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Lumenova AI Joins NIST's AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC)
[February 08, 2024]

Lumenova AI Joins NIST's AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC)

Today, Lumenova AI announced that it joined the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC), a new public-private partnership led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to support the development and deployment of trustworthy and safe AI.

The U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) brings together more than 200 AI leaders from industry, academia, civil society, and government to support NIST's establishment of the U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute. Through collaborative research and development projects, the consortium aims to help NIST identify proven approaches, standards, and metrics that enable the development of AI systems society can trut.

"We're thrilled to join AISIC to help collectively address the urgent challenge of developing AI humanity can trust," said Cosmin Andriescu, CTO and co-founder of Lumenova AI. "As the use of AI expands across industries, it is critical we establish harmonized and evidence-based frameworks to guide its responsible development and deployment. Through this consortium, we hope to contribute our expertise in AI risk management and standards development to advance the creation of measurement methodologies that can underpin frameworks for safe, fair, and transparent systems."

Through our participation in the AISIC, Lumenova AI looks forward to sharing its knowledge and capabilities to establish a new measurement science that will enable the identification of proven, scalable, and interoperable measurements and methodologies to promote the development of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its responsible use.

"The U.S. government has a significant role in setting AI safety standards," said U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. "Through this group of leaders from diverse sectors, together we can confront challenges to develop needed measurements and standards while maintaining America's competitive edge and developing AI responsibly."

This consortium represents an important opportunity for cross-sector collaboration to collectively address the challenges of ensuring AI safety as these technologies become increasingly advanced and integral to our world.

About Lumenova AI

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Lumenova AI empowers organizations to make AI ethical, transparent, and compliant with new and emerging regulations and internal policies. As an end-to-end solution, Lumenova AI streamlines and automates the entire Responsible AI lifecycle so enterprises can efficiently map, manage, and mitigate AI risk, comply with regulations, and maximize the inherent value.

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