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70mai Awarded "Brand With Most Dash Cam In Top 5 Dashcam Safty Scorecard" - Unveils Dual-Channel Dash Cam A510 at 2024 Malaysia AutoShow
[May 27, 2024]

70mai Awarded "Brand With Most Dash Cam In Top 5 Dashcam Safty Scorecard" - Unveils Dual-Channel Dash Cam A510 at 2024 Malaysia AutoShow

PETALING DISTRICT, Malaysia, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 22, 2024, 70mai hosted a launch event for the new Dash Cam A510 in Malaysia, where MIROS (The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) and CyberSecurity Malaysia jointly presented 70mai with the "Brand With Most Dash Cam In Top 5 Dashcam Safty Scorecard" award, recognizing the brand's outstanding dash cam performance from November 2022 to May 2024. This accolade follows the recognition of Highest Rated CamScore Dash Cam: recognizes the 70mai Dash Cam A810 for achieving a remarkable score of 4.69 on the MIROS CamScore rating system. The honors demonstrate 70mai's commitment to road safety, underscore its continued achievements, and highlight breakthroughs in the dashcam industry.

70mai Malaysia received the award from MIROS

The A500s, 70mai's best-selling dashcam model, has been highly praised for its high-definition image quality, comprehensive advanced features, and sleek design. Now, 70mai has introduced its upgraded version, the A510, which offers even better image quality, supports 4G connectivity, provides enhanced security features, and boasts smarter operation, making it the most versatile product in its market segment.

70mai Dash Cam A510: The Legacy of Excellence, Thriving Further

Capture Clearer Details Day & Night

Empowered by the advanced Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor, the A510 delivers stunning 5-megapixel 1944P images, excelling in detail capture and readability. Evolved from STARVIS, STARVIS 2 offers a wider dynamic range with a 10% improvement in HDR and a remarkable 90% enhancement in low-light imaging capabilities, eliminating blur and color tints. Combined with HDR, it preserves dark details effectively, making nighttime information capture much clearer. Additionally, 70mai's proprietary image enhancement algorithms, featuring MaiColor Vivid+ Solution™? and 70mai Night Owl Vision™?, coupled with 60FPS, ensure exceptionally smooth dynamic performance. This makes it possible to capture clear evidence even in dimly lit Malaysian road conditions.

(*When recording at 60FPS, enabling HDR mode will automatically adjust the resolution to 1080P. )

Comprehensive Upgraded Dual-Channel Recording

The A510 also supports dual-channel recording with upgraded front and rear cameras, providing comprehensive protection. In the face of Malaysia's congested and complex roads, where motorcycles ride closely alongside, it helps you maintain a comprehensive view, ensuring a more secure driving experience. The front camera features HDR, which better handles strong light, backlight, or situations with significant changes in lighting. Time-lapse recording extends to the rear camera, ensuring a comprehensive playback for quick event recognition. The newly added PIP mode allows you to view two channels simultaneously on one screen, providing a comprehensive overview during your drive.

4G Connectivity for Worry-Free Remote Control

The additional 4G connectivity ensures uninterrupted communication with your vehicle from any location. If a collision occurs while parked, you'll receive instant alerts on your mobile phone. In busy areas, if you forget where you've parked your car, simply open the app to easily find your car's location, track real-time routes, and monitor the surroundings, keeping you informed about your car's location and safety.

(*The 4G Hardwire Kit UP04 is required, sold separately)

Smarter Operation Experience, Catering to User Safety Needs

When connecting to the 70mai app, it will automatically scan for the dash cam via Bluetooth, allowing for a seamless connection with just one click, making the process quick and effortless. The A510's emergency recording feature now includes a 5-second pre-roll recording and continues recording for 25 seconds. The emergency videos are saved exclusively in the 'event' folder and are not overwritten by regular recordings, providing a complete accident reconstruction. The A510 also continues the legacy of robust protection from its predecessor, featuring smart ADAS, built-in GPS, and 24-hour parking surveillance.

The A510 exemplifies 70mai's dedication to advancing dashcam technology with its superior image quality, 4G connectivity, and enhanced security features. Designed for both everyday drivers and tech enthusiasts, the A510 offers an intelligent, all-encompassing solution for vehicle safety and monitoring. As 70mai continues to receive accolades such as the "Brand With Most Dash Cam In Top 5 Dashcam Safty Scorecard" by MIROS, it remains committed to delivering innovative products. With the vision to deliver a safe, comfortable, and connected experience both on and off the road, 70mai is dedicated to leading smart innovations that make every journey easier.

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