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Transcarent Introduces WayFinding, an AI-Powered Consumer Health Experience
[May 15, 2024]

Transcarent Introduces WayFinding, an AI-Powered Consumer Health Experience

Today, Transcarent, the One Place for Health and Care, announced WayFinding, a new experience that seamlessly combines generative AI with instant access to care providers to integrate benefits navigation, clinical guidance, and care delivery on one easy to use platform. WayFinding personalizes each person's experience, orienting and guiding them through their health and care journeys, with human support never more than a tap away.

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WayFinding provides Members with personalized support and guidance, beginning with questions about what's covered and what it might cost. It moves them seamlessly to the next best clinical action to take through specific guidance, and then instantly connects them to medical professionals or provides direct access into digital point solutions uniquely suited to address specific issues.

According to a 2023 KFF poll, more than 50 percent of insured adults in America say it is difficult to understand at least some aspect of their health insurance. Forty percent of Americans with employer sponsored coverage said they didn't understand what their health insurance covers, while 27 percent lacked understanding about specific terms their health insurance uses such as "deductible," "copay," and "co-insurance." Increasing a person's access to benefits information is critical as uncertainty often leads to unexpected cost, and medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. Most Americans find their healthcare to be more confusing, more complex, and more costly than ever before and getting worse, not better, with 70 percent feeling failed by the healthcare system.

WayFinding addresses this complexity, uniquely combining new advancements made possible through generative AI with better information and on-demand access to clinicians, along with access to virtual point solutions and local in-person care. With WayFinding, Transcarent Members can access the care they deserve and employers can be confident their benefits are being used efficiently and effectively.

"Imagine if you could go to one place, 24 hours a day, to access all your benefits, get the unbiased medical guidance you need, and then have instant access to a doctor or other healthcare professional or connect to the leading point solutions with no separate logins and membership cards needed. That's what we've all been dreaming about and today Transcarent is delivering on that vision," said Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer of Transcarent. "This is not just better than traditional navigation, it's completely different. It's like moving from a flip phone to an iPhone. The flip phone did one thing. The iPhone does everything. And we're doing it all at half the price of traditional navigators."

The launch of WayFinding builds on Transcarent's earlier work to responsibly incorporate AI-enabled care into the Member experience, starting with the acquisition of the 98point6 care platform, the industry-leading AI-powered care delivery solution, which facilitates immediate access to high-quality, virtual care. Using our database of close to one million documented physician chats, which informs our proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), paired with significant investments in building an AI team over the last year, Transcarent is set apart from others in the industry. Additionally, Transcarent uses custom testing, validation, and monitoring tools to enable responsible AI development and has built a proprietary multi-pronged safety system that acts as a common safety layer across all our AI products. Transcarent's membership in and work with the Data & Trust Alliance has also informed how to use AI safely and securely.

WayFinding is the answer to the challenge of getting people the right information, when and where they need it. It also reduces the burden on human resources and benefits professionals, having to spend hours answering questions from confused employees. WayFinding will drive significant improvements in utilization and engagement.

"WayFinding orients you. By pulling in every detail of an employer's plan, any offered ancillary benefits, your medical history, and pairing that information with our team of top-rated virtual care clinical specialists, we can create a personalized understanding of each Member's unique care needs, getting them exactly where they need to be every single time," said Snezana Mahon, PharmD, Chief Operating Officer of Transcarent. "Your health and care should know you. With WayFinding, that's now possible. This is the future of navigation and more."

Transcarent has a proven track record of delivering care experiences that Members value, returning to the experience time and again to meet their health and care needs. Of the Transcarent Members that activate, our 70 percent utilization and retention rates demonstrate that we are delivering on our mission of making it easy to access high-quality, affordable health and care.

About Transcarent

Transcarent is the One Place for Health and Care. We cut through complexity, making it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable health and care. We create a personalized experience tailored for each Member, including an on-demand care team, and a connected ecosystem of high-quality, in-person care and virtual point solutions. Transcarent eliminates the guesswork and empowers Members to make better decisions about their health and care.

Transcarent is aligned with those who pay for healthcare and takes accountability for results - offering at-risk pricing models and transparent impact reporting to ensure incentives support a measurably better experience, better health, and lower costs. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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