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Reinvent Telecom Announces Private Label Billing Solution by OneBill
While many end users of unified communications (UC) solutions appreciate the headache that gets eliminated for them in terms of billing - UC makes bil…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 11/4/2021

Fortinet Forging Frontier of Work-from-Anywhere
Fortinet is forging the frontier of this new reality, taking a leadership role by merging zero trust, endpoint and network security within the Fortine…

By: Maurice Nagle | 11/4/2021

Telinta Announces Google Cloud Voicemail Transcription Integration
Telinta Announces Google Cloud Voicemail Transcription Integration

By: Luke Bellos | 11/2/2021

VoiceSage Announces Acquisition of 2sms
Ireland's VoiceSage announced the acquisition of 2sms to help expand business presence in the United States.

By: Luke Bellos | 11/2/2021

Fusion Connect Announces Broad Service Guarantee for Voice and Data Services
Many companies today use cloud-based voice and data services, and nearly as many can recount problems they incurred by not reading the small print of …

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 11/1/2021

SASE Isn't All About Disruption
If the wrapper has SASE on it, you are pretty much assured an audience. But while SASE gets the marketing department's hearts aflutter and has some di…

By: Special Guest | 10/29/2021

8x8 Introduces New Enhancements to XCaaS Platform
8x8 has unveiled a number of new capabilities to support employees and customers in the increasingly remote-focused workforce.

By: Luke Bellos | 10/29/2021

Susan G Komen Turns to RingCentral for Communications Overhaul
The Susan G Komen Foundation® is now utilizing RingCentral solutions to provide employees with advanced communications solutions in remote environment…

By: Luke Bellos | 10/28/2021

Smarter Cloud Communications Networking Driving Better Business Outcomes: Beyond SD-WAN to the Intelligent Enterprise Edge
There is no debate that SD-WANs are one of the fastest-growing network solutions for businesses, from small and medium companies with multiple locatio…

By: Arti Loftus | 10/28/2021

Dakota Central Taps Ribbon's IP Optical Solutions for Faster Broadband Speeds and Increased Network Reliability
Ribbon Communications continued its string of customer announcements, with the latest being that Dakota Central, an Independent Operating Company (IOC…

By: Arti Loftus | 10/27/2021

iBASIS Named Best Global Wholesale Carrier at Global Carrier Awards
iBASIS took home the award for Best Wholesale Global Carrier - Voice at the 17th edition of the GCAs.

By: Luke Bellos | 10/27/2021

TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Award Winners Highlight Post-Pandemic Future of Work
TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Award has a diverse set of winners, many of which have been enhanced or improved work during these work-from-ho…

By: CustomerZone360 News | 10/26/2021

VoIP PBX Provider Yeastar Introduces Central Management Platform
Yeastar, a manufacturer of VoIP PBX systems and VoIP gateways , was first launched 15 years ago. The company, which is based in Xiamen, China and Dall…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 10/26/2021

Rising DDoS Attacks Puts Increase Focus on VoIP Security, Closed Networks
The devastation of recent DDoS attacks is forcing government agencies to contemplate counter measures that would prevent attacks on emergency services…

By: Luke Bellos | 10/25/2021

Ofcom Urges Telecom Providers to Block Foreign Scammers
The UK's Office of Communications is taking an active role in preventing scam callers by working with telecom leaders to introduce new call filtering …

By: Luke Bellos | 10/25/2021

Lumen and Cisco Deepen Partnership for Remote and Hybrid Work Solutions
More Americans than ever are working from home. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of American employees working from home jumped from 22 pe…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 10/25/2021

RingCentral Teams with Healthcare ISVs to Transform Workflows
RingCentral has partnered with three leading healthcare ISVs to create better experiences for patients, as well as to enhance internal work processes.

By: Luke Bellos | 10/22/2021

Dialpad Partners with CNS to Support Australian Organizations
Dialpad and CNS have joined forces to bring a wide range of advanced communications solutions to Australian organizations.

By: Luke Bellos | 10/22/2021

RingCentral's New Features Allow Users to Combine Preferred Apps and Services
RingCentral, Inc., a provider of cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for businesses, recently announced that it has added new featu…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 10/21/2021

Simplifying and Securing Microsoft Teams, Paltel Chooses Ribbon Connect for Voice Optimization
During the global pandemic, one of the most popular, if not the most popular collaboration platforms and applications, Microsoft Teams, experienced ex…

By: Arti Loftus | 10/21/2021

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