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HealthGates and Spesana Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Patient Care Workflow Solutions & Digitize Prior Authorizations, in Preparation for CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule
[April 02, 2024]

HealthGates and Spesana Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Patient Care Workflow Solutions & Digitize Prior Authorizations, in Preparation for CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule

HealthGates and Spesana, two mission centric health-tech companies, are elated to announce a strategic partnership that is focused on accelerating the transformation of precision medicine and advancement of solutions available to clinicians/providers, bio-pharma, payors, pharmacies & patients. The goal of synergizing HealthGates' and Spesana's digital prior authorization solutions and leveraging Spesana's clinical workflow ecosystem, will ensure the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

The collaboration represents an inflection point in how actionable data will be used by clinicians and care providers to drive more effective and efficient care. The convergence of HealthGates' solutions with Spesana's technology infrastructure will reshape how clinicians leverage advanced tools & workflows to deliver personalized care.

"Healthcare professionals want to provide the best care to every patient. The administrative and clinical barriers in place prevent the desired care. Spesana has a history of building elegant clinician-facing tools that simplify workflows whilst improving clinical care. As we approach this powerful partnership with HealthGates, whose expertise and credibility are sterling, we believe we serve clinicians and healthcare administrators with a unique path to precision medicine and automated 2026 CMS Final Rule-compliant Prior Authorizations. That is cause for celebration." - Carla Balch, CEO/Founder at Spesana.

The foundation of the partnership between HealthGates and Spesana is based upon a clear harmonization of missions, visions, and values. Both organizations share a commitment to transform healthcare with advancing technologies and smart workstreams to improve patient outcomes.

"We're firmly committed to driving better patient outcomes by enabing providers to receive quick approvals on treatments needed to save lives. With impending federal and state level legislation for prior authorization, our focus is on patient-centric interoperability, connecting the five key stakeholders: Patients, Providers, Payors, Pharma and Specialty Pharmacies. We strongly believe that a treatment delayed, is a treatment denied. The collaboration between HealthGates and Spesana is a major step forward in achieving this goal." - Gary Markham, COO/Co-Founder at HealthGates.

Today, HealthGates and Spesana will embark on an important journey focused on breaking down the silos and archaic workflows that have existed for decades. The shared commitment to improve patient care and support families is the guiding compass for both companies.

About HealthGates:

HealthGates offers an innovative digital prior-authorization platform where all key stakeholders, centered around the patient, can receive quicker payor approvals for life-saving treatments, initially in the oncology and immunotherapy arenas. The company serves providers, bio-pharma and payors across the United States with plans to expand globally. ISO27001 certified and HIPAA compliant, HealthGates takes the business of patient data privacy very seriously. The company was co-founded by Dr. Francis P Arena, CSO, Marc Wiener, CBO, and Gary R Markham, COO together with over 30 + years of medical oncology, pharmacy solutions, and health-tech experience. With a growing list of senior scientific board advisors, HealthGates is well positioned to usher in and facilitate the revolution about to take place in prior authorization of critical treatments.

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About Spesana:

Spesana has developed a healthcare platform for all therapeutic areas in all settings of care to increase the velocity of patients moving to the right specialists with a unified medical record. Important to the mission is the focus on precision medicine, notably molecular diagnostics, and clinical collaborations to allow physicians, patients, and insurance teams to come together around the best available therapies and new clinical trials for patients. The company was founded by oncology information technology trailblazer Carla Balch and an experienced team known for building the first certified electronic medical record platform in oncology. Spesana creates real-time collaborations, decision support based on real-world data and molecular diagnostics results.

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