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Power Transformer Market worth $37.7 billion | MarketsandMarkets™
[May 16, 2024]

Power Transformer Market worth $37.7 billion | MarketsandMarkets™

CHICAGO, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Power Transformer Market in terms of revenue was estimated to be worth $27.9 billion in 2024 and is poised to reach $37.7 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2024 to 2029 according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets™.


This growth is primarily driven by the need to strengthen power distribution networks to keep up with the rising global demand for electricity. Furthermore, the market stands to gain from the increasing capacity of renewable energy sources and substantial investments in industrial production, both of which are expected to boost the demand for Power Transformers. Another key factor contributing to this expansion is the growing adoption of high-voltage direct current systems, which is expected to further accelerate market growth during the forecast period.

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Power Transformer Market Scope:

Report Coverage


Market Revenue in 2024

$27.9 billion

Estimated Value by 2029

$37.7 billion

Growth Rate

Poised to grow at a CAGR of 6.2%

Market Size Available for


Forecast Period


Forecast Units

Value (USD Million/Billion)

Report Coverage

Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends

Segments Covered

By Power Rating, By Phase, By Cooling Type and By End User

Geographies Covered

Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and South America

Report Highlights

Updated financial information / product portfolio of players

Key Market Opportunities

Rise of decentralized generation represents a significant transformation for the Power Transformer Market.

Key Market Drivers

Growing Demand for Electricity

Oil-cooled segment, by cooling type, to occupy majority of Power Transformer Market share.

The oil-cooled segment is expected to continue dominating the Power Transformer Market share due to several inherent advantages that oil cooling offers over other methods like air cooling. Oil as a coolant is more effective in dissipating heat from the transformer core and windings because of its superior thermal conductivity and higher heat capacity. This enables oil-cooled transformers to handle higher power capacities and operate at a lower temperature, enhancing their efficiency and lifespan. Furthermore, oil immersion helps prevent oxidation of the core and coil, thereby reducing maintenance needs and improving reliability. The fluid also serves as an excellent insulator, significantly reducing the risk of electrical faults within the transformer. Despite concerns about potential environmental impacts, such as oil leaks, advancements in containment and bio-based oils are addressing these challenges, making oil-cooled transformers a preferred choice for heavy-duty applications in industrial and utility settings where high power output and reliability are critical. This enduring preference secures their majority stake in the market.

By power rating, the small power transformer (Up to 60 MVA) is expected to be the largest market.

The small power transformer segment (up to 60 MVA) is expected to dominate the market largely due to their widespread application across numerous industries and utility services, which require moderate voltage adjustments and distribution capabilities. These transformers are particularly suited for rural electrification projects, residential areas, renewable energy integration, and small-scale industrial applications where massive power handling is not necessary. Their smaller size and lower capacity make them cost-effective, easier to install, and maintain compared to medium and large transformers. Moreover, as countries globally are increasingly focusing on expanding and upgrading their distribution networks to ensure reliable electricity supply and accommodate the rising energy consumption in remote areas, the demand for small power transformers is expected to surge. Additionally, the push towards renewable energy sources, such as small solar farms and wind turbines, which often do not require high voltage transformation, aligns well with the capabilities of small power transformers, thereby boosting their adoption.

Asia Pacific to emerge as the largest Power Transformer Market.

Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as the largest market for power transformers, driven by several convergent factors that are shaping its energy landscape. Rapid industrialization and urbanization in major economies like China, India, and Southeast Asia have led to a substantial increase in energy consumption. To meet this rising demand, these countries are significantly investing in expanding and upgrading their power grid infrastructures. Additionally, there is a strong governmental push across the region to increase the adoption of renewable energy sources to meet international climate commitments and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This shift necessitates integrating large-scale renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar farms, into the national grids, which requires robust power transformers capable of handling high voltage and ensuring efficient energy transmission over long distances. Moreover, many countries in the region are focusing on improving rural electrification and replacing aging infrastructure with more efficient technology, further stimulating the demand for power transformers. These comprehensive development initiatives underscore Asia Pacific's position as the fastest-growing and largest market for power transformers.

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Key Market Players of Power Transformer Industry:

Key players in the global Power Transformer Market include Hitachi Energy (Japan), Siemens Energy (Germany), Schneider Electric (France), Toshiba Energy System & Solution Corporation (Japan), and General Electric (US).

Recent Developments of Power Transformer Industry:

  • In February 2024, Hitachi Energy's substantial investment of USD 32 million in expanding and modernizing its power transformer manufacturing facility in Bad Honnef, Germany, is a strategic move that aligns well with the broader objectives of Europe's energy transition.
  • In June 2023, HD Hyundai Electric Co. Ltd's deal worth USD 164 million with US energy firm Xcel Energy to provide electric power transformers is a significant development in the power infrastructure sector. This contract not only represents a substantial commercial transaction but also highlights several key aspects of the evolving energy landscape and the strategic moves within it.
  • In April 2023, This agreement between Siemens Energy, Dragados Offshore, and TenneT signifies a significant step forward in the development and expansion of renewable energy infrastructure in Europe. The focus on high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission technology is crucial for several reasons.

