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1 in 3 Brainly App Users Already Benefit From AI-Powered Features For Homework Help
[November 29, 2023]

1 in 3 Brainly App Users Already Benefit From AI-Powered Features For Homework Help

As the education sector embraces AI, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 41.14% between 2022 and 2027, reaching a forecasted increase of $1 billion. Brainly is leading the revolution in AI, incorporating AI-powered technology into its educational app to ensure students have 24/7 access to personalized homework help. Coming in 2024 are productivity tools for teachers that will further empower them to save time while enabling more personalized student instruction.

Students are already immersed in using AI for homework help, test prep and overall studying. The use of Brainly's AI-powered features introduced earlier this year confirms this trend, with one in three Brainly mobile app users interacting with these features. According to a recent Brainly survey, nearly 80% of Brainly users believe AI will positively impact their educational journey. The top subjects for AI usage are math (38%), English (18%), social studies (17%), and science (15%).

"Platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon have AI integrated into them to help them make more informed decisions on what their customers are looking for, driving better outcomes for those businesses," said Bill Salak, Brainly CTO. "It's time we adapt that technology to education for students. We see that Brainly users who have tried our AI features tend to be overall more engaged students, which is a good prognostic for the more personalized learning experience that I enables."

A productivity tool for students and teachers

"Going forward, we must make sure we give our students the tools they will need going into a workforce with jobs that we can't predict," said Jennifer Cronk, an instructional technology staff developer and computer teacher. "We have to use technology as a learning tool. It must be integrated into our daily lives as educators because there's a high likelihood that any vocation out there will have a technology aspect. Students will need to know how to use it in a way that will give them the results they're looking for."

Brainly has consistently advocated that teachers should not fear AI or feel threatened by its capabilities and instead should be viewed as a tool to enhance learning. Brainly's new features aim to take it to a level few have experienced in public education, with productivity tools that help them achieve better student outcomes and education equality.

"By leveraging Brainly's AI-powered features, teachers will be able to use AI to gather data on whether students are absorbing lessons and provide feedback to teachers in real-time so they can adjust the lessons accordingly," said Salak. "This will enable teachers to truly personalize the learning experience for students. Also, the new productivity features will be a dramatic time-saving resource, allowing them to spend more time focusing on building educational relationships with their students instead of on administrative tasks."

About Brainly

Over the last decade, Brainly became the no. 1 app for homework help and is now leading the AI revolution in education. The AI-powered technology, connected to Brainly's Knowledge Base of over 250 million moderated answers, gives every student 24/7 access to personalized learning assistance, enabling them to receive verified and tailored answers to their homework and study questions. Hundreds of millions of students, parents, and educators rely on Brainly as the proven platform to accelerate understanding and learning. Based in Kraków, Poland, with offices in New York City and Barcelona, Brainly apps and websites are visited by users from over 35 countries. Brainly is backed by Prosus, Point Nine Capital, General Catalyst, Runa Capital, Learn Capital and Kulczyk Investments. Learn more about Brainly at

About Jennifer Cronk

Jennifer Cronk is a professional developer and former Director of Information and Technology for an enlarged city school district. She began her career over 26 years ago and has pursued the fusion of pedagogy and technology ever since. Jennifer presents nationally at conferences and facilitates workshops on integrating instructional and assistive technologies into learning. She is a Google Certified Innovator, Google for Education Trainer, and certified G-Suite Admin. Also, Jennifer is an NYS-certified administrator, English teacher, elementary teacher, and educational technology specialist and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

About Bill Salak

Bill Salak has over 20 years of experience overseeing large-scale development projects and over 24 years of experience in web application architecture and development. Bill founded and served as CTO of multiple Internet and web development companies, leading technology projects for companies including Age of Learning, AOL, Educational Testing Systems, Film LA, Hasbro, HBO, Highlights for Children, NBC-Universal and the U.S. Army. Bill is the CTO of Brainly, the world's leading learning platform with the most extensive Knowledge Base for all school subjects and grades.

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