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2023 Tax Season Results from april Report Significant Savings for Filers
[May 15, 2024]

2023 Tax Season Results from april Report Significant Savings for Filers

april (April Tax Solutions Inc.), the first AI-powered tax filing product built to be embedded in existing financial apps, announced its 2023 filing season customer impact results, showcasing substantial time savings, convenience, and maximized refunds for filers through a self-guided process.

april partnered with over 20 financial services, fintech, and payroll companies including Gusto, Dayforce Wallet, Rain, and Zenledger to extend availability of its filing product to millions of customers this season nationwide. april's AI-driven personalized filing flow enables individuals to independently file their taxes conveniently from an app they already use - 47% of taxpayers completed filing their taxes in under an hour, the average time to complete a return was just 43 minutes, with a 58 Net Promoter Score.

This tax season, april served hundreds of thousands of taxpayers and processed over tens of millions in refunds. About 95% of april users filed for free: unlike the existing players in the DIY tax softwre space, april worked with partners to commit to a flat fee or a 100% free filing pricing structure for all users - eliminating unexpected cost implications arising from tax situation complexity.

"Turbo Tax claims to be free and at one time they were but that was a long time ago (...) I'm pleased that I got what I was told I would!" - Jessica, Former TurboTax User

These results are in stark contrast to the IRS-reported average of 13 hours spent and cost of $270 to file individual tax returns.

april is designed as a mobile-first experience and saves time by importing taxpayers' data from the partner app, with an astounding 98% of customers using only their mobile devices to file.

Additionally, april used a specially trained AI chatbot to help users along the way with 51% of inquiries being resolved only by the bot.

"Awesome price, quick and easy to work with from my phone at home. What could be better?!" - Tonia, Former H&R Block User

"For years, taxpayers have had too few choices when it comes to filing their taxes," said Ben Borodach, co-founder and CEO of april. "We're moved by the many customers that wrote in to us to express their gratitude for having a new way to file that doesn't try to upsell you along the way, and that makes the process easier by pulling in data from an app they trust."

While many taxpayers switched from existing DIY software or in-person/CPA services, 27% of april's customers reported this was their first time filing, while 34% reported switching from TurboTax. With the ease and flexibility to file on their own schedule, and a maximum refund guaranteeĀ¹, filers reported feeling more confident and likely to file early next year, with the help of april. This positive shift reflects a tangible improvement in how Americans may come to feel about tax season with user-friendly options on the market.

"This was the easiest time I've ever had filing taxes! I was nervous because I had some 1099s and two W2s…that was no trouble for april! I can't believe this streamlined, easy-to-use service was free and I won't put filing off until the very last day again!" - Emily, Former CashApp Taxes Customer

Backed by Treasury, QED, Nyca Partners, Team8, Euclidean Capital, and Atento Capital, april partners with financial service companies, fintechs, and payroll providers to embed mobile-friendly tax filing, estimation, and optimization products into their apps.

About april

april partners with banks, fintechs, and payroll companies to help Americans file, estimate, and optimize their taxes directly within existing financial apps. april is breaking through the red tape of the tax software industry with advanced AI technology, providing intelligent tax solutions designed to be white-labeled and integrated seamlessly wherever Americans make financial decisions. Clients' customers benefit from year-round tax insights and opportunities to optimize, preventing any unexpected surprises and speeding up the filing process come tax season.By embedding april's services, their clients have observed increased product engagement, monthly active users (MAU), and deposit growth, with up to 99% of users depositing their tax refunds into partner accounts. By partnering with april, companies can transform their customers' approach to taxes from a retroactive audit to a proactive year-round planning process. Learn more at


1. If you find an error in the tax preparation that entitles you to a larger refund (or smaller liability), we will refund any fees you paid us to use our service to prepare that return and you may use our service to amend your return at no additional charge. To qualify, the larger refund or smaller tax liability must not be due to differences or inaccuracies in data supplied by you, your choice not to claim a deduction or credit, positions taken on your return that are contrary to law, or changes in federal or state tax laws.

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