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Christian & Timbers Study sees 27% increase in AI data center talent demand in 2024 over 2023
[April 02, 2024]

Christian & Timbers Study sees 27% increase in AI data center talent demand in 2024 over 2023

Christian & Timbers, global search firm is at the forefront of identifying and shaping the leadership roles essential for the future of technology, with a particular focus on the rapidly evolving sectors of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI data centers.

Data centers, the backbone of our digital world, are undergoing transformative changes, necessitating a new breed of leaders who can navigate the complexities of modern digital infrastructure alongside the innovative potentials of AI.

Christian & Timbers study predicts a 27% increase in data center leadership demand for 2024 as a result of the massive global build up of AI data centers, from companies like JP Morgan to hyperscalers; Microsoft, Google, and AWS.

In light of these developments, we identified 10 of the most in demand leadership jobs in data center:

  1. Chief Energy Officer for AI Data Centers: Given the substantial energy demands of generative AI workloads, this role focuses on managing and optimizing energy consumption, driving sustainability initiatives, exploring renewable energy sources, and implementing energy-efficient technologies to mitigate the environmental impact of AI operations.
  2. Head of Data Center Security: Recognizing the paramount importance of security in data centers for safeguarding data integrity and privacy, this role is dedicated to overseeing both physical and cyber security measures, implementing comprehensive security strategies, and swiftly responding to security threats.
  3. Head of Data Cnter Operations: This pivotal role encompasses overseeing the entire operation of a data center, from managing personnel to ensuring optimal infrastructure performance and implementing strategies for seamless operations.
  4. Senior Vice President, Global Technical Sales: Oversees the strategy and execution of technical data center sales, ensuring alignment with global initiatives and customer satisfaction.
  5. Data Center Network Architect: As data centers expand, the demand for sophisticated network infrastructure grows. This role involves designing and implementing robust network architectures that are scalable, secure, and efficient to accommodate massive data flows.
  6. Data Center Facilities Manager: Essential for managing the physical environment of data centers-including power and cooling systems-to uphold high reliability and operational efficiency, this role also spearheads expansions or upgrades to facilities.
  7. VP, Technical Operations: Oversees the technical operations, including infrastructure management, to ensure reliability and efficiency across facilities.
  8. Data Center Sustainability Officer: With escalating environmental concerns, data centers are increasingly focusing on sustainability. This role is dedicated to implementing green initiatives, reducing energy consumption, and ensuring environmentally friendly operations.
  9. Sr. Director, Technology Innovation: Leads the development and implementation of innovative technology solutions, driving the data center's competitive advantage.
  10. Head of IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Critical for developing strategies and plans to ensure swift recovery from disruptions, maintaining business continuity, and minimizing downtime within data centers.

"The advent of generative AI is pushing the boundaries of available talent within the data center market. Data center companies are increasingly looking outside their competitors to telecommunication services and other infrastructure sectors for talent," remarked Jeff Christian, CEO. "Christian & Timbers remains steadfast in identifying and securing a diverse range of talent that work successfully to meet the evolving needs of the data center landscape."

About Christian & Timbers:

C&T, the global leader in tech executive search, is celebrated for identifying and securing CEOs for SaaS, generative AI, cybersecurity, space tech, and Data center. Under the guidance of Jeff Christian, 4x Forbes Midas List, Christian & Timbers is at the forefront of executive search, setting new standards in leadership excellence.

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