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Endace and Telchemy Integration Provides Optimized Unified Communications and Superior Network Performance Management and Monitoring
[May 30, 2024]

Endace and Telchemy Integration Provides Optimized Unified Communications and Superior Network Performance Management and Monitoring

Telchemy and Endace today announced an integration partnership that optimizes customers' Quality of Experience (QoE) and ensures consistency in business-critical VoIP, videoconferencing and other multimedia applications that can impede a network's performance.

EndaceProbes™ provide enterprise class, highly-scalable, always-on packet capture to accurately record weeks or months of network traffic. Turnkey integrations with best-in-class network performance tools such as Telchemy's SQmediator® enable fast, accurate network investigation and remediation.

Telchemy's SQmediator proactively monitors and manages the end-to-end performance of VoIP and Videoconferencing services and IP networks in real time. SQprobe® is a virtualized software probe that provides real-time, in-depth analysis of the quality of IP-based voice and video sessions.

Together, Telchemy's scalable unified communications monitoring software and Endace's zero-loss, 100% accurate, always-on packet capture benefit users by:

  • Dramatically reducing the time required to pinpoint the location and cause of network issues;
  • Accurately reconstructing network events with a definitive evidence trail;
  • Extending network and service monitoring and management capabilities, ensuring proactive prevention and swift resolution of outages or slowdowns;
  • Streamlining investigation workflows from Telchemy's SQmediator to EndaceProbe, providing one-click access to packet-level data directly from SQmediator for faster issue resolution;
  • Enabling the deployment and hosting of virtualized tools, such as Telchemy's SQprobe, on EndaceProbe's open platform, thereby allowing customers to expand monitoring coverage and scale quickly without the need for additional hardware.

Read the solution brief and watch the demo here:

Telchemy is the latest company to join Endace's Fusion Partner Program. The program provides pre-built integrations of industry-leading solutions with EndaceProbe's powerful API to deliver higher performance, easier integration and on-demand deployment to our customers.

Supporting Quotes:

"Providing our mutual customers with comprehensive unified communications monitoring and always-on network packet capture for in-depth network investigations is a game changer for IT and NOC teams. Knowing analysts always have definitive evidence of network issues causing degradation of critical communications services eliminates the uncertainty of the cause of issues," said Michael Morris, Endace Director of Technology Alliances.

"Telchemy's real time, proactive approach to monitoring of live IP based voice and video services combined with Endace's ability to capture every packet and provide API based access to call and session captures gives our customers a unique ability to detect critical problems and rapidly drill down to clearly see their root cause," said Alan Clark, CEO of Telchemy.

About Endace

Endace's scalable, always-on packet capture gives Network Operations and Security teams the deep visibility they need for fast, accurate incident investigation with rich forensic evidence at their fingertips from all their tools. EndaceProbes provide enterprise-class packet sniffing in on-prem, public and private cloud environments, with rapid, centralized search and one-click access to full pcap data from leading security and performance solutions (including Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Cisco, Splunk, Elastic, and many others). Analyze network traffic using a single, unified console across all on-premise, private, or public cloud infrastructure for total hybrid cloud visibility. Capture every packet. See every threat.

About Telchemy

Telchemy is the global leader in analytics technology for real-time applications and multimedia IoT with its VQmon®, Embiot®, DVQattest®, SQprobe® and SQmediator® families of service quality monitoring and analysis products. Telchemy pioneered the use of embedded analytics technology and the application of big data for VoIP and Video performance management, and is positioned to be a leading provider of analytics technology for the emerging IoT market. Founded in 1999, the company has products deployed worldwide and markets its technology both directly and through many leading networking, test and management product companies.

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