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Cloud Security Operations Leader AiStrike Launches AI-Powered Cloud Security Investigation and Response Solution on AWS Marketplace
[June 11, 2024]

Cloud Security Operations Leader AiStrike Launches AI-Powered Cloud Security Investigation and Response Solution on AWS Marketplace

AiStrike announced its cloud security investigation and response solution is now available on the AWS Marketplace. AiStrike leverages advanced AI and machine learning to automate the triage, investigation, and remediation of cloud-native threats, empowering organizations to rapidly respond to threats across all their AWS environments.

As organizations expand their AWS cloud footprint, their attack surface area surges. AWS' native security tools help address this, but security teams often struggle with an overwhelming volume of alerts to sift through, investigate, and manually remediate. AiStrike for AWS addresses these challenges by providing seamless integration with AWS tools, enriching security alerts with business context, prioritizing them, and automating threat remediation. AiStrike integrates with AWS CloudTrail, GuardDuty, Security Hub, Inspector, Access Advisor, and Macie.

AiStrike for AWS offers:

  • Frictionless Integration: AiStrike integrates across AWS infrastructure to ensure comprehensive visibility and enhanced security across your AWS environment.
  • Context Enrichment: AiStrike continuously enriches alerts with business, entity, threat, and infrastructure context, providing a detailed and actionable view of security incidents.
  • Behavioral Profiling: Utilizing machine learning, AiStrike profiles the behavior of AWS entities to distinguish between normal and suspicious activities, significantly reducing noise and prioritizing genuine threats.
  • Automated Investigation: AiStrike maps alerts to their origins, identifies remediatin ownership, and enables analysts to perform detailed threat hunts in plain English through an AI-driven, NLP interface.
  • Single-click Remediation: AiStrike automates the remediation process, allowing security teams to restore environments to a safe state swiftly.

Complementing AWS native security tools, AiStrike for AWS is designed to rapidly triage, investigate, and respond to the most critical cloud threats, providing organizations with a comprehensive security solution that is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

"We're thrilled to bring AiStrike into the AWS Marketplace," said Kayzad Vanskuiwalla, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of AiStrike. "Our customers are already using us alongside AWS detection tools such as GuardDuty, significantly reducing their security alerts noise and only surfacing the important alerts for faster time-to-resolution."

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About AiStrike
AiStrike solves cloud investigation and response with automation and AI. We free you from alert fatigue. We reduce alert volume by 85%, by automatically enriching and prioritizing alerts for faster MTTR and smarter decision-making. With AiStrike, you'll get real-time alert triage, guided investigation, and automated response - all in one intuitive platform. Plus, we run specially trained AI models locally to ensure your data remains private. Ready to solve your cloud security operations? Visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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