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Included Health Unveils 'Healthy Days' Pilot Findings; Results Prompt Company to Embed CDC Measure in Navigation Offering and to Urge Others to Follow
[February 28, 2024]

Included Health Unveils 'Healthy Days' Pilot Findings; Results Prompt Company to Embed CDC Measure in Navigation Offering and to Urge Others to Follow

Included Health, a new kind of healthcare company delivering integrated care and navigation for millions of people nationwide, today revealed the outcomes of a nationwide patient outreach program and its decision to embed Healthy Days as core to its Navigation offering.

The Navigation announcement, along with Included Health's broader industry call for similar action, stems from a pilot that successfully identified people at risk or in need of clinical intervention by using Healthy Days, a patient-centered measure developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The pilot, which began in 2022 and involved over 23,000 individuals across all 50 states, combined SMS/text message surveys with clinical outreach and showcases the simplicity and impact of asking individuals, 'How are you doing?' Key findings include the following:

  • One-third of respondents reported an average of 15 or more unhealthy days per month
  • Unhealthy days linked to poor mental health exceeded those linked to poor physical health
  • 40 percent of individuals offered the opportunity to connect with a clinician, accepted
  • People who engaged with an Included Health clinician experiencedan average of two additional Healthy Days per month1

"Driven by the belief that improved health for all will come from ongoing engagement with people in proactive, personalized ways, we're thrilled to lead the industry in standardizing Healthy Days as a fundamental aspect of care engagement and navigation," said Dr. Ami Parekh, Chief Health Officer for Included Health. "The findings from our nationwide Healthy Days pilot underscore that we can and must identify those in need by asking people, 'How are you doing?' At Included Health, we're proud to be adding more healthy days to our members' lives - by connecting them with resources and guidance, and to primary care and mental health services. We hope others in the navigation and integrated care delivery space will engage people in this same, simple and effective way, elevating what we hope can become equivalent to a vital sign for patients and their clinicians."

As part of the pilot, which was led by Included Health in partnership with innovative employers, people were asked every 90 days to list the number of days in the past month when their physical or mental health was "not good" or interfered with work and daily activities. If a person's assessment of unhealthy days exceeded a certain threshold, they were offered an opportunity to connect with a clinician. People who engaged with an Included Health clinician were supported in the following ways, with:

  • Recommendation to virtual therapy and psychiatry visits (53 percent of the time)2
  • Education on relevant benefits (53 percent of the time)
  • Connection to high-quality primary care providers (41 percent of the time)
  • Referral to case management or coordination services for longitudinal care, gaining access to help with things like coordinating appointments and managing treatment for chronic and complex cases (33 percent of the time)

12% increase in Healthy Days as observed in 90-day follow-up survey
2 Only less than 10 percent of individuals reported seeing (or having ever seen) a therapist or psychiatrist

Research beyond the Included Health pilot has shown that unhealthy days are a leading indicator for emergency room visits and hospital stays, and that each additional healthy day is associated with a reduction in annual health care spend of approximately $200 per individual.

Dr. Parekh shared more on how Included Health is using Healthy Days to improve care access at the ViVE Healthcare Conference. Her presentation, "Improving Clinical Outcomes through Measuring Healthy Days," includes findings from the pilot and insights from clinicians and individuals on how Healthy Days has transformed their lives at work and beyond. For more information on Included Health's approach to healthcare navigation visit

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