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Codingscape Partners with CBS' "After Midnight" for New Co-Marketing Campaign
[April 02, 2024]

Codingscape Partners with CBS' "After Midnight" for New Co-Marketing Campaign

Today, a new strategic co-marketing initiative between Codingscape, the premier consultancy for bespoke technology solutions, and the CBS late-night show, "After Midnight," was announced. Facilitated by the Mutual Markets ad platform, it marks a significant leap in bridging the gap between entertainment and technology sectors to reach a wider, tech-savvy audience.

With a rich history of collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, high-growth enterprises, and significant government entities, Codingscape's human-centric approach aligns perfectly with "After Midnight's" dynamic and engaging content. Together with Mutual Markets, a leader in co-marketing strategies, this partnership leverages a combination of media assets across digital and social platforms, aiming to convert viewers into potential leads through compelling storytelling and shared values.

A New Era of Co-Marketing Solutions

This collaboration represents a strategic move to connect with a modern generation of professionals who are in search of innovative solutions to today's business challenges. By combining forces with "After Midnight" on CBS, Codingscape positions itself at the forefront of the technology consulting sector, offring an alternative to the traditional consulting models presented by firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, and Accenture.

"Our partnership with 'After Midnight' and CBS, powered by Mutual Markets, opens new doors to engage with audiences who value technology solutions that are not only efficient but also ethically aligned with their business needs," said Porter Haney, CEO, at Codingscape. "We are excited to showcase our unique approach to software development and consulting, which prioritizes quality, speed, and direct collaboration with our clients."

Redefining Technology Solutions

Codingscape stands out in the technology consulting space by offering a distinct alternative to the conventional strategies employed by larger consulting firms. Their emphasis on building custom software and solutions that genuinely meet client requirements sets a new standard for quality and integrity in the industry. This approach landed Codingscape on Inc. Magazine's list of fastest growing companies in 2023.

"Our co-marketing partnership with 'After Midnight' on CBS reflects our commitment to finding better ways to solve technology problems, beyond the outdated methods of offshoring or relying on generic AI solutions," continued Haney. "By aligning with shows that resonate with our target audience, we underline our dedication to innovation, efficiency, and ethical business practices."

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About Codingscape

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