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Storiaverse Launches Groundbreaking Mobile Entertainment App That Combines Reading, Animation and Audio for an Immersive "Read-Watch" Experience for Digital-Native Adults
[April 03, 2024]

Storiaverse Launches Groundbreaking Mobile Entertainment App That Combines Reading, Animation and Audio for an Immersive "Read-Watch" Experience for Digital-Native Adults

Storiaverse, the mobile entertainment platform connecting talented writers and animators from around the world to create immersive, animated content in a patent-pending "read-watch" format, launched today on iOS and Android. Storiaverse is a first-of-its-kind app that enhances the reading experience for digital native adults. Transcending traditional entertainment formats, the Storiaverse app's storytelling innovation combines animated video, audio and text into a visually rich and dynamic narrative experience.

By integrating multiple forms of media, Storiaverse takes users on a multi-sensory journey that propels narrative content beyond the confines of the page. Each unique story is delivered in a distinct animation style created by a different animator and writer, delivering a wide spectrum of unique voices and visual experiences. The content currently spans fandom genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, comedy and more. Each animation artist has the creative freedom to interpret and animate stories in their distinctive style, utilizing a wide variety of formats from traditional 2D to 3D and beyond. This approach not only celebrates the individuality of each creator but also enriches the storytelling landscape with diverse perspectives and techniques, allowing for a richer, more varied consumer experience.

Storiaverse is also working with world leading book publisher HarperCollins Publishers. This exciting collaboration will adapt portions of several HarperCollins titles into the Storiaverse read-watch format by merging the worlds of literature and digital storytelling. The aim is to offer readers the opportunity to experience amazing books in a dynamic format, enriching the Storiaverse content library with a diverse selection of unique and recognizable content.

Storiaverse was co-founded by serial tech entrepreneurs David Kierzkowski (CEO) and Agnes Kozera (Chief Content Officer), who have a decade-long track record of empowering content creators. They first rose to success when they co-founded FameBit, the first and largest marketplace connecting YouTubers and advertisers for branded content, which Google acquired in 2016. Most recently, they created Podcorn, the leading podcast influencer marketing platform, which was acquired by Audacy. Storiaverse has raised $2.5 million in pre-seed funding led by 500 Global, which was also an early investor in the co-founders' previous companies.

Storiaverse is launching at a time when consumers - especially digital natives like millennials and adult Gen Z-ers - are hungry for entertaining mobile content, with 1/3 of American adults using TikTok and webtoons engaging millions of fans in Asia. As the media landscape shifts, books are also finding new audiences in more visual formats, with graphic novel sales growing by 5X since 2010 and half of TikTok users saying #BookTok has inspired them to read more. Yet the pool of literary magazines is shrinking, leaving writers with fewer places to publish their work. Meanwhile, the democratization of animation software means independent animators can now more easily make and share their high-quality work on social media, without ties to large studios. The convergence of these trends is where Storiaverse's co-founders saw a major opportunity for writers, animators and readers by combining the traditional joy of reading with the interactive, multimedia possibilities of visual entertainment.

In addition to ceating originals with them, Storiaverse is committed to amplifying established creators' voices by adapting their existing characters and narratives into its distinctive format. The company has partnered with King Science, an independent animator with 13 million followers on TikTok, to feature the famous cartoon version of himself in an exclusive Storiaverse story that's launching soon. Authored and animated by King Science creator Science Akbar, the read-watch story extends his beloved character's adventures into a longer, more immersive format, elevating the experience for his audience. Storiaverse plans to further diversify its content library through more partnerships of this kind, offering users an unparalleled array of immersive narratives that can't be found anywhere else. Simultaneously, Storiaverse's writer and animator partnerships give these creators access to new content distribution channels and monetization streams.

"As an independent animator, I'm eager to captivate audiences in new ways and explore creating longer-form animation content that gets into the heart of storytelling, and Storiaverse offers that opportunity," said Science Akbar, the animator known as King Science. "It has been so fun to write and animate my own story for the unique read-watch format and I can't wait for my fans to dive into this immersive experience. What truly resonates with me is the platform's easy-to-work-with team and the creative freedom to champion my ideas. I think Storiaverse will make a positive impact on the animation community and give fans a totally new way to experience storytelling. I'm excited to launch my story in the app soon!"

Writers can submit their unpublished or previously published stories for consideration or collaborate with Storiaverse on entirely new, original narratives. Once a story is selected, Storiaverse pairs the author with a skilled animator from its extensive network, ensuring a perfect match that brings the narrative to life. This unique collaboration gives writers the chance to elevate their writing beyond traditional mediums and transform them into captivating visual experiences with animators dedicated to creating detailed storyboards, immersive environments, and dynamic characters.

"The popularity of graphic novels and shows like Love, Death & Robots demonstrate the changing creative landscape and increasing demand for animation among digital natives in adulthood," said Agnes Kozera, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Storiaverse. "We are thrilled to merge animation with exceptional writing to allow writers and animators to unleash their creativity and go beyond the usual boundaries of storytelling solely for younger audiences in traditional formats."

Stories now available in the app include:

  • A Night at the Park - A suspenseful mystery about two fugitives who try to take shelter in the wrong house, written by John M. Floyd, the award-winning author of more than 1,000 short stories in publications like Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and The Best American Mystery Stories. Animated by Josh Ryba, a writer, director and animator who has worked on projects such as Ridley Scott's Netflix series Raised by Wolves.
  • The End of the West - An exciting Western where the line between predator and prey becomes blurred, written by Maxim Loskutoff, an award-winning novelist who has been published by The New York Times. Animated by Shahab Serwaty, a story art and 2D animation artist who has worked on TV series, films, music videos, board games, and graphic novels.
  • The Kelpie - An inspiring fantasy about a young witch's courage, transformation, and magic, written by queer, working-class Scottish writer Lindz McLeod and animated by Jonathan Fontaine, who has worked on movies including Disney's Descendants and Paramount's Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank.
  • A Last Taste - A wild sci-fi story about the space heist of a lifetime, written by novelist Lyndsay Ely, who has contributed to books in the video game-inspired "Overwatch" series. Animated by Michael Winn, an animation instructor at Detroit's The College for Creative Studies who has worked on projects for Warner Brothers and Sony.

Writers can submit stories at and animators can apply at To learn more and download the app for iOS or Android, visit

About Storiaverse:

Storiaverse is the mobile entertainment platform matching talented writers and animators from around the world to create immersive, animated content in a patent-pending "read-watch" format. Founded by the serial tech entrepreneurs who pioneered branded content platforms FameBit (acquired by Google) and Podcorn (acquired by Audacy), Storiaverse transcends traditional entertainment formats by combining animated video, audio and text into a rich, multi-sensory experience for digital native adults. Each story is compelling and visually captivating, driven by creators' diverse voices, visions, and animation styles, from 2D to 3D to hand-drawn across genres including science fiction, mystery, fantasy, horror and much more, with endless opportunities for new content. Writers can submit stories at and animators can apply at To learn more and download the app for iOS or Android, visit

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