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New High-Density Ceramic Column Grid Array STT-MRAM Optimally Designed for Space and the Harshest Environments
[February 23, 2024]

New High-Density Ceramic Column Grid Array STT-MRAM Optimally Designed for Space and the Harshest Environments

MELVILLE, N.Y., Feb. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Micross Components, Inc. ("Micross"), a leading global provider of mission-critical microelectronic components and services for high-reliability aerospace, defense, space and industrial applications, expands its MRAM product offering with the addition of a Ceramic Column Grid Array (CCGA) package. The Micross co-fired Ceramic Column Grid Array package is the latest addition to our Hi-Reliability MRAM solutions for Space applications that will benefit from improved thermal stress related, electro-mechanical failures. Our initial products to be supported with the CGA electro-mechanical interface are our 1Gb (32M x 32) & 4Gb (128M x 32) Parallel Spin-Torque MRAM product variants, based on our technology partners 22nm Gen-3 pMTJ STT-MRAM process node topology. This new package offering is made possible via our Column Last Attach Solder Process (CLASP), licensed from IBM promoting a highly robust thermal shock & stress survivability option for our Hermetic fine pitch packages.

Micross' SWaP optimized Hermetic Space Grade 1Gb Spin Transfer Torque MRAM device offers true random READ and WRITE access within the memory array, with the added ruggedization benefit of being based on our technology partners 22nm Gen-3 pMTJ STT-MRAM process node topology, inherently highly resistant to magnetic flux, mitigating the need for additional device shielding. This MRAM device architecture is analogous to Flash technology with an SRAM compatible READ/WRITE interface, with the added performance enhancement of an Asynchronous Page Mode feature. Perpendicular Spin-Torque MRAM devices offer inherent protection from harsh environments, and the best power profile of all non-volatile memories – making them optimally suited for hi-reliability aerospace and space applications. Micross and Avalanche are addressing the need for lower power and more compact memory solutions, by providing a comprehensive series of STT-MRAM devices based on this best-in-class, high-performance non-volatile memory technology. The CCGA currently the best solution for mitigating the CTE mismatches between package and the printed wiring assembly (PWA) for large size and/or fine pitch packages. The solder columns provide comliancy, absorb strain, and improve survivability in high shock and vibration end-use applications. Micross' licensed CLASP column attach process utilizes a Sn10Pb90 solder wire that is attached to the parent Land Grid package via a eutectic Palladium doped Sn63Pb37 solder attach process. This process facilitates PWA rework if necessary while providing a high-quality attach to the package.

Spin-Torque, Persistent MRAM 1Gb, 32M x 32 is the latest density offered in Micross' new MRAM family. The 1Gb STT-MRAM is available with Space and Military QML quality flows, and two hermetic 18mm x 20mm package variants (CLGA & CBGA in 142 pad/solder-ball definitions) in RAD-HARD, RAD-Tolerant and Non-Radiation offerings. This product provides near infinite endurance with greater than 10-year data retention across the -40°C to +125°C temperature range, as well as a voltage operating range of 2.70-3.60V with a guaranteed minimum access time of 45ns across the -55°C to +125°C military temperature range.

"Micross' Avalanche based Spin-Torque MRAM products, packaged with Micross' licensed CLASP Column Grid Attach process, enable the continuation of feature rich, robust memory solutions for next generation Space and Deep Space flight requirements," stated Michael Agic, General Manager, Micross Hi-Rel Components. "As Micross further expands MRAM technology solutions for our customers, we will be introducing additional CCGA options across the full MRAM product family, while continuing to research next generation solder column material and attachment processes."

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Avalanche Technology Inc. is the leader in next generation Perpendicular STT-MRAM technology, accepted as the front-runner to replace traditional Flash and SRAM for unified memory architectures in future SOC systems, delivering high performance and low power at 55, 40 and 28nm with scalability to 22 and 14nm. With a proven STT-MRAM portfolio at multiple geometry nodes combined with an intellectual property portfolio of over 300 patents and applications, Avalanche Technology is delivering on the promise of enabling the next generation of scalable embedded unified memory architecture for use in GPUs, MCUs, DSPs, ASSPs and ASICs, making it the true "Next Generation MRAM Company". For more information, visit us online at

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