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Senseii Games to Accelerate Corporate Digital & AI Transformations
[May 13, 2024]

Senseii Games to Accelerate Corporate Digital & AI Transformations

"I would not have started programming if it was not for video games. Video games are a powerful force for getting young kids interested in technology. It has a bigger knock-out than people realize." - Elon Musk, CEO Tesla/ Space X

DETROIT, May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- "Most executives ignore their front-liners as potential tech professionals, despite the fact many have played thousands of hours of video games developing real skills, such as logic, problem-solving, applied Algebra and applied geometry. Boston Consulting Group states in a recent survey, 94% of employees, including front-liners desire to learn AI. These are the same skills needed to become today's software engineer," states Ida Byrd-Hill CEO of Automation Workz and creator of Senseii Games.

Senseii Games is a puzzle maze game where users move a robot from point A to point B using stacked blocks with simple directions, angle degrees or Algebra. At the end of each level, users receive a congratulatory message they created some JavaScript code. The mazes get more complicated at each level and so does the JavaScript code, proving user have the algorithmic mindset needed for technology careers.

Automation Workz has been using Senseii Games as an admissions tool for their Cybersecurity, network engineer and AI/Data Analytics workforce development certification training programs. Ida enthusiastically states, "It has been so exhilarating to see front-liners move into cybersecurity and IT Analyst jobs, like Stefan, after completing rigorous training. Our learner training completion rate is 75%, 5x higer than competitors and our average learner annual salary is $67,250 compared to competitors of $31,200. Our highest graduate is earning $166,000 with 30% of alumni earning over $100,000."

Ida believes Senseii Games can significantly reduce corporate America's talent shortage by grooming young people like Stefan,, who served a prison sentence but was promoted from factory production at $10 per hour to IT Analyst at $32 per hour. Many of these young people desire a career in tech but are afraid they are 'not smart enough' as they do not possess a Bachelor's degree in computer science. They are smart enough to complete rigorous hands-on, applied tech certification training. They can become the tech professional 'worker bees' corporate America needs to ensure their digital and AI transformations occur smoothly.

Ida has been immersed in research of how to convert front-liners into computer coders – cybersecurity, network engineering and AI/data analytics professionals. Senseii Games is her secret weapon set to discover and groom the untapped digital power of front-liners.

Automation Workz is giving away Senseii Games for Free. Encourage your front-liners to signup and play today

Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO of Automation Workz, is a graduate of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor with a BA in Economics and Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University with an MBA. Ida has 35 years of business experience.

Ida Byrd-Hill is a member of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and CEO Talent Council; and Chair of West Michigan African American Tech Readiness Collaborative. She is also a member of the Electric Vehicle Jobs Academy, and Society Human Resources Management (SHRM).

Ida is the author of 8 books, including Invisible Talent Market-Solving the Talent Shortage Without Outsourcing and Visas.

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