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Lonch: Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spark while Reimagining Teamwork and Collaboration for the Virtual Workspace
[May 15, 2024]

Lonch: Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spark while Reimagining Teamwork and Collaboration for the Virtual Workspace

Reimagining the day-to-day of work in the digital age, establishing trends instead of following them and generating inspiration for virtual collaborators are all in a day's work for the team at Lonch.

But everything, everywhere, starts with teamwork.

And that's where Lonch, the virtual social marketplace for entrepreneurs, is rewiring the game. Lonch requires no upfront capital from creators; and offers collaborators the opportunity to earn royalties by working directly to deliver compelling, game-changing products to market.

Lonch is the virtual glue binding creators-who spark ideas-with collaborators-whose experience takes those ideas over the goal line, into the marketplace and into the hands of customers.

Driving it all is teamwork in the digital age, where water coolers and conference rooms have been replaced by the visionary Lonch platform, a forum where creativity reigns as virtual teams are assembled. With Lonch, creators issue calls for those with skills, while collaborators who wear different "hats'' respond by sharing their expertise. Once the connection is made, the team emerges and launches their work-how, when and where they want to.

With Lonch, task management, financial management and product management require nothing more than th tap of a finger on your mobile device. Always evolving, Lonch will soon expand beyond its app to include a web-based platform that offers access to the Lonch workplace community with a few keystrokes on your laptop keyboard.

Lonch provides the platform and the spark that creators demand as they ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. Lonch lays the groundwork for teamwork that inspires collaborators. Lonch removes traditional workspace barriers with a platform that encourages swing-for-the-fence brainstorming in an encouraging environment anchored by "cooks'' who continuously season the stew. Lonch also creates a motivational context, within which its platform unfolds. This context is driven by a social media component that allows users to interact, offer guidance and support each other with encouraging posts and messages that help strengthen teams.

"Forget everything you know about the beating heart of success-teamwork," said Lonch CEO Christopher Gulliver. "Join the Lonch revolution as we continue to rewrite the playbook."

Lonch in 2023 achieved a major milestone with the launch of its app. Click here to learn more. For General information, visit

About Lonch: Inspired, inclusive and empowered communities of creators and collaborators power Lonch's Autonomy Economy. The team at Lonch has reimagined the concept of collaboration and generated a new category of teamwork: Crowdfounding. Lonch lets creators and contributors unleash their passion while maintaining a firm foothold on a level playing field-success is enjoyed by all when a product turns a profit.

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