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ImoLaza® PRO Makes a Dazzling Debut at 2023 Irrigation Show and Earning Unanimous High Praise
[December 01, 2023]

ImoLaza® PRO Makes a Dazzling Debut at 2023 Irrigation Show and Earning Unanimous High Praise

The Future of Irrigation Technology: ImoLaza® PRO Leads the Way in Smart Irrigation Innovation, Winning Professional Recognition

SAN ANTONIO, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- At the just-concluded 2023 Irrigation Show, ImoLaza® PRO made a high-profile appearance, engaging in intense competition and showcasing its remarkable innovation and outstanding performance. The advanced features and excellent performance of ImoLaza® PRO quickly captured the attention of numerous attendees. The exhibition site gathered a high level of interest from industry professionals, irrigation technology enthusiasts, and a broad audience. They eagerly visited the ImoLaza® PRO booth, eager to learn about this new pinnacle in irrigation technology. Judges praised the product for its performance in intelligent management, flexibility, and reliability, considering ImoLaza® PRO to be a significant step forward in advancing smart irrigation technology.

ImoLaza® PRO stood out in the competition with its advanced Intelligent Weather Monitoring System, Real-Time ET Algorithm Technology, Precise and Scientific Watering Durations, unique New Grass Watering Mode, Ultra-Stable Network Connection, Super-Flexible Programming, and Smart Seasonal Adjustments & Saturation Skips. These flexible and reliable features not only empower users to effortlessly control their irrigation systems but also contribute significantly to global water resource management.

Ryan, the Founder and CEO of ImoLaza, said, "The critical shortage and excessive waste of global water resources have become an urgent challenge for our society. Grounded in sustainable development, ImoLaza consistently holds a responsibility for the environment and a commitment to the future, dedicated to addressing this crucial issue through advanced smart irrigation technology."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, residential outdoor water use in the United States accounts for nearly 8 billion gallons of water each day, mainly for landscape irrigation. Experts estimate that as much as 50 percent ofthis water is wasted due to overwatering caused by inefficiencies in irrigation methods and systems.

Ryan added, "We are well aware of the waste and unnecessary resource consumption brought about by traditional irrigation methods that often rely on fixed schedules and timed watering. ImoLaza's innovative irrigation solutions are born out of the necessity to address this challenge. ImoLaza® PRO and ImoLaza® ET Master smart sprinkler controllers utilize real-time weather data and ET technology. By monitoring real-time soil moisture, microclimate, and weather conditions, ImoLaza s smart sprinkler controllers maximize efficiency with minimal water usage, ensuring lawns receive adequate and precise water supply."

ImoLaza® PRO and ImoLaza® ET Master can be remotely controlled via mobile phones anytime, anywhere. They are compatible with and can replace all models of residential irrigation controllers. ImoLaza® ET Master is available in 4-Zone, 6-Zone, 8-Zone, and 16-Zone configurations. ImoLaza® PRO comes in 6-Zone, 12-Zone, 18-Zone, 24-Zone, and 30-Zone options. ImoLaza® ET Master can be purchased online at or through offline dealers. The ImoLaza® PRO smart sprinkler controller officially launched in November 2023 and is available for purchase through the website and offline dealer channels. ImoLaza® PRO products will gradually cover all states in the United States. Users can contact local dealers for on-site installation.

About ImoLaza

ImoLaza is high-tech company specializing in futuristic irrigation technology, committed to sustainable water use and intelligent management. Since the launch of the previous generation ImoLaza® ET Master, it has received widespread acclaim. Now, moving towards the new generation with ImoLaza® PRO, ImoLaza continues to fulfill its mission, leading the way in the smart irrigation field. ImoLaza® PRO will bring more advanced smart irrigation technology to millions of households, providing users with an outstanding water experience and making a more significant contribution to the future of sustainable development and smart irrigation. For more information, please visit and follow on YoutubeInstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


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