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January 2000

Industry News

Nortel Networks Intros Open IP Environment Software
Nortel Networks introduced "New World" routing and IP software called Open IP Environment that will Internet-enable a variety of servers, personal computers, mass market appliances, mobility devices, set-top boxes, and processors. The company expects the software to drive the shift away from expensive and complex "Old World" router hardware to low cost "New World" routing and IP software that is widely available to the industry and can be embedded directly into servers, processors, and devices. Nortel Networks and Intel plan to offer elements of Open IP Environment with Intel's Internet Exchange (IX) Architecture to enabled a new generation of software programmable networking devices.
No. 501, 

Crystal Group Intros Keyboard/Video/Mouse Extender Card
Crystal Group has introduced the DataReach keyboard/video/mouse extender cared. The DataReach extender card is designed for users who want to remotely locate their user interface point (video monitor, keyboard, mouse, and serial port) from a computer or computer farm. DataReach is a half-length card that fits in any expansion slot on an ISA or PCI motherboard. Since the board mounts into any free ISA or PCI slot inside the computer, no available rack space is used. DataReach utilizes only a single, common CAT 5 twisted-pair network cable between the computer and the Cybex receiver unit. DataReach exists entirely within the computer without taking additional rack space, uses computer power to operate on the transmitter end without additional power supplies, and works well in a free ISA or PCI slot.
No. 502, 

Galileo Unveils Horizon Family
Galileo Technology has announced the first devices in the new Horizon Family of LAN/WAN communication controllers. These system-on-a-chip devices will form the core of next-generation multiservice edge routers and remote access equipment that merge the functions of LAN-to-WAN routers, voice over IP gateways, network security equipment, and remote access servers. The Horizon Family also offers a major performance enhancement over other remote access systems architectures by directly transferring WAN and LAN packets to or from main memory without using the PCI bus. This allows the full 64-bit/66MHz PCI bandwidth to be used for connectivity to discrete ATM SARs, encryption/compressions engines, and other peripheral devices.
No. 503, 

InnoMedia Intros InfoAccel
InnoMedia has announced the InfoAccel VoIP PCI card. The latest addition to the InnoMedia family of VoIP products, the plug-and-play InfoAccel combines the ease-of-use and voice quality of conventional telephones with the cost savings of Internet telephony. Based on InnoMedia's patent-pending hardware-based DSP technology, InfoAccel provides a dramatic improvement over conventional Internet telephony solutions. InfoAccel brings digital voice quality to the Internet, minimizing the latency and echoes usually associated with VoIP telephony. Users plug their conventional telephone into the card to place and receive calls with their telephone just as they normally would on a standard telephone network.
No. 504, 

Siliconrax and Sliger Designs Agree To Merge
Siliconrax and Sliger Designs have announced the merger of the two companies. The new Siliconrax-Sliger should be a formidable industrial (fault-resistant) PC company by combining their respective expertise: complete industrial PC system solutions and rackmount designs and manufacturing. The new combined company will have an expanded sales team with a well-projected global marketing strategy in addition to the Siliconrax nationwide presence. Customers in the computer telephony, ISP, and networking industries will immediately benefit from the merger for greater breadth and depth of client service and technical support.
No. 505, 

I-Bus Intros BatRay
I-Bus has announced the introduction of BatRay, a highly integrated Pentium III passive backplane CPU board. BatRay supports processor speeds up to 600 MHz. Onboard features include flush mounted processes, Ethernet, 4 Mb of AGP video, and Ultra2 Wide SCSI. It is designed for the ISP, machine control, voice processing, computer telephony, and factory automation markets. The BatRay has been tested on numerous operating systems, including DOS, Windows 95/NT, SCO UNIX, and OS/2 Warp. BatRay is based on the standard for PCI in passive backplanes established by PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group). Utilizing four 168 pin DIMM dockets, BatRay supports DRAM with ECC functionality, and contains external Level II cache.
No. 506, 

