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Tineco's FLOOR ONE Stretch S6: Stretch Your Clean Further, Go Beyond Limits
[May 09, 2024]

Tineco's FLOOR ONE Stretch S6: Stretch Your Clean Further, Go Beyond Limits

Unmatched Maneuverability with a 180° Lay-Flat Design Delivers a Deeper, More Hygienic Clean

SEATTLE, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tired of dust bunnies hiding under furniture? Longing for a deeper clean without the backache? Tineco, a leading innovator in smart home appliances, introduces the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6, the revolutionary cordless hard floor cleaner designed to conquer cleaning limitations and deliver a truly hygienic clean.

Stretch Your Clean Further with These Limit-Busting Features:

180° Lay-Flat Design: The Star of Limit-Busting Cleaning

Imagine effortlessly cleaning under furniture, reaching those dusty corners beneath beds and sofas. The FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 breaks the mold of traditional floor cleaners with its groundbreaking 180° Lay-Flat Design. This innovative feature allows the cleaner to recline completely, ensuring a deep clean in even the most hard-to-reach areas. No more contorting yourself or wrestling with bulky equipment – the Stretch S6 bends over backward for a truly complete clean.

Unmatched Maneuverability: Conquer Tight Spaces with Ease

Forget about bulky cleaners that struggle to navigate tight spaces. The Stretch S6 boasts an ultra-compact 5.1-inch design, allowing it to effortlessly glide under low-profile furniture like beds, cabinets, and couches. This compact design doesn't compromise on cleaning power, however. The innovative 3-Chamber Dirty Water Separation maintains strong suction even when laid flat, protecting the motor and ensuring optimal cleaning performance in any position.

Powerful Performance with Tinco MHCBS™ Technology: Clean Floors, Every Time

Experience a new level of clean with Tineco's revolutionary MHCBS™ Technology. This innovative system continuously delivers fresh water to the brush roll, ensuring optimal cleaning performance throughout your cleaning session. No more worrying about dirty water re-depositing on your floors – the Stretch S6 delivers a truly spotless clean every time.

Effortless Cleaning Made Easy: Introducing the FlashDry Self-Cleaning System

Ditch the hassle of manual brush cleaning with the Stretch S6's revolutionary FlashDry Self-Cleaning System. This two-step process takes care of everything for you:

  • Hot Water Wash: Simply activate the self-cleaning function, and the Stretch S6 automatically washes the brush roll and internal components with hot water (158°F) for a thorough clean.
  • 5-Minute Flash Drying: After the hot water wash, the Stretch S6 efficiently dries the brush roll and internal components with hot air (158°F) to prevent mold and odor. This process minimizes heat loss for faster drying and a fresh, hygienic brush roll ready for your next cleaning session.

Next-Level Ergonomics: Designed for Your Comfort

Tineco prioritizes user comfort with the Stretch S6's innovative design. Mini Assist Wheels allow for effortless pushing and pulling in both directions, minimizing strain on your arms and back. Additionally, the clean water tank has been repositioned above the brush head, reducing the weight of the main body and making cleaning more comfortable. The 45° swivel design provides enhanced control, even when lying flat, allowing you to maneuver the cleaner with ease in any cleaning situation.

Experience the Cleaning Revolution Available Now!

The Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is available for purchase now, ready to tackle your cleaning challenges. Conquer hidden dirt and deliver a deeper, more hygienic clean for your entire home. Visit the Tineco official webstore or the Tineco Amazon store to learn more about the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 and experience the cleaning revolution!

MSRP: $599 USD

About Tineco

Tineco was founded in 1998 with its first SKU as a vacuum cleaner and, in 2019, pioneered the first-ever smart vacuum. Today, the brand has innovated into a global leader offering intelligent appliances across home categories, including floor care, kitchen, and personal care. Tineco is dedicated to its brand vision of making life easier through smart technologies and consistently innovating new devices.

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