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apexanalytix Debuts Cyber Risk Solution Designed to Prevent Supplier Data Loss and Operational Disruption
[May 30, 2024]

apexanalytix Debuts Cyber Risk Solution Designed to Prevent Supplier Data Loss and Operational Disruption

apexanalytix® ("apex"), a leading provider of global supply chain risk management data, software and services, today announced the launch of Cyber Risk, a solution that automatically assesses the cybersecurity posture of every supplier, continuously monitors the dark web to uncover risk exposure and responds to threats impacting suppliers in real-time.

??Business partner data breaches account for 15% of all cyberattacks, costing organizations an average of $4.76 million each year. With cyberattacks poised to be the top threat to supply chains over the next five years, businesses must have full visibility into their suppliers to successfully mitigate risks and prevent operational disruptions. apexanalytix's Cyber Risk solution eliminates barriers between cybersecurity and vendor management teams, empowering organizations to safeguard operations with greater control over their entire supplier ecosystem.

"Cyberattacks are the biggest threat to businesses today. By offloading the significant burden of cyber risk managemen, companies can worry less about the administrative tasks and focus more on executing the risk-aware strategies that enhance operational resilience," said Charlie Clark, General Manager & EVP, apexanalytix Cyber Risk division. "Cyber risk is a business risk. With our new Cyber Risk solution, we're not just fortifying customers' defenses, we're future-proofing their business."

Data breaches take an average of 207 days to identify, but apexanalytix's Cyber Risk feature provides near-instant reports on breaches or incidents impacting an organization's suppliers. As a business-wide solution for a business-wide problem, Cyber Risk provides automated insights that don't require technical skills, making it accessible for professionals who aren't cyber risk experts to monitor the health of their suppliers with ease.

"In today's digital landscape, threats lurk in every shadow - and it's imperative that everyone within an organization stays vigilant," said Steve Yurko, CEO of apexanalytix. "Supply chain attacks are expensive, disruptive and harmful, which is why businesses need complete oversight of critical threats to their suppliers. apexanalytix Cyber Risk provides companies a true 'does it all' solution that empowers a business-wide approach to supplier risk management."

Following the launches of Passkeys and the apex Neural Engine, apexanalytix's Cyber Risk solution signifies another milestone in the company's mission to provide comprehensive risk management solutions to its clients worldwide.

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About apexanalytix®

apexanalytix is a pioneer in the supply chain software, data, and analytics markets with data-powered software and services for supplier management, fraud prevention, and overpayment recovery. Today, apex serves over 300 Fortune 1000 companies, protecting more than $9 trillion of annual spend across the world's most complex supply chains. apex's leading suite of products includes its supplier management platform, which fully automates supplier on-boarding, master data management, and continuous monitoring of supplier and supply chain risk, throughout the supplier life cycle.

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