ITEXPO East 2010 - Communications Conference

January 20-22, 2010 Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL
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Taking Telepresence Beyond the Board Room

Friday - 01/22/10,  8:30-9:15am

A dramatic evolution is underway in the video conferencing industry, and the old way of thinking about video conference as confining participants to a secluded board room is quickly becoming a thing of the past. According to a recent industry analyst report, 63 percent of companies say they will be using video conferencing and telepresence systems by the end of 2010. The reality is that today’s global, dispersed enterprises have a need for video conferencing, and a new generation of unified communications technologies is entering the market to address this. This concept is being more widely understood, and the technology necessary for delivering the required level of service has only recently become available on any large scale.

This session will discuss how new Internet-based technologies are allowing seamless integration between telepresence systems, PCs, laptops, mobile devices and even smartphones, and how video conferencing is evolving to make it easy for people to hold face-to-face meetings anywhere, anytime, through any Internet-enabled device, dramatically altering the business communication landscape.

Presented by:

Stefan Karapetkov
Emerging Technologies Director
Polycom Inc.
Mark Ricca (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics
Adam Hansen
Small Business Advocate
Doug Pelton

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The Mobile Video Revolution

Friday - 01/22/10,  9:30-10:15am

Mobile video telephony is about more than just the ability to watch movies on the handset or make 3G video calls. And it’s not just something to consider for the future; many operators are generating revenue from video telephony services today. For businesses and service providers alike, mobile video will prove a vital tool for generating revenue. This presentation will provide a full overview of the various video telephony opportunities in mobile: from consumer-based services like video ringback tones and entertainment services, to next generation business applications, such as video blogging and conferencing.

Presented by:

Boaz Zilberman
Co-Founder and Chief System Architect
Hugh Goldstein (Moderator)
Bob Logan
Director, Dialogic Media Labs
Dialogic Corporation
Richard Tew
VP of Wholesales
Xcast Inc.
James Awad
Marketing Product Manager
Octasic Inc

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Technology Innovations in Video Conferencing

Friday - 01/22/10,  10:30-11:15am

Video conferencing is quickly becoming a key element of collaborative business environments, thanks to the enhancements in video capabilities, such as H.264 Scalable Video Coding and other technologies, which allow delivery of high-quality video to a number of applications, such as real-time video conferencing, broadcasting and streaming. The benefits of video communications are becoming more familiar, as more and more businesses look to offset budget cuts by leveraging the latest collaboration applications. This session will discuss the evolution of video-based collaboration and how to leverage the latest technology to achieve the highest quality real-time video possible today.

Presented by:

Matt Collier
UCIF Board Member, SVP Business Development
UCIForum, LifeSize Communciations.
Andy Abramson (Moderator)
Comunicano, Inc.
Adam Hansen
Small Business Advocate
Richard Tew
VP of Wholesales
Xcast Inc.
Bob McCandless

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