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Appdome Unveils World's First Agentless Mobile EDR & MTD
[May 01, 2024]

Appdome Unveils World's First Agentless Mobile EDR & MTD

Appdome MobileEDR™ removes complexity and friction with new unified Enterprise Mobile Endpoint Detection and Response and Mobile Threat Defense Solution

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Appdome, the mobile app economy's one-stop shop for mobile app defense, today announced Appdome MobileEDR™, a new enterprise mobile app protection service that consolidates Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capabilities into a single agentless product offering. MobileEDR leverages the 300+ defenses of the Appdome platform and provides real-time mobile threat and attack detection, deep mobile device inspection and anywhere enforcement to keep enterprise networks and resources safe from malware, supply chain and other attacks.

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Legacy MTD and mobile EDR solutions have failed to adequately protect against the growing proliferation of mobile threats. To work, these early offerings required user-dependent software agents, such as separate mobile apps or profiles, to be installed on the user's mobile device(s). These added agents, apps and profiles raised privacy concerns among employees, slowed adoption and could be disabled by the mobile end user, leaving gaps in device inspection and mobile threat detection.  Likewise, these early offerings often impose a manual implementation burden and complex SDKs on resource constrained mobile development teams, leading most teams to shelve or abandon MTD and mobile EDR deployment. Appdome is eliminating this friction and delivering the world's first agentless, no code, no server solution for enterprise mobile apps to ensure maximum enterprise adoption and protection.

"Mobile EDR and threat detection solutions have failed to gain wide adoption for several reasons – privacy concerns and compliance, implementation complexity of SDKs, and lack of mobile end-user trust with MTD apps and agents on their BYOD devices," said Richard Stiennon Chief Research Analyst with IT-Harvest. "The Appdome approach gives organizations the full power of Mobile EDR and MTD, including protection, response, and visibility without the friction of SDK, server, and agent-based approaches."

The Appdome MobileEDR is an in-app mobile EDR and MTD solution coded into enterprise mobile applications by Appdome's patented no-code, unified mobile app defense platform. By delivering the needed device inspection, threat detection and telemetry capabilities in the mobile app itself, Appdome provides continuous and comprehensive monitoring of Android and iOS devices, including mobile smartphones, embedded apps, VR apps, and wearable apps. All mobile threat inspections are performed throughout the lifecycle of use for each mobile app,without any server, server call outs or other external attestation. This ensures full runtime protection, improves stability and responsiveness, and eliminates signal spoofing common with server attestation services. 

"We've built the first mobile EDR/MTD solution that addresses the reality of how organizations need to detect and respond to mobile threats in the enterprise," said Tom Tovar, co-creator and CEO of Appdome. "SolarWinds taught all of us that malware on a mobile device can compromise an enterprise network and to protect the enterprise network, you need broad adoption and persistence in your mobile EDR/MTD solution. It does no good if it's not used or it can be turned off."

Key features of Appdome MobileEDR solution include:

  • In-App Enterprise Delivery: Appdome MobileEDR is the only solution that can be deployed in both internally developed and 3rd party mobile applications without any code, coding, SDKs or servers. All mobile EDR/MTD capability is added in the enterprise application and hardened against reverse engineering and attacks by design.
  • In-Use Mobile Threat Inspection:  Once embedded in an enterprise mobile app, Appdome's Threat-EKG feature functions as a persistent mobile EDR/MTD solution during the lifecycle of use for each mobile application. That means, it operates when the enterprise mobile application is in use (and does not operate when it's not in use). This eliminates any privacy concerns and allows the mobile EDR/MTD to detects mobile threats relevant to the enterprise business in real time.
  • Broadest Mobile Threat Detection: Appdome packs 300+ mobile app security, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-vishing, anti-fraud, social engineering, geo-compliance, and anti-bot defenses into MobileEDR to offer enterprises the most comprehensive mobile device inspection, EDR and MTD on the market. 
  • Anywhere Enforcement: The Appdome MobileEDR's Anywhere Enforcement™ model allows enterprises to use mobile threat detection and defense data across the entire enterprise infrastructure, including the mobile app, mobile app server, IAM service layer, UEM/MAM/MDM, or firewall/WAF. This ensures that enterprises can get the full benefit of deep device inspection on managed and unmanaged mobile devices.
  • Adaptive Mobile Trust: Appdome MobileEDR is the only mobile threat detection and defense system that empowers the enterprise to set the level of trust to use in evaluating on-device mobile threats. Enterprises can use either Zero-Trust, to ensure the device is free of any specific threat before allowing connection, login or activity in the mobile app. Or, Enterprises can use Dynamic Trust which evaluates the device state dynamically throughout the lifecycle of mobile app use.
  • Appdome ThreatSource™: Appdome MobileEDR comes ready to use with application userID or sessionID to give enterprises even deeper investigation and telemetry on threats and attacks impacting their users and network.
  • Appdome ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR: Telemetry data is visualized in ThreatScope, which provides instant visibility and rapid, agile response to any threat or attack against Android & iOS apps.

"Enterprises need more flexible and agile ways to stay ahead of mobile threats, malware, NSOs, and protect their employees and networks effectively," said Chris Roeckl, Chief Product Officer at Appdome. "MobileEDR is the only mobile EDR and MTD that goes beyond the basic device inspection to include geo-compliance, social engineering defenses and more. We can't wait to get this product into the hands of enterprises everywhere."

Appdome will be demonstrating the new Appdome MobileEDR solution at the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco May 6-9, 2024 in booth #2339. For more information about Appdome MobileEDR, please visit our web site at  

About Appdome
The Appdome mission is to protect every mobile app and mobile user in the world. . Appdome provides the mobile industry's only Unified Mobile App Defense platform, powered by a patented mobile coding engine, Threat-Events™ Threat-Aware UX/UI Control, and ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR. Using Appdome, mobile brands eliminate complexity, ship faster and save money by delivering 300+ Certified Secure™ mobile app security, anti-malware, anti-fraud, mobile anti-bot, anti-cheat, geo compliance, MiTM attack prevention, code obfuscation, social engineering and other protections in Android and iOS apps with ease, inside the mobile DevOps and CI/CD pipeline. Leading ?nancial, healthcare, government and m-commerce brands use Appdome to protect Android and iOS apps, mobile customers and mobile businesses globally. Appdome holds several patents including U.S. Patents 9,934,017 B2, 10,310,870 B2, 10,606,582 B2, 11,243,748 B2 and 11,294,663 B2. Additional patents pending.

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