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U Power Limited's UOTTA Heavy Truck Battery Swapping Technology is Expected to Enter the Peruvian Market
[May 22, 2024]

U Power Limited's UOTTA Heavy Truck Battery Swapping Technology is Expected to Enter the Peruvian Market

SHANGHAI, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- U Power Limited has recently embarked on a collaborative pilot test with a Peruvian mining firm to evaluate electric heavy-duty vehicles on an established haulage route. This venture aims to identify an efficient substitute for traditional fuel-powered trucks, offering the potential to cut energy use and reduce operational costs for the Peruvian partner.

In Peru, the world's second-largest copper producer, the mining operations are predominantly located in the isolated Andean regions, with elevations exceeding 4,000 meters. The mining sites are linked by extensive transport routes that stretch 500 to 1,000 kilometers across a variety of terrains from plains to rugged mountains and deserts. These conditions require the utmost reliability and performance from heavy-duty trucks. The company managing these routes views electric heavy-duty trucks as a critical future development, underscoring the urgency for immediate research into the technology. However, the large battery capacities and prolonged recharge times needed for the trucks, and the lack of adequate electrical infrastructure along the routes, suggest that adopting battery swapping system could be an effective approach.

As a pioneer in power swapping technology, U Power Limited developed the innovative UOTTA system, securing multiple key patents for the company and playing a significant role in shaping China's battery swapping standards. Following its engagement with the Peruvian ore transport company, U Power Limited presented a comprehensive vehicle configuration solution and a tailored deployment plan for the battery swapping stations. Notably, the company devised a mobile power swapping station in response to the unique characteristics of the Peruvian company's haulage routes. This innovation allows for the flexible deployment of battery swapping stations along the transport routes, eliminating the need for connection to municipal power grids. Furthermore, specialized transport vehicles are utilized for the seamless delivery of replacement batteries, addressing the concern of replenishing energy along routes without access to traditional power grids.

After deploying the mobile power swapping model, U Power Limited undertook an extensive cost-comparative analysis based on the business scale of the Peruvian ore transport company. Adoption of the pioneering "vehicle-electricity separation" power swapping model, coupled with the "Battery Bank" battery leasing service, reduces the upfront vehicle purchase cost by 20% compared to traditional fuel-powered heavy-duty trucks. Moreover, for the same transportation mileage, the combined costs of leasing the battery plus the service fee for swapping out the battery while en route are estimated to be 30% to 40% lower than traditional fuel expenses. The approach mitigates concerns over battery performance degradation, offering customers a worry-free operational experience.

Currently, U Power Limited's UOTTA heavy truck battery swapping business is witnessing robust expansion throughout South America. We are confident that our reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective power swapping model will deliver exceptional satisfaction to local customers, reshaping the transportation landscape across the continent.

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