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Inflection Redefines the Future of AI
[May 20, 2024]

Inflection Redefines the Future of AI

Inflection, a pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) studio, has led the charge on redefining the future of AI by integrating emotional intelligence (EQ) and cognitive intelligence (IQ) in their groundbreaking AI model, Pi.

This pathbreaking approach combines advanced problem solving capabilities with an ability to connect with people on an emotional level. To further advance this vision and bring the technology to developers and businesses, Inflection CEO Sean White has assembled a dynamic new leadership team to shape the next generation of human-centered AI.

Vibhu Mittal, a former Senior Google Scientist, joins as Chief Technology Officer. Vibhu was an early pioneer in natural language AI who worked on the very first prototypes of Google Translate. He also worked on conversational interfaces for patient education at Carnegie Mellon University after his Ph.D., and was an education tech entrepreneur.

Ted Shelton, previously an Expert Partner with global management consulting firm Bain and Company, joins as Chief Operating Officer. As a consultant over the past decade, Ted has worked closely with some of the largest companies in the world to improve business operations through the application of automation and artificial intelligence. Prior to consulting, Ted held executive roles in several leading Silicon Valley startups and served as the Chief Strtegy Officer for Borland Software.

Ian McCarthy is a product leader and entrepreneur who has cocreated disruptive ML-driven content, commerce, and discussion systems at massive scale for LinkedIn, Microsoft, Sony, Yahoo, and several startups.

Sean White observed of the new team, "Doing something innovative requires first building a great team. I feel fortunate to be joined by Vibhu, Ted, and Ian to continue to build Inflection as a leader in human-centered AI."

Cofounder and Greylock Investor Reid Hoffman, "Two years ago I helped found Inflection to do something very different for AI and we achieved that vision with Pi's unique combination of IQ and emotional intelligence. Many software developers working on projects from customer service and sales to games and social networks have reached out to integrate Pi's features into their products. Now we have the opportunity to bring this incredible technology to developers and enterprises and this new team has the right skills to achieve this ambition."

As a Public Benefit Company, Inflection believes that empathetic AI can improve human-computer interaction by having technical systems meet humans where they are rather than humans needing to learn how to interact with computers. Inflection's new focus will enable developers and businesses to leverage this technology in exciting new ways in their products and services built with custom AI personalities based on Pi and with knowledge to fit multiple verticals.

Interested parties can sign up for Inflection's API beta here.

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