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Fonon Corporation Highlights Its Laser Marking Technology for Food and Beverage Industry Manufacturing
[February 09, 2024]

Fonon Corporation Highlights Its Laser Marking Technology for Food and Beverage Industry Manufacturing

Fonon Corporation, a multi-market holding company, R&D center, equipment designer and manufacturer of advanced laser material processing systems for subtractive and additive manufacturing, highlights applications for its Laser Marking technologies in the food and beverage (F&B) industry.

Laser marking machines are extremely useful during food and beverage manufacturing. Food and beverage processing plants often install laser marking machines on their assembly lines to create lot numbers, expiration codes, and other important markings on product packaging.

Automated laser marking systems increase productivity while streamlining tracking, dating and other inventory management processes. They also enhance quality control and process improvement. By assigning an identification to each component at the beginning of the production line, code readers can track parts at every stage and even after.

In the Food and Beverage sector, products need to be fully traceable, not only for safety but also for technical reasons. Many F&B manufacturers use unique, forgery-proof and easy-to-read data matrix codes and alphanumeric inscriptions in their processes. Fonon Corporation laser markers can immortalize these important codes on almost any material in nearly any environment.

Fonon Corporation's laser marking technologies are cost-ffective, time-efficient, accurate, reliable, easy to use, and operator- and regulation-friendly. The technology guarantees operational excellence and helps customers improve operations to increase growth. Traditional marking systems simply cannot compete.

Traditional laser marking systems have typically been restricted to a flat planar field of view, which may be adjusted for inclined planes or cylindrical surfaces by rotating and moving the object during marking. However, in response to manufacturing evolution, Fonon's laser marking systems encompass more complex-shapes, and have been integrated into programmed robotics and advanced 5-axis machines.

Laser marking is used across various industries and can create permanent marks on multiple surfaces through laser etching, engraving, or marking. Professionals in the healthcare, automotive, electronics, machine tools, packaging and aerospace sectors can benefit by adopting the technology. Laser marking has also seen increased popularity in areas dealing with flat panel displays, optical devices, refractory materials, chemical apparatuses and semiconductors.

Companies that utilize Fonon Corporation's laser marking technology benefit from reduced damage during the handling and production that takes place in factories. Increases in speed, strength, and quality, plus a reduction in manufacturing waste, allow manufacturers to cut production time and costs, which is another reason this technology continues to gain momentum in so many industries.

Every industry with regulated or specific manufacturing and inventory management processes can benefit from installing laser marking systems in their facilities. For more information about Fonon Corporation's laser marking technology, please visit

About Fonon Corporation

Fonon Corporation is a diversified industrial laser equipment company with a continuously growing umbrella of building-block technologies supported by patents, licenses, next-generation hardware, and proprietary metal processing IP. The company is dedicated to advancing industrial technology and designing specialized 3D metal printing systems for manufacturing purposes, representing the fastest path to Manufacturing Readiness Level 10.

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