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BetFury Presents New Deflationary Mechanism | 100% Project's Revenue for BFG Support
[May 14, 2024]

BetFury Presents New Deflationary Mechanism | 100% Project's Revenue for BFG Support

Willemstad, Curacao, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BetFury has renewed the BFG deflationary mechanism and tokenomics to strengthen BFG's value in the crypto market in the long term. The team has made significant changes that prove its serious intentions to empower BFG and provide its holders with premier perks. Discover how the BetFury project allocates 100% of its revenue to sustain the BFG token.

What is a BFG Token?

BFG is a native token of BetFury, launched on a BSC Chain (BEP-20) in June 2021. It has 67K+ holders who use BFG for trading, gaming, sports betting, staking, etc. More about BFG:

BFG got a CertiK certification on September 17, 2021 and also received a Curacao gaming license, leading to users' trust and reliability for all BFG holders.

BFG plays a vital role in the ecosystem and rises in market value due to the robust deflationary strategy. One of the fundamental points of this strategy is the direction of Gross Gaming Revenue to the BFG Staking pool, the main crypto utility. 

How the BFG’s Past Impacts Its Tomorrow?

The BFG token was launched to distribute the platform revenue and passive income to its owners. As the project scaled, the number of collaborations increased, providing additional utilities for BFG, including exchange and additional income for users.

Tokens were mined by playing in a 1:1 ratio for the user and team. After the end of BFG mining in June 2023, the total supply amounted to 5B tokens. Along with the mining process, the primary utility of BFG was launched - revenue share. The BFG holders began to join this distribution mechanism.

Newly Launched Strategic BFG Deflationary Mechanism

After the end of BFG mining, BetFury focused on escalating the value of BFG. Stable and healthy tokenomics allowed the team to create a new deflationary strategy to accomplish this task. The new strategy involves repurchasing tokens from the market using the BetFury team's revenue. 

BFG Buyback & Burn Mechanism

Are there other projects that spend 100% of the team’s revenue to support the native token? 
The team uses funds from the platform's revenue streams to buy back BFG from the market and conduct a monthly BFG burn, reducing the circulating supply.

Revenue streams: 
- crypto staking penalty fee;
- crypto swap fee;
- borrowing liquidation and fee;
- Futures’ fee;
- staked BFG by the BetFury team.

BFG Buyback & Lock

BetFury's team buys back tokens from the circulating supply each month using funds generated from the mentiond revenue streams and stores them in a wallet known as the Treasury. Periodically, repurchased BFG tokens will be distributed as incentives to stBFG/BFG holders and active users. 

How to Earn with BFG?

Staking BFG

BetFury offers BFG Staking with an opportunity to double rewards by converting BFG to stBFG (a special native token) with 0% fees. It provides up to 70% APY and daily payouts in BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, and TRX. 

According to the mechanism for replenishing the BFG Staking pool, the part of GGR is distributed among BFG/stBFG holders in the pool. This way, the BetFury team can consistently support the pool’s profitability for users by providing a high APY. Additionally, the BetFury team has locked 1B BFG tokens for 3 years, opting not to benefit from the x2 APY but to earn from a regular APY in the BFG Staking pool.

Holding BFG tokens

By holding a BFG token, users gain several benefits:
- High passive income from BFG staking;
- Access to exclusive features and bonuses on BetFury;
- Additional huge rewards for all holders are available in different formats.

Playing BFG

BetFury has over 8K slots and 20 Original games. Players can easily place bets and multiply their BFG assets.

Betting BFG in Sports

The platform offers over 80 sports betting options in BFG. Users also can get beneficial bonuses by placing BFG bets.

BFG Bonuses & Events

- Up to 25% Cashback in BFG for raised Rank;
- Rakeback, Weekly and Monthly bonuses from Rank 1;
- BFG tokens from Coindrop, Rain, etc;
- Regular BFG earn for active VIP users;
- Boosted TG Monthly Bonus in BFG after connecting the BetFury Telegram Bot to a personal account.

BFG Price Prediction

According to Coincodex, the BFG price may increase by 228% and reach $0.0567 by June 6, 2024. Based on historical cycles, the platform determined the minimum and maximum values of BFG for 2025: $0.017284 and $0.081670. The upgraded tokenomics and deflationary strategy can support these positive dynamics. Such predictions have a good chance of coming true but it’s crucial to remember about market’s volatility. Experienced traders should keep their finger on the pulse and always conduct their own research.


Ecosystem upgrades are essential for any crypto platform competing for a leading position in the industry. That is why BetFury has updated its tokenomics and introduced a new deflationary model to empower its BFG token. The platform directed 100% of iGaming revenue to support BFG tokens to the BFG Staking pool, granting users favorable conditions and stable APY. The other part of the non-iGaming income will be used for BFG buybacks to fill the Burning and Treasury funds. The BetFury team is committed to fostering a healthy token economy and facilitating the continuous growth of the ecosystem.

About BetFury

BetFury is an established ecosystem with crypto-earning features, iGaming, and Sports betting with a global community of 2M+ users. 

Users who sign up on BetFury receive a Welcome Pack with up to $10 500 Deposit Bonuses and 225 Free Spins. If users prefer a team approach to gaining rewards, they can join a Referral Program. The referrer gets a $1,500 bonus and a 30% commission for the referral's activity with an opportunity for reward. 

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