Surf Announces Remote Access Solution
Surf Communications announced the availability of Surf Multi-access Pool (SMP) remote access solution, providing full convergence of data, fax, and voice while supporting high channel densities. OEM systems, such as remote access servers, Internet gateways, and access routers can benefit from the SMP's patented software technology that provides full convergence in a multi-processor environment commonly found in applications requiring high channel density. Running on a high performance processor, the SMP automatically processes any type of service by invoking the appropriate software modem, fax, or voice protocols in real-time according to the specific call being handled.
No. 507, 

Cirilium Demos Interoperability, Joining Hypercom And Inter-Tel Products
Cirilium, a new company formed between Hypercom and Inter-Tel, is demonstrating standards-based interoperability across its turnkey solution of ITSPs Cirilium demonstrated IP telephony voice calls placed between gateways, gatekeepers, and call control components developed by its two founding companies using the industry standards H.323 and the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP). Integrating low- and high-density gateways, voice processing, call accounting, IVR, and more, Cirilium's infrastructure represents a comprehensive and robust solution available to CLECs, ISPs, and other Internet telephony service providers.
No. 508, 

Funk Software Intros New Version of RADIUS Server
Funk Software announced Steel-Belted Radius/Service Provider Edition, a powerful RADIUS server targeted at large service providers and carriers that incorporates advanced proxy features to make it easy to distribute authentication ad accounting across a WAN, reliability features designed to eliminate the risk of service interruptions, and a high transaction processing rate. Also introduced was the Steel-Belted Radius Concurrency Server, which lets service providers manage and enforce concurrent access limits across every remote access device and RADIUS server on their networks. The Concurrency Server is the first in a line of add-on policy servers that Funk Software will develop for Steel-Belted Radius/Service Provider Edition.
No. 509, 

Cisco Stakes Claim in Internet-Based Video Conferencing
Cisco Systems has announced the Cisco IP/VC product family, a video conferencing solution providing a reliable, easy-to-manage, cost-effective foundation for deploying next-generation IP-based video conferencing solutions while preserving legacy investments. The new IP/VC product family comprises the IP/VC 3510 multipoint control unit, the IP/VC (H.320-to-H.323) 3520 and 3525 video conferencing gateways, the IP/VC 3530 video terminal adapter (VTA) and the Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager (MCM), an H.323 gatekeeper/proxy. This IP/VC family is compatible with H.323-compliant endpoints, whether they are desktop units or room-based systems, from a variety of vendors.
No. 510, 

Lucent WaveLAN Compliant With IEEE High-Speed Standard
Lucent Technologies announced the availability of a new WaveLAN wireless local area network (WLAN) that is compliant with the latest 802.11b High Rate (HR) standard. The WaveLAN Turbo 11 Mb system provides Ethernet quality performance to mobile workers within an enterprise, yet it is also compatible with WaveLAN's previous 2 Mbps and Turbo versions. The Turbo 11 Mb system consists of PC cards for use with mobile computers. For desktop systems, users can select between an ISA card and a new PCI card. On the network side, the WavePOINT-II access point is used to create an enterprise-wide WLAN. The WaveLAN Turbo 11 Mb system is interoperable with other high-speed 802.11b branded systems and is designed to be compliant with the WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance) Wi-Fi "wireless fidelity" standard.
No. 511, 

Centigram Delivers Family Of Next-Gen Unified Communications
Centigram Communications has announced a series of unified communications products that allow carriers to offer services that simplify users' lives by integrating e-mail, fax, and voice mail; voice mail and Internet; and wireless and landline telephone services. Centigram's new product offerings include: PC-based unified messaging through a family of integrated voice mail, fax, and e-mail products; one person/one number services through Smart Forwarding call forwarding; Internet and telephony integration through a family of Web-based Internet call management products; Internet and wireless integration through a new generation of the company's Short Message Service Center (C-SMSC); extensions to the company's Series 6 services platform that support multi-service integration.
No. 512, 

