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Camunda Unveils AI Capabilities to Streamline Enterprise Journey from Siloed Automation to End-to-End Orchestration
[May 16, 2024]

Camunda Unveils AI Capabilities to Streamline Enterprise Journey from Siloed Automation to End-to-End Orchestration

Camunda today announced the addition of key capabilities focused on bringing even more AI value to its end-to-end process orchestration platform to further simplify and accelerate the ability to drive lasting value, transformative efficiencies and unparalleled visibility. With the new capabilities, organizations of all sizes can implement AI in any process, making automation more intelligent with very little implementation effort. Furthermore, with a built-in copilot and other AI-assisted capabilities, enterprises can more efficiently move from local implementations to a holistic automation strategy, supercharging efficiency, productivity and continuous improvement across the organization.

"Businesses are under pressure as customer expectations and resource constraints rise, creating a strong demand to increase efficiency," said Daniel Meyer, CTO at Camunda. "As a result, automation and AI are more important than ever- but their full impact and value can only be achieved when processes are fully orchestrated intelligently from start to finish. With today's release, we're strengthening AI capabilities within our platform: AI process endpoints can easily be orchestrated making AI an effective built-in part of the process. In addition, the community can build and share their own powerful AI ideas and proof-of-concepts via process blueprints in our marketplace."

According to "The Total Economic Impact™ of Camunda for Enterprises" (TEI) study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, Camunda customers experience a reported savings of $15 million in process quality improvements and saved over 20,000 hours of development time thanks to Camunda's process orchestration capabilities. With the recently released AI features, Camunda empowers organizations to adapt even faster to chnging market conditions and industry regulations. Teams can confidentially harness and capitalize on the power of AI to achieve greater results than ever. These features include:

  • Camunda Copilot: Copilot will improve user experience and simplify complex modeling tasks, making process orchestration accessible to both business users and pro-code developers. This accessibility increases collaboration across different types of stakeholders, ensuring that the business and tech teams achieve the best outcomes through a unified approach to process development.
  • Copilot Modeler suggestions: The AI-driven Modeler feature is the first of many features launched as part of Camunda Copilot. Modeler suggestions offer intuitive, actionable advice for transforming descriptions into efficient BPMN tasks. Users immediately receive actionable and practical suggestions for model refinement, allowing them to create optimized process models that help businesses orchestrate even the most complex processes faster and more efficiently.
  • AI-assisted Form Builder: Orchestrating processes that include human workflows is a key differentiator between end-to-end process orchestration and limited point automation. With the AI-assisted Form Builder, creating forms for processes that require human work is simpler than ever. Form designers describe their use case and a starter form is generated automatically. From there, forms can be customized and extended.
  • AI Connectors: This suite of Connectors, which includes OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Hugging Face enables businesses to orchestrate AI services and machine learning models as part of their processes to generate targeted communications, intelligently route tasks to teams, and more. This connectivity with GenAI allows developers to use Camunda Modeler to easily enhance their business processes without extensive AI expertise or development resources.

"To be successful, businesses need to be able to quickly adapt to constant market and regulatory pressures. AI offers a vast opportunity to address these challenges with dramatic improvements in efficiency and performance. The true benefits emerge when AI seamlessly integrates into your organization's operations and processes, unlocking the full potential of your business," according to Scott Francis, CEO of BP3. "For BP3, our partnership with Camunda brings the ability to merge end-to-end business process orchestration with AI and automation, resulting in remarkable business value for our clients. With Camunda's AI-enabled orchestration platform, the benefits of AI are instantly accessible to drive further business success."


Camunda 8.5 is now available. A free Camunda account with a 30-day trial of premium features is available at Learn more about all these new features and more during the release webinar on May 22, 2024 or on our blog.

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