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MoonFox Analysis | Who is Using AI for Virtual Social Interaction? Xingye is Having a High-speed Upswing Moment
[May 15, 2024]

MoonFox Analysis | Who is Using AI for Virtual Social Interaction? Xingye is Having a High-speed Upswing Moment

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SHENZHEN, China, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past year, generative AI has experienced a "hundred-mode war". Wherein, whether it is the native application of AI or the co-pilot mode of "industry application + AI", major manufacturers are using generative AI on various tracks to explore the changes in the new era. In the past year, many groundbreaking products or concepts with high attention have appeared in office, image, video and other tracks, arousing many discussions. For example, the Miaoya Camera, which first broke out last year, and Moonshot Kimi, Sora of OpenAI in recent months, have seen more scenes focusing on reducing costs and increasing efficiency in life and work for users. However, in the workplace with complex planning and high accuracy requirements, the existing large model capabilities may not be fully competent. On the contrary, in scenes where the generation accuracy is not so high, the generative AI has a certain effect. As a major track in this direction - AI virtual social interaction, there have been quite a few applications. What is the current development of AI virtual social interaction? We have recently discovered that the "Xingye" App has come into its own, and user demand is continuing to explode.

I.    Beyond productivity, the emotion-focused AI virtual social interaction track cannot be ignored

For the native application of AI in TOC, we can divide it from the perspective of user experience needs. From the level of personal emotional experience, it can be divided into two directions: rational needs and perceptual needs. Wherein, rational needs tend to focus on instrumental and productive experience, which is like office software, notepad and memo products in our current Internet products; At the other end, it is an experience that focuses on emotions, such as companionship and entertainment, corresponding to the track like games, social platforms and music in Internet products.

Followed by the close connection with personal scenes, as mentioned by Don Norman in his design, is it superficial intuitive demand or reflective demand? For example, products such as PI, pay more attention to the closeness and personalization of the connection with users themselves, hoping to become a real personal assistant, or products like Character.AI, on the other hand, focuses on the development path of AI virtual social interaction, which attracts users by providing novel user experiences.

Segmentation Pattern of ToC AI Native Application

Degree of rationality/depth of thinking

Inner self


Rational needs

ChatGPT, Moonshot Kimi


Sentimental demand

Honghong Simulator, Character. AI

Replika, GLOW

However, after the general large model has passed the fresh period, due to a series of problems, such as the matching between the current large model and the actual working scene, and the illusion of the large model, the overall stickiness of some general large models is still relatively limited for users, although the permeability and stickiness are constantly improving. Take Top10 Web-side AI large models in China in the past month for example, the average access duration is 3 minutes. Generally speaking, there is still room for improvement in users' willingness to continue research.

Top 10 AI Large Model Web-side User Stickiness Data in China in the Past Month


Indicator value

Average access duration


Average number of pages accessed


Average bounce rate

45.22 %

Generally speaking, in the ToC field at present, AI native application not only includes the development direction of productivity tools, but also cannot be ignored in the other dimension of user experience track. And the direction of the large model that focuses on emotional experience, such as AI virtual social interaction, cannot be ignored.

II.   As the representative of AI virtual social interaction in China, Xingye APP has both growth and stickiness

In the AI virtual social interaction track, the breakout product Character.AI has emerged, and the download volume soared beyond ChatGPT in the first week after its publication. But in China, the AI virtual social interaction application has been in a tepid state for a period of time, and it has not been popular until nearly two months.

Xingye, a major representative of AI virtual social interaction application in China, is exactly the case. In last September, Xingye APP was officially launched. However, it was not until recent months that its growth gradually became obvious. According to the MoonFox Data, as of May 4, 2024, the installation of Xingye APP has exceeded 10 million on the whole network, and the DAU(daily active user) peak is close to 800,000; Meanwhile, the performance of Xingye APP is also outstanding in terms of user stickiness. Since its launch, the average usage time of Xingye APP users on the whole network has been as long as 43.29 minutes, and the average usage time has exceeded 100 minutes at the peak. Obviously, Xingye is quite attractive to users at present. Focusing on the design of emotional experience can share the time of a considerable number of users in the market. This feature is particularly prominent under the bottleneck of the growth of the total duration of the Internet today.

Key Data of Xingye APP


Indicator value

Total Downloads

9.437 million

Total Daily Active Users


User average time spent

43.29 minutes

Data source: MoonFox iApp; Data cycle: Jan - May 2024

III. Who is using Xingye? - Is Xingye becoming a new entertainment channel for young people?

Who is using Xingye? Why does Xingye continue to retain users? This becomes a question of interest. We also conducted an in-depth analysis of Xingye APP through practical experience, and we found that Xingye APP has the following characteristics: Personalized free creation and rich playing methods bring novel experience and strong interaction among users, which together form a unique product user experience of Xingye APP, providing a deep foundation for user retention.

Xingye App provides users with a creative entrance for personalized images. Through design, users can get a free design experience. This allows users to develop a sense of access to digital assets and form an emotional connection between themselves individually and the digital image, which will have a very good appeal to young people who prefer novelty; In terms of the playing method of virtual social interaction, Xingye APP provides rich image themes, covering animation, idols and various theme simulations. Combined with the generation characteristics of AI, it can often provide users with unexpected effects, which can provide users with novel experiences. For example, the author has experienced one of the "crazy daily" virtual avatars, and can have a dialogue with them from an unconventional perspective, which is often difficult to achieve in life; In terms of interaction, Xingye APP has also designed a sharing channel for users. Around the interactive results that users think are unique, they can be shared in the square and browsed by other users, further strengthening users' perception and desire to try.

Who is using Xingye APP? MoonFox Data shows that among the users of Xingye APP on the whole network, the proportion of female users is relatively high, accounting for more than 55%, while the age group is concentrated under 25 years old. Wherein, the proportion of users under the age of 15 is nearly 20%, and the proportion of users under the age of 25 has reached nearly 70%. Judging from the data, the users attracted by Xingye APP are basically young users and the concentration of female users is higher.

On the whole, Xingye has become a new entertainment way for young users with a novel and rich experience method, creating a differentiated social interaction experience in the AI virtual social interaction field compared with the traditional real world. Users can make their imaginary idols three-dimensional or get in touch with all kinds of bizarre social interaction experiences that are difficult to get in the real world. This may be the core feature of AI virtual social interaction.

User Portrait of Xingye APP




45.0 %


55.0 %



Aged 15 and below

18.2 %

Aged 16-25

50.3 %

Aged 26-35

21.5 %

Aged 36-45

6.7 %

Aged 46 and above

3.3 %

Data source: MoonFox iApp; Data cycle: March 2024

On the whole, AI virtual social interaction represented by Xingye APP has been recognized by users. AI virtual social interaction has built a differentiated social experience for younger users, so it has also achieved a breakthrough in user duration. But in the future, there will still be quite a few challenges about how AI virtual social interaction can develop continuously and whether it can be commercialized. The future of AI virtual social interaction track is worth exploring continuously.

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