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RapidFort Wins The Prestigious 2023 CISO Choice Award For Vulnerability Management
[November 20, 2023]

RapidFort Wins The Prestigious 2023 CISO Choice Award For Vulnerability Management

RapidFort, the San Francisco-based cybersecurity startup pioneering Software Attack Surface Management (SASM), has been named a winner of the prestigious 2023 CISO Choice Awards in the Vulnerability Management category. The awards honor leading security vendors who exemplify creative entrepreneurship and offer innovative solutions to today's growing security challenges. The board of judges is composed of distinguished CISOs from major organizations across multiple industries, and their choices were rooted in firsthand knowledge and insights from building and maintaining their own programs.

"I would like to congratulate RapidFort for winning the 2023 CISO Choice Awards Vulnerability Management Category. The field was exceptionally competitive this year, and our esteemed CISO Board of Judges was very impressed by the level of innovation that solution providers put forth to safeguard our organizations," said David Cass, CISOs Connect and Security Current President, and Global CISO at GSR.

It's common for large enterprises to find 10-20 million vulnerabilities in their software infrastructure after a scan. Uniquely, through a process of identifying used and unused components, RapidFort's platform can automatically remediate a majority of vulnerabilities. In a recent study conducted by Rapidfort, 73% of people said that their organizations spend up to 30 hours each week remediating each prioritized CVE, taking up a significant amount of time. RapidFort pinpoints these unused components and their associated vulnerabilities in all parts of the software development and deployment lifecycle and provides security and development teams with the tools to mitigate most vulnerabilities automatically.

The platform empowers organizations to:

  • Scan & Observe: Scan infrastructure, generate vulnerability reports, and measure risk
  • Profile & Understand: Understand their software attack surface, identify what packages are used and unused, and prioritize vulnerability remediation
  • Harden & Defend: Reduce their software attack surface and improve security posture

When using RapidFort, discussions between security and development teams change from fixing CVEs in open-source components (i.e., other people's code) to improving software hygiene with actionable reports and tools to eliminate unnecessary software components. This, in turn, frees up development teams to focus on building new software features and solving customer and business issues, resulting in a faster, leaner software organization.

"The CISO Choice Awards are a significant accolade to companies in the cybersecurity industry. The recognition from the highly respected CISO judges validates our unique and innovative approach to reducing organizations' software attack surface," said Mehran Farimani, CEO of RapidFort. "RapidFort is revolutionizing how security teams and developers work together to keep their organizations safe. By automatically identifying and remediating up to 90% of software vulnerabilities, we empower security teams to focus on defending while enabling developers to spend their precious time on innovations relevant to their businesses."

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About RapidFort

RapidFort is a cloud-native cybersecurity company that provides a platform to optimize and secure modern cloud infrastructures. The company helps organizations monitor and minimize their software attack surface continuously. RapidFort's free tier and free community images empower development and security teams to improve their security posture and operational efficiency. Learn more about RapidFort at

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