Cloud Coummincations Summit

Printable Agenda - Cloud Coummincations Summit

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cloud Communications : A Beginner's Guide

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 9:00-9:45am
Thomas McCarthy-Howe , CEO , Light and Electric
Brad Herrington , Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing , Interactive Intelligence
Exactly what is cloud communications? This session is an introduction to cloud communications and covers basic terminology, architectures and business case drivers. This session is appropriate for both business and technologists.

SMB Cloud Communications : What's Hot and What's Not?

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 1:00-1:45pm
Jeff Uphues , VP Sales & Marketing , Cbeyond Cloud Cloud Services
Sal Iuliano , Sales Engineer , TELoIP
John Lieberman , CEO , IPfone
Larry Lisser (Moderator) , Principal , Embrase
Trent Johnsen , Co-founder & CEO , Hookflash
Adam Conway , Vice President of Product Management , Aerohive
Small and medium businesses have the most to gain from cloud communications service offerings. This session reviews this fast growing market and identifies which segments will enjoy outsized success, and which segments are living up to early expectations. This session is appropriate for analysts, business leaders and product managers.

Increasing Profits with Cloud Communications

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 2:00-2:45pm
Darren Schreiber , CEO , 2600hz
Pat Murphy , Voice Sage
Thomas McCarthy-Howe (Moderator) , CEO , Light and Electric
Moshe Yudkowsky , President , Disaggregate
Wes Durow , Vice President of Global Marketing , Sonus Networks
The excitement around cloud communications comes straight from the bottom line. This session is an overview of the best and most effective ways that cloud communications increases profits for both providers and customers. This session is appropriate for service providers, end customers and analysts.

Mobile Clouds - Where Cloud Communications and Mobile Intersect

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 3:00-3:45pm
Andy Abramson (Judge) , CEO, Founder , Comunicano, Inc.
Micaela Giuhat , VP Product Marketing , GENBAND
Bill Wright , Vmware
Dave Michels (Moderator) , Lead Analyst ,
Wendy Moore-Bayley , Solutions Marketing, UCaaS , Mitel
Brooks Robinson , President , Cbeyond Cloud Services
Wes Durow , Vice President of Global Marketing , Sonus Networks
In a sense, trusting the network to deliver communications services is as old as the PSTN. In today’s market, mobile applications and mobile workforces have additional cloud communications requirements. This session identifies which mobile feature sets are important for cloud communications offerings, and will address topics such as mobile extensions for PBXs, location based cloud flavors and mobile client development. This session is appropriate for service providers and analysts.

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Business of Cloud Communications: A Cloud Comm Business Leader Roundtable

Friday - 02/04/11 • 9:00-9:45am
Trent Johnsen , Chief Executive Officer , HookFlash
Wesley Chan , Google
Thomas McCarthy-Howe (Moderator) , CEO , Light and Electric
Alec Saunders , Vice President, Cloud Business , QnX Software
Jamie Siminoff , CEO ,
Alan Pound , Managing Director , Aculab
In this new market, challenges to success are not well understood, never mind the solutions. This session is an open conversation with leading businessmen about how cloud communications looks from the trenches. This session is appropriate for analysts, business leaders and product managers.

Dark Clouds : Can you trust the cloud? Latency, Security and Availability

Friday - 02/04/11 • 10:00-10:45am
Tim Titus , CTO , PathSolutions
Kelly Sparks , VP, Telastic Solutions Architect , Pac-West
Dave Michels (Moderator) , Lead Analyst ,
Dan York , Director of Conversations , Voxeo Corporation
Robert Collazo , Cloud Evangelist , Rackspace
There’s a general consensus that Cloud Communications improves the bottom line while reducing both financial and technology risks. What about from a security perspective? This session identifies the differences between premise based and cloud based offerings from a security perspective, and provides the audience with a checklist of what to worry about as they move into the cloud. This session is appropriate for both business and technologists.

Will the cloud kill the PBX? Or will it kill the channel?

Friday - 02/04/11 • 11:00-11:45am
Steve Sokol , Marketing Director , Digium
Matt Jordan , Business Development Manager, Skype for Business , Skype
Larry Lisser , Principal , Embrase
Dave Michels (Moderator) , Lead Analyst ,
Brooks Robinson , President , Cbeyond Cloud Services
The integration between traditional VARs and PBX sales is under attack by online cloud communications offerings. This session talks about the evolving business models for VARs and service providers, provides a glimpse into updated business models and identifies the changes that the channel needs to make now to maximize future business opportunities. This session is targeted towards solution providers, VARs and service providers.

Cloud Communications, State of the Art

Friday - 02/04/11 • 12:00-12:45pm
Ian Small , Chief Executive Officer , TokBox
Thomas McCarthy-Howe (Moderator) , CEO , Light and Electric
Dan York , Director of Conversations , Voxeo Corporation
What’s next in cloud communications? Friday 02/04/11 • 12:0012:45pm This session invites a panel of thought leaders to look into their crystal balls and make predictions about what our near term future looks like. This session is appropriate for investors, analysts and business leaders.