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Moonwalk Biosciences to Present Data Showcasing EpiRead™ and EpiWrite™ Next-Generation Multiplex Epigenetic Engineering Platform at ASGCT 2024
[April 22, 2024]

Moonwalk Biosciences to Present Data Showcasing EpiRead™ and EpiWrite™ Next-Generation Multiplex Epigenetic Engineering Platform at ASGCT 2024

Moonwalk Biosciences, a pioneering epigenetic engineering and medicine company, announced it will present data highlighting its EpiRead and EpiWrite technologies at the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 2024 Conference, held May 7-11, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Moonwalk will present its comprehensive epigenome engineering platform, EpiRead and EpiWrite, for the first time, which includes both read-and-write technologies, to develop potentially curative therapies for various diseases at the root cause level. This proprietary combination platform enables whole genome, high-resolution single-cell mapping of the methylome (EpiRead) in conjunction with targeted methylation modifications through a modular non-DNA cutting toolkit for gene activation and suppression (EpiWrite). This represents the potential of both understanding and controlling the epigenome and precisely acting upon multiple targets and pathways simultaneously.

Moonwalk will share data to demonstrate EpiWrite's ability to perform seven simultaneous multiplexed edits of primary human cells at >85% efficiency for achieving all seven edits, a major breakthrough in genetic engineering. Gene editing technologies that involve DNA cutting are typically limited to between one and three edits.

"Moonwalk is the first company to perform seven simultaneous edits using its epigenetic editing platform EpiWrite," said Mike Varney, Ph.D., advisor to Moonwalk. "This enables a level of multiplexing tht far exceeds the current standard to enable targeting of multiple biological pathways or multiple genes within a single pathway. Combined with EpiRead, which uniquely profiles the epigenetic landscape of cellular states, this expands our ability to understand and control gene regulation and cellular function for complex diseases."

"We are excited to unveil details about our EpiRead and EpiWrite platforms and highlight the potential for our EpiWrite engineering platform to address a variety of diseases," said Dr. Alex Aravanis, CEO & Co-Founder, Moonwalk Biosciences. "By pushing the boundaries of what is possible in epigenetic profiling and editing, this novel technology will unlock undruggable targets to develop therapies for complex diseases previously thought impossible."

Details of the poster presentation:

Title: The integration of high-resolution, genome-scale epigenetic mapping with epigenetic editing technology enables precise epigenetic engineering of cells

Presenter: Dr. Rigel Kishton, Head of Immunology Research

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 12:00 PM ET

Session Title: Epigenetic Editing and RNA Editing

Presentation Room: Exhibit Hall

Abstract Number: 696

Full abstracts will be available on the news section of Moonwalk's website following the event:

About Moonwalk Biosciences

Moonwalk Biosciences is pioneering a new class of precision epigenetic medicines. Its novel platform technology provides a complete view of the epigenome in health and disease (EpiRead), with the most advanced AI prediction of epigenetic targets and the broadest set of epigenetic engineering tools (EpiWrite). Moonwalk was co-founded by Alex Aravanis, M.D., Ph.D., former CTO of Illumina, world-renowned scientist Feng Zhang, Ph.D. of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and a distinguished set of industry leaders and company builders. The company has developed a differentiated approach to mapping the epigenome of cellular states at the whole genome, single cell resolution level, as well as proprietary strategies for precise epigenetic engineering. The combination enables both a novel discovery platform and a path to developing therapeutics that include epigenetic engineering and other traditional modalities. Moonwalk is applying its platform to a number of therapeutic areas. For more information, visit

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