Nortel Networks, Promatory Communications Sign OEM Agreement
Nortel Networks and Promatory Communications have signed an OEM agreement under which Nortel Network will market, sell, and distribute Promatory's Intelligent Multiservice Access System (IMAS). Promatory's IMAS, which combines support for multiple DSL transmission types with high-capacity ATM switching, has extensive QoS capabilities that enable service providers to offer multiple services with tiered pricing to both residential and commercial customers. Targeted at Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Promatory's IMAS complements Nortel Networks' access portfolio, which includes broadband products like the Universal Edge 9000 Integrated Access Platform, 1 Mb modem, and the Shasta 5000 Broadband Service Node (BSN).
No. 513, 

Performance Tech Supports Ziatech's WAN Application Architecture
Ziatech announced support for its CompactPCI Redundant Processor High Availability architecture from Performance Technologies. Performance Technologies' complete line of CompactPCI-based WAN communications hardware and protocol software will seamlessly work in the Ziatech ZT 5083 NEBS High Availability System, expanding connectivity options for Ziatech's cost-effective solution for mission critical applications. The ZT 5083 Development System is redundant processor architecture to combine a CompactPCI platform, Intel Architecture processors, Windows NT, and key network peripherals from companies such as Performance Technologies. This new technology provides a platform for building systems with 99.999 percent availability for telecommunications and Internet infrastructure applications. Combined with CompactPCI hot swap technology, the approach provides high performance applications with a more cost-effective alternative to traditional computer clustering solutions.
No. 514, 

CopperCom Unveils Service Management Platform For VoDSL
CopperCom announced a comprehensive service management platform for CopperComplete DSL, a voice over DSL (VoDSL) solution that includes the CopperCom Gateway and the CopperCom MXR. CopperCommander is a comprehensive provisioning and management platform for VoDSL and enables service convergence, creation, assurance, auditing, and integration. The CopperCommander Service Management Platform (SMP) enables Service Convergence by integrating the management of disparate networks. Its Service Creation capabilities streamline service turn-up while the service assurance of CopperCommander guarantees Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met. Service Auditing automates billing reconciliation, and Service Integration accelerates deployment with existing operations support system.
No. 515, 

MiTAC Launches MiXpress Server Series
MiTAC Industrial announced it is launching the MiXpress Server Series, a new fail-safe line of ruggedized high-performance servers. This new competitively priced, feature-rich line is based on the company's expertise at designing rugged, durable, and reliable computers for harsh applications, environments, and heavy use of the process control industry. The MiXpress Server Series is designed for the ISP and CTI industries with servers of high reliability and redundancy, ensuring increased uptime. The first line of MiXpress Servers will be 19-inch rack mountable in 1U (1.75 inches), 2U, 5U, and 7U heights. The new servers will be fully configurable to meet individual user needs and applications. Included in the flexible packages are Pentium II and III processors, cache sizes up to 512 Kb, wide selection of memory in DIMM and SIMM, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet 10/100 Bast-T, Audio/VGA/LCD, fixed disk drive, hard disk drives, and CD-ROM.
No. 516, 

Merlot, BroadSoft To Extend Service Provider Network To Customer Premise
Merlot Communications and BroadSoft have announced a marketing and technology partnership. Key components of the agreement call for Merlot and BroadSoft to establish joint customer efforts, explore mutually beneficial marketing activities, participate in interoperability testing and provide a joint operating system for beta trial. This agreement follows the recent introduction of the Merlot MAGNUM Applications and Services Platform (ASP), which is a hardware-software solution that functions as a low-cost, premises-based new generation network device that unifies voice, data, and video services and applications with a high level of speed and efficiency. The true power of the MAGNUM ASP is realized when deployed within ServicePage Architecture. That approach, in which both Merlot and BroadSoft play a role, enables service providers to offer customized enhanced services to SMEs through the use of centrally stored XML-based scripts.
No. 517, 

