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GoldATM, Provider of the World's First True Gold ATMs, Premiers New ATMs at ATMIA 2024
[February 12, 2024]

GoldATM, Provider of the World's First True Gold ATMs, Premiers New ATMs at ATMIA 2024

In a move to make it easy and viable for every person to purchase, store and exchange gold, GoldATM, an emerging leader in the ATM industry, is premiering new gold ATM kiosks at ATMIA 2024 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas Feb. 14-16 in Booth 219/318.

Beyond the show, the first operational gold ATM kiosks from GoldATM are available and open for business in Utah and Nevada.

The company quietly launched its first five ATMs in key locations in Utah listed on the company's website during December 2023, to test the technology and assess consumer interest in using ATM kiosks that dispense Goldback bills--made of pure 24-karat gold, but flexible and durable just like cash--for as little as $20. The response has been positive and the company receives regular requests for the ATMs from additional Utah locations. Interest in the ATMs from consumers and additional businesses has been growing significantly by the day.

Goldbacks are considered "Specie Legal Tender" as a recognized alternative gold currency in the stte of Utah and a growing set of states that also includes Nevada, New Hampshire, Wyoming and South Dakota, so far. Many other states like Florida and Texas are also proposing legislation for Goldbacks as Specie Legal Tender or have adopted similar legislation already.

As GoldATM co-founder and CEO Andrew Carey notes, "The Goldbacks our Gold ATMs dispense are not a promise of gold, they are the gold, which can be easily used to save, store, exchange to dollars or even used to make payments at the steadily growing list of more than 1,000 merchant locations in Utah that accept the bills as a legal alternative currency."

"Gold is more popular than ever with rising inflation," Carey adds. "Costco reportedly sold more than one hundred million dollars of one ounce gold bars last fiscal quarter and had to limit purchases to two bars per customer because of overwhelming demand. Most gold bars have a minimum investment barrier of $2,000 which is out of reach for most people who just want to buy smaller amounts. Our Gold ATMs allow customers to buy as little as $20 of gold and to dollar cost average over time. We are serving a part of the retail gold market that has never been properly served before via a distribution method as familiar as an ATM," he said.

"The interest in our Gold ATMs is tremendous and growing, for a variety of reasons - which opens the need and opportunity for us to use our legacy of experience in the ATM industry to make this resource available in a way that is accessible and convenient for all. We have plans to deploy and distribute several thousand Gold ATMs across the United States over the next two years. We're also in early discussion with prospective partners for international distribution already," Carey concluded.

GoldATM will be showcasing their Gold ATMs at the ATMIA conference in Las Vegas February 14th-16th. In the meantime, readers can learn more, visit existing sites, and sign up to receive additional information at

About GoldATM is a privately-held company that is the first organization to create true gold ATMs that can instantly convert cash into Goldbacks. Pure 99.99% 24-karat gold that resemble cash. As the world has shown increasing demand and desire to purchase and own gold as a tangible asset, GoldATM makes gold purchase convenient, easy and practical for everyone, for as little as $20.

GoldATM's initial launch in Utah with a set of five Gold ATMs is expanding quickly to other markets such as Nevada. Response has exceeded expectations thus far. The company is poised for rapid U.S. expansion in 2024 with several hundred Gold ATMs nationwide.

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