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Folloze Launches Website Engager, Transforming the Traditional Website Visit into a Personalized High-Value Touchpoint for B2B Demand Generation
[February 29, 2024]

Folloze Launches Website Engager, Transforming the Traditional Website Visit into a Personalized High-Value Touchpoint for B2B Demand Generation

Folloze, creator of the world's first and only no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform (BX 3.0), today announced the release of Folloze Website Engager, a toolkit that turns company website visits into engaging, personalized experiences that generate rich first-party engagement insights. It also provides a launchpad to accelerate the full digital buyer journey and boost demand generation performance. Folloze Website Engager will include the company's recently introduced Folloze GeneratorAI capability, built within Folloze AI, the company's growing suite of AI tools available within Folloze's easy-to-use no code buyer experience platform.

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Transform the traditional website visit into a personalized, high-value touchpoint. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Transform the traditional website visit into a personalied, high-value touchpoint. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Today, only 10-20% of the digital journey happens on a company's website. Buyers do their research before they start the engagement process, leaving companies limited opportunity to capture attention and cultivate sales. Research shows that people form an opinion of a website in less than one second and the average time spent on a page is under one minute. As such, companies need to make every second count. Folloze Website Engager toolkit was designed for this purpose, helping sites come to life, fully serving the needs and wishes of target audiences. Built on the platform offering first-party insights, Folloze Website Engager puts the right content and messaging in place to capture attention and advance customers through their digital journey as efficiently as possible.

"Today's marketers need to think about the journey, not a single visit. When you integrate Folloze into the website, you can deliver high value, persistent, personalization to accelerate the buyer's experience and help route the buyer to the path that is most suitable for them," said David Brutman, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder at Folloze. "Engagement is the new currency; it serves as the connector and accelerator across the entire journey. Folloze Website Engager unlocks personalized and meaningful website engagements that keep buyers in the moment and moving forward in their journey. This is a key strategy to accelerate pipeline and results."

Complete Buyer Journey Empowerment

An effective demand generation strategy must include complete buyer journey empowerment in order for organizations to keep buyers engaged. Folloze Website Engager was made to help. With the toolkit, marketers can extend their Folloze campaigns by embedding boards and content from boards directly into the website. Those boards can be dynamically personalized to customer persona, stage in the life cycle, and account without coding or web developer time involved. Additionally, they can leverage first-party data for personalization to resonate with each persona's unique requirements and ensure the content or offer is appropriate for the buyer journey stage. Folloze Website Engager also makes it possible for marketers to include a clear and compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) that is appropriate for the buying stage, and orchestrate multi-threaded touch with the buying committee to extend interactions.

Key benefits include:

  • Engagement. Fast and easy website personalization that accelerates downstream Account-based motions.
  • Insights. Full-spectrum 1st party behavioral data that doesn't just end at the website but connects across the entire journey.
  • Agility. Adds flexibility personalization and campaign integration to the website with no need to involve web developers.

To ensure marketing and sales are aligned, marketers can arm sales development teams or account executives with a follow up playbook based on engagement level insights identified by Folloze Website Engager. For example, when there are enough highly engaged people within an account, this account is ready to engage with sales. The sales team can also send prospects directly to specific assets or website pages powered by Folloze to create consistency in flow and messaging.

Additionally, Folloze reporting features make it easy to review engagement and conversion metrics captured by Folloze Website Engager. Users can connect Folloze data to their 360 marketing dashboard to make sure it's incorporated into attribution models as well. Whether you're integrating 6sense, Demandbase, or Dun & Bradstreet platforms with Folloze, the toolkit also makes sure engagement data is used to determine buying stages and segments.

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About Folloze

Folloze, creator of the world's first and only no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform (BX 3.0), is used by B2B marketing, sales, and revenue teams. Folloze BX 3.0 empowers any marketer to easily build data-driven, highly engaging, personalized content destinations across the entire B2B buyer journey to drive deeper account engagement and revenue growth. Top B2B brands, including ServiceNow, Google Cloud, Cisco, Autodesk, Hashicorp, and SAP trust Folloze to boost customer engagement, revenue growth, and expansion across their target accounts. To learn more, visit

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