ITEXPO East 2010 - Communications Conference

January 20-22, 2010 Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL
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Next-Generation Business Communications Architectures – New Options Blending Premise- and Cloud-Based Delivery

Friday - 01/22/10,  8:30-9:45am

Emerging next generation business communications architectures are transforming the proprietary PBX of the past to open, software-based solutions that more tightly integrate with the rest of a business’ broader IT environment. In addition to providing customers with greater flexibility in terms of how they deploy communication applications at individual locations and/or within centralized data centers, these next generation architectures will enable a range of new options blending premises- and cloud-based delivery. This flexibility will help businesses provide targeted Unified Communications and Collaboration tools to specific departments, business units, and job functions.

This session will help customers identify the leading manufacturers for delivering next-generation capabilities, how cloud-based and blended alternatives fit into current offerings and roadmap, and the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a blended model.

Presented by:

Adrian Brookes
VP, Office of the CTO
Siemens Enterprise Communications
Fred Stacey
Portfolio Manager - New Business Opportunities
Steve Hardy
Director of Products and Solutions Marketing
Frank Stinson (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics

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Hosted IP Telephony Offers, IP Centrex and SaaS

Friday - 01/22/10,  10:00-11:15am

There has been a considerable amount of development and hype surrounding hosted telephony solutions over the past year. Although these services are viewed as potentially powerful solutions, they are often misunderstood by end users, despite the significant strides network service providers have made s in developing and offering a range of hosted solutions. This session will provide attendees with a better understanding of the strengths, limitations and potential benefits of these services, including an overview of the offers available in the marketplace, the major features, functions and benefits of the offers, and the customer environments best suited to benefit from these services.

Presented by:

Mark Ricca (Moderator)
IntelliCom Analytics
Eric Hyman
Director of Product Management
XO Communications
Thomas G. Dalrymple Jr.
Director, Global Voice Services

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