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Braun Launches the World's First Smart At-Home IPL System That Learns and Adapts to Your Skin and Hair to Give You 1 Year of Smooth Skin*
[February 08, 2024]

Braun Launches the World's First Smart At-Home IPL System That Learns and Adapts to Your Skin and Hair to Give You 1 Year of Smooth Skin*

From its home of IPL at its world-class innovation facility in Kronberg, Germany, the pioneering German electronics brand, Braun, today introduces the Braun Skin i·expert - the only fully connected IPL system that learns, adapts, and provides personalised feedback in real time.

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Braun Skin i·expert. Fully connected IPL system. (Photo: Business Wire)

Braun Skin i·expert. Fully connected IPL system. (Photo: Business Wire)

The revolutionary new Skin i·expert is Braun's fastest way to 1 year of smooth skin*, all in the comfort of your own home.

A smart system that automatically adapts the energy to your skin tone providing you with an active real-time personalised treatment guidance per body area - Braun puts the power in your hands, offering a more comfortable hair removal experience with the new Braun Skin i·expert.

All IPL devices within the Braun portfolio have been designed to offer fast, safe, almost painless hair removal and undergo countless R&D tests and scientific research to deliver the desired results you want and need.

Braun IPL devices are assessed by independent dermatologists and certified by Skin Health Alliance's high skin safety standards

  • Smart Coverage Feedback and Smart Head Recognition enables you to achieve your best results by guiding you in real-time to avoid missing any treatment areas.
  • The only one** with automatic flash power adaptation to your unique skin tones and a Skin Check to achieve your best results, in full safety. Followed by personalized tips on how you can improve your next session.
  • No need to worry about missing an appointment thanks to its bult in Personal Progress Tracker and Smart Calendar that enables you to stay on track by automatically adapting the sessions schedule by showing you how many treatments you still have left. Take control of your hair removal journey with ease and at a fraction of the cost of going to a salon.

Braun's new IPL smart device is a step change to your hair removal routine, it gives the power to you to get long-lasting smooth skin safely, easily from the comfort of your home.

Ahmed Aboulenein, Global Vice President at Braun, said: "At Braun's Kronberg Innovation Center, our team are committed to designing durable and user-centered innovations that leverage cutting-edge technologies. Our aim is to delight consumers and address their Grooming everyday problems effectively. By gathering insights and data from consumers worldwide, Braun has identified a need for solutions that enable users to achieve safe and long-lasting smooth skin at home. This valuable information has informed our latest breakthrough IPL innovation. Our ultimate objective is to empower consumers, allowing them to achieve safe, long-lasting smooth skin comfortably from the convenience of their own homes. What sets the new Braun Skin i-expert apart is its seamless integration of smart technology, connecting the IPL device with a dedicated mobile app. This comprehensive system learns and adapts to the user's specific skin and hair needs, guiding them step by step through the entire treatment process. It provides real-time personalized feedback, making it remarkably user-friendly for both experienced IPL users and beginners."

Dr. Christine Dierickx, MD, a leading cosmetic dermatologist and Director of Skinperium Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Luxembourg, said: "Hair removal is one of the top three reasons why patients visit a dermatologist. Many consumers opt also for salons as they believe at-home devices are complicated and do not deliver the desired results. The Braun Skin i·expert is a unique device that has been developed after years of research. It features an intuitive smart system that makes hair removal extremely simple for consumers. The device learns use after use to provide a personalized experience tailored just to you. Additionally, the automatic flash power adapts to your unique skin tones to ensure you achieve the best results, in full safety. The new Braun Skin i·expert is set to revolutionize the way we remove hair at home."

*Following the regimen. Individual results may vary.

**Shared technology with Cyden

***Further reading: Hattersley AM, Kiernan M, Goldberg D, Dierickx C, Sliney DH, Haedersdal M, et al. Assessment of adverse events for a home-use intense pulsed light hair removal device using postmarketing surveillance. Lasers Surg Med. 2023;1-9.

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