General Micro Systems Unveils Atlas-V
General Micro Systems announced Atlas-V, a multiprocessor VMEbus board based on the Intel Coppermine-256 Pentium III processors. Featuring scalable clock speeds of up to 733 MHz, Atlas-V provides built-in support for symmetric and real-time asymmetric multiprocessing, which enable its two Coppermine processors to work together in parallel on the same program, transparent to the programmer and the application. Atlas-V features a pair of low power (15-Watt) - 450 MHz Coppermine processors with 733 MHz clock speeds expected by Q1 2000. Each processor is equipped with 256 Kb of no-wait-state on-die L2 cache. The two processors also share up to 768 Mb of 100 MHz synchronous DRAM main memory.
No. 518, 

Mediatrix's APA III Leverages Network And Phone Equipment
The APA III is a telecommunications device that connects from one to four conventional telephones or G3 fax machines to a Local Area Network (LAN). The APA III accesses an Intranet or the Internet to permit high quality full duplex audio/fax communications over IP Packet Networks (VoIP). The APA III can also serve as a bridge between conventional PSTN networks and IP packet networks thus offering complete gateway features for one bridged communications. The APA III performs all required IP telephony tasks in one small stand-alone enclosure. It digitizes the audio signal coming from the telephone/fax and then compresses, packetizes and manages the flow of digital audio/fax information to permit high quality full duplex communications over any TCP/IP network. In fact, the APA III has been designed to support all major industry standards used today (such as the G.711, G.723.1 and G.729 codecs) as well as those that will eventually be implemented at a later date.
No. 519,

Savera Systems Unveils Web-Based Billing Systems
Savera Systems has unveiled its 100 percent Web-based interconnect and prepaid billing systems, InterCarrier and RealTime Prepaid. The company also announced the successful implementation of systems as several key customers. Tele2 Europe and Netcom have jointly implemented InterCarrier at Tele2 AB in Sweden for providing inter-connect billing services via an ASP model to Tele2 companies in Austria, France, and Italy. The RealTime Prepaid system has been installed by Tango, a GSM provider in Luxembourg. Savera's InterCarrier and RealTime Prepaid solutions were built for use over the Web - not retrofitted to be Web-enabled - delivering billing solutions with high performance and ease of use.
No. 520, 

BlueWave Announces ComStruct DSP Platform
Blue Wave Systems' new CPCI/C5400 digital signal processor (DSP) platform, based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C5420 DSP, provides telecom designers with the high levels of processing power they need to deliver carrier-class voice, fax, and data services to their enterprise and service provider customers, while also shortening their development cycle time and risk. The board, featuring twenty TMS320C5420 DSPs and four PowerQUICC micros, is deigned to run Telogy's Golden Gateway software package, providing more than 120 channels of simultaneous voice, fax, or data over IP calls in one CompactPCI slot. The Golden Gateway software package from Telogy Networks provides a complete voice/fax/data over IP software solution, including integrated H.323 and MGCP stacks.
No. 521, 

ADC Telecom Intros NewNet IP CALEAserver
ADC's NewNet IP CALEAserver works in conjunction with the Next Generation Networks voice over packet solution, specifically voice over IP (VoIP), to provide a number of telephony services. ADC also offers other CALEA-compliant lawful intercept solutions for the circuit switched network, including the NewNet CALEAserver and NewNet CDCmanager. CALEA stands for Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. CALEA requires wireless and wireline telephone carriers to upgrade their networks to provide court-ordered intercepted call data and call identification information to one or more governmental Law Enforcement Agencies By June 30, 2000 for circuit mode communications and September 20, 2001 for packet mode communications.
No. 522, 

Interactive Intelligence Intros EIC For Service Providers
Interactive Intelligence announced EIC for Service Providers, a new platform capable of offering unified messaging and other enhanced services to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. EIC for Service Providers builds on the strong capabilities of Interactive Intelligence's Windows NT-based communications server product, Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC). EIC for Service Providers consists of four major elements: a relational database of subscriber information, an LDAP-based subscriber directory, a standards-compliant e-mail system, and one or more Windows NT servers running EIC. EIC for Service Providers is a scalable platform that can be used to deploy enhanced services include voice mail, fax, unified messaging, IVR, Web services, e-mail management, one number "follow me," call screening, conferencing, international call back, and others.
No. 523,  