The primary interviews conducted for this report can be categorized as follows:

  • By Company Type: Tier 1-45%, Tier 2-40%, and Tier 3-15%
  • By Designation: C-Level-35%, D-Level-25%, and Others-40%
  • By Region: North America–18%, Europe–15%, Asia Pacific–50%, Middle East & Africa–10%, and South America–7%

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Power Transformer Market - Key Benefits of Buying the Report:

The report is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of both seasoned industry leaders and new entrants in the Power Transformers market. It provides dependable revenue projections for both the overall market and its various sub-segments, making it a crucial tool for stakeholders looking to gain a deep understanding of the competitive environment. This information helps stakeholders develop effective market strategies for their businesses. Furthermore, the report serves as a key resource for stakeholders to grasp the current market scenario, offering vital insights into the drivers, constraints, challenges, and opportunities for growth. With these insights, stakeholders can make well-informed decisions and keep up with the rapidly changing dynamics of the Power Transformers industry.

The report provides insights on the following pointers:

Analysis of key drivers (Growing Demand for Electricity, Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and their Impact on the Power Transformer Market), restraints (Cost Pressures and Lead Times Hinders the Power Transformer Growth, Limited Market Penetration in Developing Economies), opportunities (Rise of decentralized generation represents a significant transformation for the Power Transformer Market, Smart Grid Development and the Rise of Advanced Transformers), and challenges (Aging infrastructure and a shortage of skilled workers, Cybersecurity threats pose a significant challenge for the Power Transformer Market as power grids become increasingly digitalized) influencing the growth of the Power Transformer Market.

Product Development/ Innovation: In the Power Transformer Market, product development and innovation are crucial elements driving the sector's progress. As technology advances, manufacturers are increasingly dedicated to crafting innovative products that enhance performance, efficiency, and safety. These advancements typically incorporate smart technologies, cutting-edge materials, and environmentally friendly insulation options, addressing the changing demands of the power distribution landscape. Additionally, ongoing research and development initiatives are focused on producing transformers that support sustainable and eco-conscious objectives. By embracing advanced technologies and innovative design techniques, companies in the oil-immersed Power Transformer Market strive to not only comply with existing industry standards but also surpass them, offering customers top-of-the-line solutions that boost the efficiency and reliability of power distribution systems. This focus on continual product development and innovation reflects the industry's commitment to adapting to market shifts and enhancing the functionality and capabilities of power transformers.

Market Development: Market development in the power transformer sector is an ongoing and dynamic process, driven by efforts to explore new geographic territories and application areas. Companies in this industry consistently look for opportunities to extend their market presence and respond to emerging demands. This often includes entering previously unexplored regions or adapting existing products for new applications. Additionally, market development strategies involve leveraging evolving trends, such as the growing integration of renewable energy sources and the upgrading of electrical grids. By actively engaging in these market development activities, companies not only expand their customer base but also tailor their products to meet the diverse and changing needs of different sectors. This strategic approach promotes sustained growth, enhances competitiveness, and equips companies to effectively manage the shifting dynamics of the Power Transformer Market. Through focused efforts, collaborations, and strategic alliances, market development serves as a key pathway for securing long-term viability and prominence in this essential segment of the power distribution industry.

Market Diversification: Market diversification in the power transformer industry involves expanding product lines and services strategically to reduce risks, tap into new revenue streams, and boost overall business resilience. Companies in this field may diversify by enlarging their selection of transformer types, voltage capacities, or specialized applications. This expansion could include breaking into niche markets, tailoring products for specific applications, or widening their product range to cater to a variety of customer needs. By broadening their portfolio, companies can decrease their dependence on specific products or market segments, enhancing their ability to manage market fluctuations and economic changes. Diversification may also entail geographic expansion into new regions or countries to leverage unique market demands. Effective diversification strategies are rooted in a deep understanding of market trends, consumer behaviors, and technological advancements, equipping companies to adjust and prosper in the constantly changing Power Transformer Market. A well-executed approach to diversification enables companies to navigate market shifts, seize emerging opportunities, and maintain a competitive advantage in this challenging industry.

Competitive Assessment: An extensive analysis of the market presence, growth plans, and service offerings of major competitors in the Power Transformer Market has been conducted. This research has been applied to notable firms including Hitachi Energy (Japan), Siemens Energy (Germany), Schneider Electric (France), Toshiba Energy System & Solution Corporation (Japan), General Electric (US), and others. The assessment provides in-depth understanding of these big players' competitive positions, illuminating their growth-oriented strategies and range of offerings in the oil-immersed power transformer industry.

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