the past. This session will leverage the latest IntelliCom research on what the relevant considerations are for evaluating a new enterprise communications architecture in today’s market. It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the rapidly-expanding list of delivery alternatives that enterprises must sort through in evaluating a new communications solution including: • Software-based vs. traditional closed-system packaging • Premise vs. Cloud and mixed hybrid deployment models • Bundled licensing approaches incorporating advanced UC applications vs. a la carte options incrementally building on basic voice functionality • Use of SIP Session Management to overlay existing installed technologies vs. a full end-to-end architecture from a single provider • Open hardware and virtualization options vs. dedicated proprietary servers for individual point applications • Services implications for designing, deploying, managing, and maintaining these increasingly customized software-based solutions
Presented by:
Frank Stinson (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics

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Developing an Effective RFP for the New Environment(E-02)

02/02/11,  10:00-10:45am
Emerging next-generation enterprise communication architectures provide a much broader range of delivery and packaging alternatives than the traditional standalone PBX. Past RFP development practices are no longer the most effective way to communicate enterprise needs and expectations to qualified providers. This session will leverage the latest IntelliCom research and experience how to construct an effective RFP for this new communications environment. It will address the following key points: • Critical sources / participants for the RFP requirements • An effective RFP format • Essential information and insights for the RFP recipients • Striking the balance between too little vs. too much detail • Guidelines for the RFP recipients • Dealing with questions from the RFP recipients • Techniques to facilitate proposal evaluations o Enterprise participants and roles o Evaluation criteria and weightings ? Business knowledge ? Solution fit ? Enhancement path ? TCO / ROI ? Financial assistance ? References and reputation ? Project management capabilities ? SLAs • Communicating with the winner and losers
Presented by:
Mark Ricca (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics

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Vendor Panel: Responding to Today’s and Tomorrow’s Enterprise Requirements(E-03)

02/02/11,  11:00-1245pm
This session will provide insight into how leading providers are now responding to these emerging customer requirements and how these dynamics are expected to change as the industry continues to evolve. It will address a number of key areas regarding their approaches and priorities: • How are they changing their sales process to reach these different stakeholders and sort through which areas are likely to lead within a particular organization? • How do they engage LOB, functional departments, and user communities without alienating traditional voice and IT stakeholders? • What constitutes an effective RFP from the vendor perspective? • How are their RFP responses evolving in the context of this broader and customer-specific audience? • Where do they go it alone and where do they integrate solutions from third-party partners to deliver the best value to specific enterprises? • How do they work with the customer to determine which of the rapidly-expanding architectural alternatives are best suited to their existing investments and current business objectives? • What are the key drivers that ultimately convince an enterprise to move forward in this environment?
Presented by:
Bob Locklear
Director of Business Development-Enterprise Networks Division
Frank Stinson (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics
Wendy Moore-Bayley
Solutions Marketing, UCaaS
Carlos Torales

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Holger Stoltz
Director, Strategic Sales Support Voice Platforms
Siemens Enterprise Communications

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How Does The Traditional Desktop Phone Fit Into The Evolving Enterprise User Experience?(E-04)

02/02/11,  1:30-2:15pm
As voice functionality is increasingly absorbed into broader Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration value propositions, it becomes just one of the many applications that an end user utilizes to interact with others. Integrated UC user clients, smart phones, and consumer tablet devices are creating increasing demands on enterprises as their employees demand more choice and flexibility in the personal devices they utilize. At the same time, desktop phone manufacturers continue to enhance their offerings with premium models supporting advanced UC application integration and video capabilities.

A number of key questions will be addressed in this session:
• How are desktop phone manufacturers working to differentiate the value of their products given evolving user expectations?
• What mix of device types will enterprises gravitate to as they deploy UC and support user choice throughout their organizations?
• How much influence will the individual employ have in these decisions given the increasingly sophisticated consumer devices they may already own?
• What impact will emerging Desktop Virtualization initiatives have on the types of devices that enterprises deploy?
Presented by:
Mark Ricca (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics
Mike Storella
snom Technologies
Stefan Karapetkov
Emerging Technologies Director
Jorge Otero
Latin America Sales Manager

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Putting It All Together: Key Take-Aways for Enterprises(E-05)

02/02/11,  2:30-3:15pm
IntelliCom analysts will summarize and discuss the most significant points emerging over the course of the track, combining their latest research findings with the perspectives offered by both end customers and providers during the preceding sessions. This session will highlight key points that enterprises attending the track should walk away with including: • How well are providers truly positioned to deliver new value to enterprises today based on next-generation architectures vs. promoting future capabilities planned in their roadmaps? • What are the key, real-world benefits that enterprises can expect to receive today from emerging delivery approaches and the new applications that they enable, and how much is still provider positioning for the future? • What are the attributes and qualities that enterprises must consider in selecting a viable provider that can effectively execute on the required changes in their approach as this evolution unfolds? • How well does the current RFP process capture these considerations, and what changes need to take place as Enterprise Communications continues to transform?
Presented by:
Frank Stinson (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics
Mark Ricca
IntelliCom Analytics

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