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HiBob Reveals People Don't Want to Discuss Politics at Work, But They Won't Leave Over It
[April 03, 2024]

HiBob Reveals People Don't Want to Discuss Politics at Work, But They Won't Leave Over It

Highlights the need for leaders to manage socipolitical complexities influencing workplace dynamics

NEW YORK, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading HR technology disruptor, HiBob, unveils 2024 Sociopolitics in the US Workplace study, revealing a decreased willingness among employees to leave their jobs due to political differences. Following on from 2023's survey, it underscores workplace challenges in managing political tensions, particularly ahead of the 2024 Presidential election. While political discourse poses reduced retention risks, other challenges to talent acquisition, culture, and engagement persist.

"Employees seek alignment between personal beliefs and company values, impacting employment decisions. Although differing political views may not prompt exits, the prevailing sentiment underscores a strong consensus for maintaining neutrality in the workplace. Establishing clear guidelines and fstering respectful dialogue will help promote inclusivity and professional relationships." said Ronni Zehavi, CEO of HiBob.

Impact of political discussion on job acceptance and retention

Greater levels of tolerance seen among workers for politics in the workplace this year.

  • 60% wouldn't quit a company because of its opposing political stance, up from 46% in 2023
  • However 44% of workers dissuaded from accepting job offers if the company holds opposing views, up from 39% in 2023
  • More men (49%) than women (37%) expressed deterrence
  • Younger workers will avoid roles with conflicting views but are less inclined to leave than older peers

Preferential Workplace Environment

More workers (77%) prefer to avoid debates at work, up from 61% in 2023.

  • 81% would keep discussions out of company digital communication channels, up from 66% in 2023.
  • 68% would avoid debating on social media
  • 58% support encouraging discourse in the workplace, up from 48% in 2023
  • Younger generations  appear more divided with 64% under 44s advocating strongly for free speech, and 61% expressing no opinion

Concerns About Sharing Political Opinions

  • 50% fear sharing opinions with their manager could risk their job and relationships, up from 42% in 2023
  • Colleagues (61%) are more hesitant to share their political views with each other, up from 50% in 2023
  • 51% of respondents do not want CEO's to express opinions publicly compared to 31% who do
  • 34% believe companies should stay neutral on sociopolitical matters versus 23% who say they should and 18% don't care

Results suggest employers must acknowledge and accommodate diverse perspectives to foster a supportive environment that promotes open dialogue.


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