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ScienceLogic Shares Bold Vision of Autonomic IT to Power the Autonomous Business
[May 14, 2024]

ScienceLogic Shares Bold Vision of Autonomic IT to Power the Autonomous Business

ScienceLogic, a leader in automated IT operations, today unveils "Autonomic IT" - business-accelerating capabilities that combine data, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. A novel approach to IT operations, Autonomic IT enables enterprises to focus on innovation, ensuring superior customer experiences and driving revenue growth by creating a cost-optimized, efficient, and scalable autonomous business.

The unprecedented pace of technological innovation and related digital transformation initiatives have revealed a clear trend towards more automatic, intelligent capabilities represented by innovation such as Generative AI. Many enterprises strive to realize the promise of an autonomous business model but find themselves stalled due to high costs and low visibility from existing tools. As these organizations modernize, they look to more advanced platforms to streamline tools, workflows, and observability - and form the foundation for a new wave of innovation and agility.

With support from the ScienceLogic SL1 platform, these enterprises can achieve improved, global hybrid cloud visibility, significantly reduce IT complexity and costs, diagnose root cause faster and leverage automation to slash manual effort as they progress towards the full realization of Autonomic IT. Powered by ScienceLogic's SL1, customers can leverage the platform's global visibility, advanced AI insights, and automation to deliver a state of autonomous business. With Autonomic IT, organizations can rely on a self-maaging IT environment that proactively monitors for and resolves issues as they appear, optimizing technology investments while running, and guiding IT teams with large language models to deliver an elevated, intelligent ecosystem.

"Achieving a fully autonomous, self-optimizing IT estate with Autonomic IT will open a lot of doors for enterprises by delivering cost savings, enabling automation, and ensuring the business is running as efficiently as possible while IT teams turn their full focus to innovation and delivering positive outcomes for customers," said Dave Link, CEO and co-founder at ScienceLogic. "With many enterprises just getting started on their journey to Autonomic IT, we're looking forward to guiding their path to self-aware, self-healing, and self-optimizing technology for unmatched customer experiences and profitability."

As enterprises modernize, their IT environments will naturally progress towards the autonomous business model in line with the Autonomic IT journey, a five-phase approach rather than single transition to lay the groundwork smoothly and effectively for automation. These five phases include:

  • Phase 1: Siloed IT Monitoring - Building Capability
  • Phase 2: Coordinated IT - Consolidated Tools, Reduced Costs, Better Insights
  • Phase 3: Machine Assisted IT - Warming Up to Automation
  • Phase 4: AI-Advised IT - Using Generative AI to Guide and Automate Action for Faster Resolution
  • Phase 5: Autonomic IT - Fully Autonomous, Self-Optimizing State

"As our customers and industry partners begin to adopt these new technologies, ScienceLogic will serve as a strategic partner to help them navigate the Autonomic IT journey," said Michael Nappi, chief product officer at ScienceLogic. "With most of our enterprise customers operating today in phase two, we're committed to guiding them through the deployment of machine-assisted IT technologies and supporting their progression to the highly automated state represented by Autonomic IT."

Autonomic IT is the next wave of IT monitoring and management and will enable businesses to go beyond current capabilities to achieve faster levels of innovation and growth in a digital economy. For more information about Autonomic IT and how the SL1 platform enables it, download the Accelerate Your Journey to Autonomic IT eBook or reach out to a representative today.

About ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic empowers intelligent, automated IT operations, freeing up time and resources, and driving business outcomes with actionable insights. ScienceLogic's AIOps platform sees broadly across clouds and on-premises, enabling business service visibility with relationship mapping, and workflow automation to eliminate manual tasks. Trusted by thousands of organizations across the globe, ScienceLogic's technology has been proven for scale by the world's largest service providers, enterprises, and government agencies.

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