ITEXPO East 2010 - Communications Conference

January 20-22, 2010 Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL
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The Evolution of Enterprise Telecommunications Panel

Wednesday - 01/20/10,  9:00-9:45am

As with all technologies, telecommunications continues to evolve in unexpected and innovative ways. The capabilities and features of enterprise communications solutions is delivering unparalleled productivity to their users, while driving equal levels of continued development from the vendor and service provider communities. This panel will provide perspective into how IP communications has evolved and what to expect in the advancement of enterprise telecommunications for businesses in the near future, including the evolution of Voice 2.0, which is creating a convergence of voice and data to deliver service to businesses never considered possible.

Presented by:

David H. Yedwab (Moderator)
Market Strategy & Analytics Partners
Paul Adams
Director, Product Management
Steve Hardy
Director of Products and Solutions Marketing
Jeff Ridley
Director of Product Management

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Addressing the Challenges of Hosted IP PBX in the Large Enterprise

Wednesday - 01/20/10,  10:00-10:45am

As financial and human resources become increasingly strained for businesses of all sizes, CIOs and CFOs within larger enterprises are beginning to look at more cost effective ways of deploying and managing their corporate phone systems. Hosted IP voice solutions, which have witnessed significant adoption in the SMB community, are now being viewed by corporations as viable, money-saving alternatives to complex, on-premises systems that require a hefty financial investment along with knowledgeable staff.

Cost effectiveness, alone, is not enough for the larger enterprise to justify the movement to hosted telecom solutions. Performance attributes like scalability, reliability, manageability, quality and security are equally, if not more important, than the economic advantages. Today’s hosted IP voice solutions can successfully address these challenges while providing significant financial benefits.

Presented by:

Huw Rees
VP Business Development
8x8, Inc.

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The Future of Web Conferencing and Collaboration

Wednesday - 01/20/10,  11:00-11:45am

The Web conferencing and collaboration market is undergoing significant change. Its explosive growth and popularity, coupled with the convergence of IM interoperability, presence and availability management, email, voice and video, are causing a re-examination of the way businesses communicate – both internally and externally. Continued pressures on containing costs while increasing efficiencies have led to innovative applications designed to address the growing needs of the enterprise and the consumer, across multiple platforms and networks. This presentation will talk about where this market is headed, emerging trends and innovative IP-enabled collaboration products.

Presented by:

Matt Clark (Moderator)
Principal, Valuation Services
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Alec Saunders
Vice President, Cloud Business
QnX Software
Greg Plum
Director of Channel Development
The Conference Group
Jan Linden Ph.D.
Senior Product Manager
Larry Dorie
RHUB Communications

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Reducing IT Costs with VoIP Recording Strategies

Wednesday - 01/20/10,  12:00-12:45pm

Businesses are looking to control and reduce costs more than ever. An increasing focus is being given on IT total ownership costs. VoIP-based call recording technologies offer a great opportunity to lower operating costs associated with call recording, while providing an easier path to increasing service quality and regulatory compliance. The VoIP call recording platforms available today leverage centralization, consolidation, virtualization and standardization strategies that allow IT departments to lower their total ownerships costs while maintaining, or even improving, the levels of service they provide.

Presented by:

Tom Keating (Moderator)
VP of TMC/CTO/Executive Technology Editor
Craig McCue
Worldwide Director of Sales
Brian Spraetz
Senior Solutions Consultant
NICE Systems
Jonathan Fuld
Chief Technology Officer
SIP Print

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How to Leverage Social Media for a Successful Marketing Campaign

Wednesday - 01/20/10,  1:45-2:30pm

Cost savings has been the one constant driving force behind business initiatives, and was only exacerbated by the recent economic downturn. Now that the economy is stabilizing, that is not likely to change, and marketing budgets will remain tight and companies will continue to be asked to do more with less. Social media marketing campaigns are one way businesses have learned to leverage technology without stretching budget limits. By engaging their audience through social media, business can add an interactive element to their campaigns allowing potential customers to quickly develop closer relationship with their vendors and providers, which can then be turned into promotional campaigns in their own right. This session will explore how companies can successfully use Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and social media monitoring tools to promote products and services as well as augment their traditional marketing campaigns.

Presented by:

Clint Sanderson
Crexendo Business Solutions
Isaac Hazard
Director of Strategic Consulting
Peter Radizeski (Moderator)
Suzanne Bowen

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Deploying Enterprise-class VoIP with SMB Resources

Wednesday - 01/20/10,  2:45-3:30pm

Every small business wants to look big. But, they have traditionally been hindered by the old adage that you get what you pay for where communications technology was concerned. If you wanted big business capabilities, you needed a big business IT budget and staff. But IP technology, innovative software, and integration work by vendors have dispelled that notion. Today, SMBs have access to a wide range of communications solutions that provide the same features and capabilities as large enterprise solutions, without the large enterprise price tag. This session will uncover how the expansive SMB market can take advantage of the ease of deployment, use, and management that vendors have been built into their IP PBX solutions, allowing SMBs to leverage VoIP and unified communications solutions to reduce their telecom costs and increase their communications and collaboration capabilities to enhance their business operations.

Presented by:

Bob Emmerson (Moderator)
Freelance Writer
Electric Words
Mario Cuello
David Schenkel
Senior Technology Analyst, Enterprise Networks Group
Jeffrey Szczepanski
Founder, VP & CTO
Scott Kinka
Senior Vice President, Network Services
Evolve IP

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