Cloud Coummincations Summit

Printable Agenda - Cloud Communications Summit

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cloud Comm 360

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 10:00am
Thomas Howe , CEO , TextGen
A global perspective on cloud communications 5 yrs back, and 5 yrs forward the business, the marketplace and the technology.

Overview of the Summit Agenda

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 10:45am
Dave Michels , Principal , Pin Drop Soup
Larry Lisser , Principal , Embrase
A rapid view into our 3day agenda and how to make the most of it.

The Puzzle: The Interlocking Parts of the Cloud Ecosystem

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 11:00am
Dave Michels (Moderator) , Lead Analyst ,
Experts from all corners of the ecosystem debate what the roles and influences of vendors, integrators, service providers and customers in the next generation of the cloud comm economy.

The Channel: Key Trends and Drivers (now that cloud is now and not when)

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 12:30pm
Larry Lisser (Moderator) , Principal , Embrase
Mike Mauricella , VP Business Development , Momentum
Sam Kumar , Micro Tech Tel
Sean Shaughnessy , Vice President Sales, Managed Services , Shared Technologies
Discover the trends and drivers that effecting the channel now that the cloud is for real and about more than just voice. 15 minute presentation followed by panel discussion.

The World Wide Cloud: International Hour

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 1:30pm
Thomas Howe (Moderator) , Principal , Embrase
Luca Fillegheddu , CEO , Twimbow Inc.
Paul Sweeny , Director Innovation , VoiceSage
An overview of nonUS based cloud offerings, trends in Europe and a discussion of what services would be successful in the US and viceversa.

Coffee break - Meet the speakers

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 2:15pm

Positioning Cloud Comm Services (or anything else) in a Me-too Market

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 2:30pm
Philippe Telio , President , Embrase
By Geoffrey Moores definition, cloud comm services are not far from crossing into the proverbial tornado. Learn about segmentation, positioning and message articulation strategies that work when it seems everyone is screaming me too.

Mid-Market: Everyone wants it, but....

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 3:00pm
Dean Parker , President & CEO , Callis Communications
Dave Michels (Moderator) , Lead Analyst ,
Jeff Uphues , VP Sales & Marketing , Cbeyond Cloud Cloud Services
Sean Shaughnessy , Vice President Sales, Managed Services , Shared Technologies
The midmarket and we mean the real one seems ripe to drive growth for vendors of all kinds of cloud comm vendors. But most will find its not so easy and in some cases means retooling offers, sales approaches and product. Lets talk about it.

Doing Good with Cloud Comm

Tuesday - 09/13/11 • 3:30pm
Ian Small , Chief Executive Officer , TokBox
Thomas Howe (Moderator) , Principal , Embrase
Johnny Diggz , Voexeo Corporations
Case studies profiling the use of cloud communication for the good, including disaster relief and other charitable applications.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Social Networking Lunch & M&A Keynote: Will the Operators jump deeper into the Pool?

Wednesday - 09/14/11 • 12:00pm
Michael Quinn , Q Advisors
From deep experience in the arena of fund raising and buy/sell transactions in cloud comm, Michael will share recent trends and activity in the market, M&A from an operator perspective, and what we can expect next.

Raising Growth Capital and Exiting: What it takes.

Wednesday - 09/14/11 • 1:00pm
Mark Swanson , Founder and CEO , Telovations
With the word bubble literally bubbling up everywhere, its no wonder we wonder whether or not we are truly in an exit economy. Either way, its takes more than luck and timing these days to raise capital or sell a company. See what cloud comm experts on all sides of these complex equations have to say.

Growing the 'Everything-but-the-hosted-pbx-cloud": Leader Round Table

Wednesday - 09/14/11 • 1:45pm
Thomas Howe (Moderator) , Principal , Embrase
Joe Staples , Chief Marketing Officer , Interactive Intelligence
Scott Wharton , CEO , Vidtel
A round table of the entrepreneurial minds in cloud comm relating their business experience, their insight about todays challenges, and frank discussions about the near term competitive landscape. A special emphasis will be placed on nonvoice cloud comm offerings including SMS, MMS and Video.

Coffee Break : Meet the Speakers

Wednesday - 09/14/11 • 2:30pm

Analyst Perspective: Cloud Comm for the Operators

Wednesday - 09/14/11 • 2:45pm
Jan Dawson , Chief Telecom Analyst , Ovum
An independent analysis of how the cloud may help or hurt operator challenges like ARPU erosion, churn and offer commoditzation.

Three Big Problems. Three Big Answers

Wednesday - 09/14/11 • 3:45pm
Larry Lisser (Moderator) , Principal , Embrase
Three dispruptive companies in Cloud Comm will each profile the big problem they are solving, or seeing as a growing one and the market drivers behind it. The audience will tell us if they agree.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Level Setting

Thursday - 09/15/11 • 9:00am
Thomas Howe , CEO , TextGen
How do virtualization, sms, mobile/4G, UC, Skype, html5, SCF, SIP fit in the cloud? Five minute presentations hit all sorts of technologies that hit the cloud.

Coffee Break, Meet the Speakers

Thursday - 09/15/11 • 9:45am

Surprise Announcement

Thursday - 09/15/11 • 10:00am
Thomas Howe , CEO , TextGen
Dan York , Director of Conversations , Voxeo Corporation
Michael Graves , Project Manager , ZipDX
Dave Michels (Moderator) , Lead Analyst ,
Jeff Rodman , Co-Founder and CTO , Polycom
Shhhhh! Dont tell.

Speed Tech Dating

Thursday - 09/15/11 • 10:45am
Dave Michels (Moderator) , Lead Analyst ,
A chance to trade business cards with geeks. Or more likely, bump iPhones. But do it it quick, you only have a few minutes.

Dark Clouds: Security and Availability

Thursday - 09/15/11 • 11:15am
Dan York , Director of Conversations , Voxeo Corporation
The dark side of cloud comm, security and availability.

State of the Art: Technology

Thursday - 09/15/11 • 12:00pm
Thomas Howe (Moderator) , Principal , Embrase
Sanjay Srinivasan , TeleSphere
Ben Klang , Adhearsion
Evin Hunt , VP of Technology , Shango
A series of short speeches and demonstrations about emerging cloud comm technologies. A chance to meet and talk to the best cloud communications engineers in the world. Period.