Dynarc Unveils DTM-Based Carrier-Class Routerswitch
Dynarc has unveiled its advanced carrier-class multiservice routerswitch, the Dynarc 500. Its flexibility, ease-of-use, and reliable scalability enables the Dynarc 500 to provide a backbone solution for today's multiservice networks as well as tomorrow's all-optical IP networks. It provides a smooth migration path from time division multiplexing (TDM) services to IP services, while bringing TDM quality to the IP world. The result is that carriers and service providers are able to quickly respond to the changing demands of the convergence of datacom and telecom services. The Dynarc 500 is based on Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode (DTM). It's inherent ability to handle any combination TDM and IP services, allows carriers and service providers to cost-effectively leverage their networks, offering IP services with 100 percent guaranteed QoS.
No. 524, 

RadiSys Intros Its PACE For Telecom Apps
RadiSys announced the availability of its PACE (Packet Circuit Engine) platform. The telecom OEM industry will have a single common platform upon which to develop multiple and diverse applications for enterprise, ISP, and carrier class applications. The PACE architecture provides a scalable, distributed processor and I/O architecture both on a hardware and software level. Future product introductions include PACE application-ready platforms for the ISP and carrier class markets.
No. 525,

FirstWorld To Deploy Redback Subscriber Management Systems
FirstWorld Communications has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Redback Networks to deploy their Redback Subscriber Management System 1000s (SMSs) throughout several of its points of presence (POPs). The agreement enables FirstWorld to use the Redback SMS 1000 to aggregate multiple traffic streams, assisting in the rapid deployment of value-added services including virtual private networks, voice over DSL, and broadband management. The Redback SMS 1000 enables FirstWorld to seamlessly integrate the Redback platform into its existing network, and addresses the company's future plans for expansion in several U.S. markets.
No. 541,

Interstar Technologies Selects NMS NaturalFax Products
Natural MicroSystems has announced that Interstar Technologies recently expanded its hardware compatibility to include Natural MicroSystems' NaturalFax/Alliance Generation (AG) 2000 and NaturalFax/QX 2000 PCI product line of multi-channel, universal port fax hardware. NMS's NaturalFax family of products offers a variety of intelligent, high-performance single- and multi-port platforms for telecommunication applications. These products support a range of fax traffic, enabling developers to enhance existing applications by adding fax services to create powerful high-density and high-performance fax server applications.
No. 542, 

Praxon, Jetstream Deliver IBS Solution over DSL
Praxon and Jetstream Communications announced an agreement to provide an end-to-end solution delivering Integrated Business Communications (IBC) over DSL. Their combined solution will enable Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) to deploy a complete business communications solution over DSL for easy and cost-effective delivery of voice and data services to the small and medium-sized business market. IBC integrates voice, data networking, messaging, and Internet-access functionality in an all-inclusive Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) solution.
No. 543, 

Nokia To Acquire Telekol
Nokia has announced an agreement to acquire Telekol in an exchange worth approximately $56.5 million. The company expects that the acquisition will strengthen Nokia's complete IP telephony and wireless LAN offering and further enhance Nokia's technology know-how in corporate communications applications. Telekol designs intelligent communications solutions for corporate and ISP networks. The key technology elements in the company's solutions are unified messaging, intelligent call processing and computer-based information delivery and exchanged.
No. 544, 

Comverse Intros star*home
Comverse Technology has announced the introduction of a new subsidiary, star*home. star*home is beginning deployment of a global, IP-based network that will allow wireless carriers to offer a wide range of data and home communications services to their roaming and visiting clientele. These services will be offered in the client's native language just by dialing "h-o-m-e," or using their familiar home short code. Today such services are either unavailable to roamers, or are complicated to access and unfamiliar to use. Through the star*home network, wireless travelers will be able to access value-added services from any terrestrial locations, using familiar short codes, user interfaces, and numbers. star*home's global enhanced services will be billed to the subscriber's home mobile account.
No. 545, 

