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Classy's Newest Product Offerings Provide Nonprofits Smarter Ways to Fundraise
[May 15, 2024]

Classy's Newest Product Offerings Provide Nonprofits Smarter Ways to Fundraise

Classy, a GoFundMe company and giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about, announces four new iterations of its leading fundraising platform. These new offerings follow Classy's recent Classy Studio launch and further allow nonprofit fundraising and marketing teams to make smarter, more personalized asks that convert at higher rates and provide more ways to give while unlocking generosity through fully connected scalable experiences.

As supporter pathways have evolved to become nonlinear, nonprofits must think about how the insights they have access to will help facilitate seamless and personalized donor experiences, all with technology that helps them do this quicker and easier. Classy's newest launches include:

  • Intelligent Ask Amounts: Classy is helping fundraisers personalize their asks at scale by getting the right ask in front of the right donor. Through machine learning, each donor who arrives on a donation form will be provided with a personalized ask amount that is unique based on their giving history, likely increasing the conversion and value of every donation while providing donors with an easy, seamless giving experience. This means nonprofits can run more effective fundraising campaigns that increase support for their cause.
  • Best-in-Class Integrations: Integrations are the cornerstone of a connected technology stack. Through the numerous integrations Classy provides, nonprofits will have access to fully connected, best-in-class platforms that deliver hyper-persoalized, scalable experiences that allow them to deepen connections and better understand their donors.
  • Embedded Donation Forms: Classy's integrated donation experience will soon undergo continued improvements, ensuring donors can continue to take advantage of the fastest way to check out on a nonprofit's website. The experience will be further enhanced with a simplified admin and donor experience that removes friction to drive greater fundraising results.
  • Giving Cart: Today's donation experiences only allow donors to give in one way to one campaign at a time, but Giving Cart enables donors to give in multiple ways, all at once, with e-commerce-like ease. When donors know they can make a difference in multiple ways, there is an opportunity for them to expand their contribution and help nonprofits raise more for their missions.

"For decades, fundraisers have had to choose between conversion and flexibility. Classy's new offerings, built on top of Classy Studio, provide a smarter way to fundraise that eliminates that tradeoff and empowers fundraisers," said Classy President and GoFundMe Chief Operating Officer, Soraya Alexander. "As we work to power the future of fundraising, we're creating new giving onramps that allow nonprofits to enhance conversion and connection through fast, modern, measurable, and secure experiences."

Visit Classy's blog to learn more.

About Classy:

Classy, an affiliate of GoFundMe and Public Benefit Corporation, creates meaningful connections through giving by empowering nonprofits to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with donors and build lasting relationships. By connecting motivated donors to the causes they care about most through powerful and flexible technology, Classy transforms giving intent into measurable impact. Classy's scalable technology provides better insights, faster engagement, and a superior giving experience. Since 2010, GoFundMe and Classy have helped individuals and nonprofits raise over $30 billion. For more information, visit

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