ITEXPO East 2010 - Communications Conference

January 20-22, 2010 Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL
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Propelling HD Voice to the Mainstream

Thursday - 01/21/10,  8:30-9:15am

We’ve suffered the same sub-par audio quality for more than 100 years now, but the telecom industry is finally turning the corner and adopting wideband audio. Several factors are enabling both businesses and consumers to make the switch to HD Voice, including the wide adoption of VoIP, the improved technology that is becoming a standard in voice endpoints, and support on the carrier side. Major players in the VoIP industry are also doing their part in making this technology available to the masses. In 2008, Polycom announced its Siren 7 (or G.722.1) codec would be availably royalty-free. Six months later, Skype did the same for its SILK codec. So what’s next? This session will take a look at the state of the industry today and how quickly we see that point of inflection arriving, including what it will take to deliver inter-carrier HD voice along with the major considerations necessary in planning for, deploying and maintaining a HD-capable network.

Presented by:

Ari Rabban
Alan Percy
Senior Director of Strategic Marketing for North America
Jeffrey Rodman
Co-Founder and CTO
Doug Mohney (Moderator)
The HD Connect Project

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HD vs. SD: Can you please spell that phonetically?

Thursday - 01/21/10,  1:00-1:45pm

High end executives listen to high-end sound systems, but their deal-making suffers from the same mediocre telephone voice quality as two teens planning a party after school. The phone invention set a relatively low bar for voice quality in 1876 that the industry improved on through 1937 – then nothing for the next 70 years. The telecom industry has transformed the way voice services get delivered at least a half-dozen times over the years, to reduce costs and increase margins, but end users in 2009 continue to suffer the same voice quality that was available in 1939.

What happened when we moved from dial-up to broadband, and SD to HD television, can happen in telephony. We can expand productivity and utility, and send standard definition telephony to the same place as dial-up Internet access. This session will discuss the business benefits that can be achieved through the adoption of high definition audio technologies, and the requirements for making HD audio a reality within an enterprise environment.

Presented by:

Huw Rees
VP Business Development
8x8, Inc.
David Duffett (Moderator)
Principal Consultant
Telespeak Limited (UK)
David Byrd (Moderator)
Founder, Chief Creative Officer
Raven Guru Marketing
Alon Cohen

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HD in Action

Thursday - 01/21/10,  2:00-2:45pm

Despite being among the most prevalent topics of discussion in the communications industry, the move to high definition has been slow to materialize. However, most major IP phone manufacturers have already incorporated wideband codec support into their latest handsets, and some VoIP providers have begun rolling out wideband services to their users. But, as typical with emerging and potentially disruptive technologies, there are many who remain unconvinced that high definition audio is truly the next generation of voice, and enterprises have only recently begun moving to HD VoIP. Some have yet to understand its value, others are unsure of deployment strategies, some are under budgetary constraints, and others are hesitant because inconsistencies between providers limit its usefulness outside their internal network. But, there are providers who have been working with HD technology. This session will look at the real-world experiences of early adopters who have introduced wideband audio into their offerings, including how they have implemented HD VoIP, how they have introduced it to their users, and how those services have been received by their users.

Presented by:

Brian Eastwood (Moderator)
Senior Editor
Michael Stanford (Moderator)
Michael Stanford LLC
Jon Doyle
VP Business Development
CommuniGate Systems
David Frankel
Jan Linden Ph.D.
Senior Product Manager

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Meet the HD Handset Vendors

Thursday - 01/21/10,  3:00-4:45pm

Almost everyone is deploying IP-based communications solutions today, with high definition voice beginning to be introduced in pockets across the globe. Today, the handset vendors that are developing devices with wideband codecs outnumbers the user base that can truly leverage their capabilities, but as the market continues to grow, and as more providers begin to support the G.722 codec, that number will quickly grow, generating increased demand for HD-capable phones. This session will provide an overview of the HD-enabled handsets that are on the market today, including their role in business processed today and tomorrow.

Presented by:

John Drolet
Vice President of Sales, Indirect Channels and Carriers
Aastra USA
Mike Storella
snom Technologies
David Schenkel
Senior Technology Analyst, Enterprise Networks Group
Jeffrey Szczepanski
Founder, VP & CTO
Alan Percy
Senior Director of Strategic Marketing for North America
Jeffrey Rodman
Co-Founder and CTO
Doug Mohney (Moderator)
The HD Connect Project

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