Special Feature: Time Warner Telecom Announces Business-Class VoIP at ITEXPO
By David Sims
Time Warner Telecom is launching its business-class VoIP solution suite, called TW Telecom ONE SOLUTION, to business customers in 21 initial markets. With the advantage of being able to build on the established infrastructure of one of the country's premier competitive telecom carriers, Time Warner Telecom seems determined to dominate this market, counting on its metro Ethernet for...


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Versatel Networks builds Intelligent Media Gateways that drive service provider growth. The EdgeIQ platform integrates seamlessly with existing network investments and scale effortlessly. Versatel quality means rock solid carrier-class reliability, and the industry’s lowest operating costs. This innovative platform hosts applications at the network edge and delivers services on the network of origin without backhauling traffic, reducing network, capital and operating costs. Service providers achieve a return on investment in months, not years.


Special Feature: Rich Tehrani Interviews AT&T's Cathy Martine
Tehrani: "Does branding count when we talk about VoIP service? Do customers care about brand or is telephony (even over IP) commoditized?"

Martine: "I strongly believe they do and think entirely too much is made by commoditization of any product or service. Soda is basically sugar-flavored water, but I’ll bet you and your readers have brand preferences that don’t include the generic house brand sold at your local supermarket. The telecommunications market is no different. AT&T has remained the premiere brand when faced by overwhelming competition for the past 20 years. Consumers know it and trust and many give..." MORE...


Special Feature: Rich Tehrani Interviews Lucent's Stef H. van Aarle
Tehrani: "A slew of new VoIP service providers are popping up around the world. What will these companies have to do to make it into the next decade?"

van Aarle: "Today, VoIP providers are made up of cable MSO's, major carriers and alternative VoIP providers. Alternative providers like Vonage took an early lead by targeting the early-adopters. However, they are now losing share every day as major players are joining the VoIP game, due primarily to the lack of resources, telephony experience and technical skills. As VoIP moves beyond the early-adopter market to penetrate the mass market, it will begin to reach consumers that are more …." MORE...


ITEXPO Exclusive: Experts Head-to-Head in IP Contact Center Shootout
By Johanne Torres
Yesterday afternoon we ended the first exciting day of Internet Telephony Conference and EXPO with a great panel discussion titled IP Contact Center Shootout at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami. During our panel discussion we got to see how four experts explained the advantages of deploying IP-based communication systems in the contact center corporate environment. The following panelists participated in our debate at...


Volo Founder and CEO Shawn Lewis Speaking Today at ITEXPO
Shawn Lewis of Orlando-based Volo Communications, which provides advanced voice and data services is the featured speaker at two of today’s sessions at ITEXPO. Lewis wrote the patents for the first softswitch and the first SS7 Media Gateway, and TMC President Rich Tehrani said that Lewis’s presence at the conference would “help educate CLECs and service providers about..."


Know Thy Keynoters -- William Tauscher of The Tauscher Group
Wednesday, February 23 at 4:30 p.m. William Tauscher, founder of The Tauscher Group, will present his keynote address. William Tauscher is the founder of The Tauscher Group, which invests and assists in the management of enterprises in various industries. Before founding The Tauscher Group, Mr. Tauscher served as...


Know Thy Keynoters: Mike Heberling
On Thursday, February 24 Mike Heberling will give a special keynote at ITEXPO for a paid-attendee-only breakfast for early birds at 7:15 a.m. Mike Heberling is responsible for FrontRange Solutions sales in the company’s Americas region, which includes the United States, Canada, and Latin America. He comes to FrontRange from...


Know Thy Keynoters: Edward Cespedes
On Thursday, February 24 at 9:00 a.m. Edward Cespedes will give his keynote address to ITEXPO. Edward A. Cespedes has served as the president of since June 2002 and as a director of since 1997. In 2002, he co-launched its subsidiary, Voiceglo, a VoIP communications company, and currently serves as its president. “The services that VoiceGlo offers are..."


Know Thy Keynoters: Mark Spencer
On Thursday, February 23, at 10:15 a.m. Mark Spencer will deliver his keynote address to ITEXPO. Mark Spencer founded Linux Support Services in 1999 while still a computer engineering student at Auburn University. When faced with the high cost of buying a PBX, Mark simply used his Linux PC and knowledge of C code to write...



GlobalNet to Unveil Turnkey Consumer VoIP Solution for Service Providers
The Completely Customizable Solution known as iDial IP provides everything required to turn an existing service provider into a leader in VoIP technology without undertaking any of the obstacles involved in building out a carrier class VoIP Platform. iDial IP is a private label solution designed for ISPs, cable companies, telcos, and all other providers desiring to offer VoIP services to...


Ewoophone 1st China Provider to Market VoIP P2P With Peerio
Popular Telephony, the telecommunications middleware company and creator of Peerio, the innovative technology for server-free, peer-to-peer communications, today at the Internet Telephony conference in Miami, FL announced that China-based Ewoophone will be the first VoIP service provider in Asia to offer PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone VoIP service using Peerio serverless...


AudioCodes, Vail and Microsoft Partner to SIP-Enable Speech Server
Voice over Packet (VoP) technology and Voice Network products provider AudioCodes and Vail Systems, a provider of SIP-based IP telephony platforms, speech apps and hosting services, announced availability of a set of SIP-based product bundles to enable development and deployments for Microsoft’s Speech Server 2004. The new product bundles consist of the newly certified version of the Vail SIP Telephony Interface Manager (TIM) for Microsoft Speech Server 2004 and either...


Nimcat Networks Releases nimXTM for Windows
Nimcat Networks, provider of embedded, peer-to-peer (P2P) call processing software, is announcing the availability of nimXTM for Windows. Showcased with nimPhone, users can now experience all of the benefits of a nimXTM-enabled hard phone with the convenience of a PC-centric approach. nimXTM - Nimcat Networks' P2P call processing software - takes the intelligence usually found in the PBX and distributes it to...


Brooktrout and BayPackets Deliver Innovative, Flexible Prepaid Offering
Brooktrout Technology Inc., a supplier of media processing and call control products, and BayPackets, a provider of enhanced voice and data solutions for wireless, wireline and broadband operators, today announced that they have jointly developed a highly scalable IP-based network prepaid calling card solution for service providers. The combined solution enables carriers to rapidly deploy revenue-generating...


Time Warner Telecom Launches VoIP Business Solutions Over Metro Ethernet
Time Warner Telecom, a leading provider of managed voice and data networking solutions for businesses, today announced its VoIP-based business solutions strategy and new service offerings at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo in Miami. Time Warner Telecom is launching its business-class VoIP solution suite, called TW Telecom ONE SOLUTION, to business customers in 21 initial...

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