Baypoint Announces NuPoint Messenger 7.0
Baypoint Innovations has announced the newest release of its messaging product family, NuPoint Messenger. With NuPoint Messenger 7.0 messaging platform (formerly the Centigram Series 6 system), Baypoint is continuing to offer a standards-based messaging platform. VPIM, the IETF RFC 2421 standards being widely adopted among leading voice mail vendors, extends the Internet IP e-mail protocol to process voice and fax mail in simple or compound messages. The NuPoint Messenger server is compliant with the VPIM version 2.0 protocol, providing reliable messaging over the Internet and private intranets.
No. 546, Launches BeeCall announced that it has launched BeeCall, an Internet voice conversation and messaging service. This service allows people to talk for free with any other BeeCall user on the Internet. Users can choose to have a real-time "intercom" voice conversation, send and receive instant voice messages, or leave voice mail if the other party is off-line. Consumers can download the free BeeCall software at and begin using the service in less than a minute. The Windows-based BeeCall software is a micro-client, which occupies very little displace space on the user's PC screen, uses two mouse clicks for most operation, and is less than 200 Kb in file size.
No. 547, 

Vitria Announces BusinessWare for DSL
Vitria Technology has announced BusinessWare for DSL, a comprehensive telco supply chain solution for flow-through DSL provisioning. The Vitria solution automates the interactions between DSL providers, their ISPs, and trading partners. Manual processes which have traditionally spanned days or weeks are streamlined to minutes or hours through process automates and management with BusinessWare for DSL. Built on the Vitria BusinessWare eBusiness platform, BusinessWare for DSL is an out of the box solution for automating and managing the business-to-business interactions associated with service fulfillment, assurance, and billing.
No. 548, 

NightFire Intros CustomerExpress Version 2.0
NightFire Software has announced a new, Web-based software solution that automates the entire pre-qualification and ordering process for high-bandwidth communications services such as DSL. The new product, NightFire CustomerExpress version 2.0 software, is a Web-based packaged order entry and order management system for broadband services. It is designed to make it easier for network providers to deliver their broadband services and for ISPs reselling DSL service to obtain broadband services from their choice of network providers. It supports self-service by enabling NightFire's ISP or DSL provider customers to create private-label Web sites that allow their business and home subscribers to pre-qualify, select services, and place orders directly over the Web.
No. 549, 

Telution Launches Communication Exchange 2.0
Telution LLC has announced the Communication Exchange 2.0, an advanced integrated converged billing, customer care, and order management software solution. Telution's new Communications Exchange 2.0 provides a Web-driven CRM solution by merging these three critical telecommunications applications into one cohesive infrastructure. The Communication Exchange 2.0 users flexible scalability and an architecture designed for easy integration to create a centralized, digital information system that both pushes information out to the back office, and pulls information into the customer relationship arena.
No. 550, 

Minacom Intros DirectQuality 2.0
Minacom has introduced its new customer QoS management product, designed to simplify service assurance - DirectQuality 2.0. DirectQuality 2.0 builds upon all of the features of Minacom's DirectQuality product launched last June. It supports a series of automated QoS applications that proactively increase revenue and reduce costs by providing continuous near-end-only and far-end QoS management for convergent multi-service and multi-domain switched networks. Using a complementary set of intrusive and non-intrusive tests, DirectQuality applications measure customer-perceived service quality in terms of call connectivity, including network response to subscriber service requests and call setup; and transmission quality, including transmission impairments such as echo or delay, noise level, frequency response, and limitations in data transmission, such as line rate.
No. 551, 

I-Link, Casio Communications To Deliver Service To SOHO Market
I-Link and Casio Communications announced that the two companies have entered formal beta testing in small businesses with Net-Link IP, a co-branded enhanced IP communications hardware device. This telephone-sized box supports multiple incoming communications transport line types - xDSL, cable modems, ISDN, Fixed Wireless traditional telephone lines, etc. - which translates into efficient, continuous, real-time voice and high speed Internet access through the same system. Using the Net-Link IP hardware, users can connect up to 24 phones, fax machines, and computers to a single ISDN line, with up to eight of those devices fully operational at the same time.
No. 552, 

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