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'Build on Bitcoin' (BOB) Launches Its Public Testnet, Revealing New Bitcoin Rollup Paradigm
[December 20, 2023]

'Build on Bitcoin' (BOB) Launches Its Public Testnet, Revealing New Bitcoin Rollup Paradigm

LONDON , Dec. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 'Build on Bitcoin' (BOB), created by Interlay, marks a milestone in Bitcoin innovation with the launch of its public testnet.This development combines Bitcoin's strong security with the ability to execute Ethereum contracts in Rust and Solidity, ensuring decentralization and scalability are maintained.

Why BOB Matters

BOB stands apart from other ETH L2 solutions with its unique focus on Bitcoin, offering specialized tools and infrastructure designed specifically for BTC integration.

"BOB embodies a new vision of building on Bitcoin," said Alexei Zamyatin, Co-founder of BOB. "We're embracing inclusivity over maximalism, enabling seamless interactions between the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. Imagine: Bitcoin security paired with Ethereum's innovation powerhouse. We're setting the stage for a future where Bitcoin’s full potential can be realized without compromising its core principles - as opposed to the status quo where 90% of Bitcoin use cases are centralized".

What Sets BOB Apart

Three aspects mark BOB’s unique positioning in the industry. 

First, it integrates Bitcoin's secure protocol, utilizing its robust infrastructure to reinforce the security of decentralized applications on its layer 2 platform. In other words, the BOB infrastructure inherits security from Bitcoin.

Second, it features Ethereum roll-up compatibility, while maintaining support forBitcoin Rust libraries including Ordinals, Lightning, and the Nostr Asset Protocol.

Perhaps more importantly, through its connection to EVM, BOB is powered by Ethereum’s innovation, using it to provide access to assets, liquidity, users and best-in-class infrastructure.

New Features of the Public Testnet

BOB's testnet is a showcase of its distinct features:

  • Bitcoin Security and Ethereum Innovation: Combines Bitcoin's robust security with Ethereum Vrtual Machine (EVM) for smart contract creation, fostering innovative decentralized applications.

  • Rollup Layer with ZK Enhancements: Leverages the OP stack, enabling easy user and asset onboarding to Ethereum, augmented by upcoming zkVM improvements for added privacy and efficiency.

  • BTC Bridges and Unified Asset Management: Provides trustless Bitcoin data access and bridges for Bitcoin-Ethereum interactions, alongside unified management of BTC and EVM assets for a seamless user experience.

  • Comprehensive Developer Toolkit: Offers a robust SDK with Solidity contracts and tools for building on Bitcoin, including easy management of Bitcoin NFTs (Ordinals) and ERC20 token exchanges.

  • Innovative Off-Chain zkVM Technology: Integrates Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine for private, off-chain computation, enhancing transaction confidentiality while maintaining on-chain verifiability.

  • Account Abstraction simplifies fee payments, allowing users to seamlessly use Bitcoin for transaction costs as though it were the native currency of the network.

Join the Testnet and Contribute Feedback

Developers and enthusiasts are invited to explore BOB's capabilities by joining the public testnet. Comprehensive documentation and a collaborative community are available for those wishing to contribute to this groundbreaking project. Interlay encourages open-source contributions and feedback. Follow our Twitter updates, and dive into our documentation to build on BOB.

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About BOB
Introducing BOB ("Build on Bitcoin"), the pioneering Bitcoin rollup stack seamlessly integrating Rust smart contracts, native Bitcoin libraries, and complete EVM compatibility with an added layer of zkVM technology. Develop decentralized applications on Ordinals, Lightning, Nostr, or expose your EVM smart contract to an audience of 300 million Bitcoin users. BOB enables the development of robust, Turing-complete smart contracts in both Rust and Solidity, ensuring seamless synergy with the Bitcoin ecosystem. This interoperability extends to comprehensive EVM support, providing users with a smooth transition between EVM-native and Rust-native projects, all while harnessing the power of established wallets and tools.


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