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SourceNow Expands Operations to Spain with Strategic Licensing Agreement
[February 28, 2024]

SourceNow Expands Operations to Spain with Strategic Licensing Agreement

SourceNow, a leading provider of vendor management solutions (VMS), is thrilled to announce its expansion into the Spanish market through a strategic licensing agreement with a renowned global logistics provider based in Madrid. This pivotal move not only solidifies SourceNow's presence in Europe but also underscores its commitment to delivering cutting-edge, compliant, and versatile vendor management technology on a global scale.

SourceNow's VMS technology stands at the forefront of innovation, designed to meet the intricate needs of modern businesses by supporting multiple languages and currencies, thereby facilitating seamless operations across borders. Furthermore, the technology is fully compliant with European Union standards, ensuring that clients receive top-tier, reliable service that adheres to the highest regulatory requirements.

Jean-Paul Renard, CEO of SourceNow, xpressed his enthusiasm about the expansion: "We are excited to bring our state-of-the-art vendor management solutions to Spain, a country known for its dynamic market and significant growth potential. This expansion is a testament to our dedication to meeting the global needs of our clients, providing them with the tools necessary to manage their vendor relationships more effectively and efficiently. Our partnership with a leading logistics provider in Madrid marks a significant milestone in our mission to redefine vendor management technology across the globe."

The entry of SourceNow into the Spanish market is expected to revolutionize the way businesses manage their vendor relationships, offering unparalleled efficiency, compliance, and adaptability. With this strategic move, SourceNow is poised to further enhance its global footprint, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the vendor management sector."

About SourceNow

SourceNow is a leading provider of workforce management solutions, committed to helping organizations optimize their contingent workforce strategies and drive business success. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, SourceNow empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern workforce with confidence and ease.

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