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September 13-15, 2011-The Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas


Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Shortcuts and Secrets of Referral Marketing
Tim Basa President -Telegration
Our expert speaker used referral marketing to double sales in 18 months. In this session, Tim Basa, Nitels Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will share many of his easytouse systems, including shortcuts for identifying your best referral sources; ways to guarantee new clients generate referrals for you; the single greatest referral marketing mistake and how to avoid it; ways to double referrals overnight; plus 54 proven examples of successful referral marketing systems that you can copy and use immediately. As a former agent and 15year veteran of the channel, Tim Basa is eager to share his secrets to agents to help push you to new levels of success.
Wednesday - 09/14/11
The First Step to Selling Cloud Services
Joe Corvaia Vice President, Solution Engineering -Broadview Networks
Jim Safran President -GreenAppX
Jeff Uphues VP Sales & Marketing -Cbeyond Cloud Cloud Services
Don Douglas President & CEO -Liquid Networx
We’ve all heard the fiveyear projections and seen the charts illustrating the inevitable growth trajectory of cloudbased services. This session moves right to the more practical, examining strategies and best practices for that initial conversation about cloud telephony and unified communications with both current and prospective customers. Panelist will discuss who in the Csuite should be first approached, how the conversation should be framed and the type of services and benefits that should initially be presented to obtain the best results when selling cloud communications.
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Vendor Breakout Session
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Getting Your Head Above the Cloud
Thomas Howe CEO -TextGen
Evan Hunt Vice President of Technology -StarView Solutions
With a buzzword like cloud slapped on everything these days, do those who use it even know what it means? Join our conversation about what the cloud is and is not and build your knowledge to pick out deceitful clouds in the crowd. Plus, learn the capabilities and benefits of real cloud services. It’s a hot word, so why not stay in the know about it?
Thursday, September 15, 2011
Thursday - 09/15/11
Making Business Meetings Social
Tom Maurath Vice President, Strategic Business Development -PGi Partner Channel
John Keane Senior Director Product Development -iMeet
Frustrations over poor user engagement and distracting behavior during remote meetings are universal, ultimately limiting the use of Web and video conferencing. Side conversations, checking personal emails and participants leaving the room or simply “zoning out” during virtual meetings are alltoocommon occurrences. By incorporating the features and sensibilities of social networking into the conferencing experience, platforms such as PGi’s iMeet make virtual meetings more engaging and hence more productive.
Thursday - 09/15/11
Selling Unified Communications to Small Business
Dave Gilbert CEO -SimpleSignal
David Byrd (Moderator) VP, Sales & Marketing -Broadvox
John Macario Vice President of Marketing -Edgewater
Jeff Betteker Chief Operating Officer -One Source Networks
While collaboration is generally a big selling point for UC to enterprises, theres some question as to how important collaboration is to companies that are small enough to walk down the hall. The panel would discuss the many value propositions that UC presents to different small business verticals and the possibility that anytime, anywhere access to communications tools and information may be its biggest appeal to small businesses.
Thursday - 09/15/11
Vendor Breakout Session
Thursday - 09/15/11
The UC-SIP Opportunity for Resellers: Accelerating Time-to-Revenue with SIP Trunking
Michael Parker Enterprise Channel Enablement and Sales Operations -IntelePeer
Interoperability issues and delays in deploying and turning on SIP trunk connections can derail unified communications projects, leading to cost overruns and loss of support from the executive suite. This session will discuss how partners, working with the right SIP trunking service provider, can help their customers accelerate the transition from PRI to SIP trunking with fewer interoperability problems and faster service activation. The session also will highlight how SIP trunking services enable multimodal communications and new unified communications features and applications.
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